Monday, April 14, 2014


And Jackpot is out... Oh Block B, you are so strange. So strange. I don't even know where to start with this MV. That was so odd. I liked the concept of the MV. I liked the circus theme. Block B seems to have a thing for creepy clown masks. I wasn't wild about the song but I'm sure, like Very Good, the song will grow on me over time. The whole thing was just odd. I feel like Speed's music video for Don't Tease Me! would have been similar to this if they hadn't done a live version MV.
Very crazy, nothing serious, wacky, and all around bizarre but fun.
I do like that Block B never takes themselves very seriously cause I think there are too many serious groups with serious MVs and we need more fun and crazy. I like that they do little after credit blurbs. How does the girl repay them for the great makeover they gave her? By flipping the bird. Granted they kidnapped her, chased her down the street, threw knifes at her, cut her hair, forced her into a Mahjong game that turned violent, and I'm pretty sure one of the members tried to eat her at one point. Yeah, Taeil totally had a fork and knife and tried to eat her. I'm pretty sure Jaehyo and B-Bomb were the only kind ones to the girl even though B-Bomb did tie her to a wall. They totally deserved the Bird.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Overdose teasers!

EXO has teasers out for their upcoming MV Overdose. The choreography looks hard but SM seems to like hard choreography.  It kind of looks pretty awesome. I'm a little excited. April 15th.
Korean Version
Chinese Version

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Strange oppas chasing frightened girls

Well Block B has a teaser out for their upcoming single Jackpot. One thing is for certain. Block B will always keep me interested because they never do anything in the normal realm of Kpop MVs. They're always very odd, funky, and strange. I won't be guarantied to like all of their videos but I will always be curious. Jackpot comes out on April 14th or maybe April 17th? I'm not sure but I'll find out. The teaser ends with the girl they're chasing saying, "those Oppas are weird". Understandably so because they're chasing her while wearing hockey masks and riding bikes and having their faces covered in general.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Ooh Ooh

And Eric Nam's new MV Ooh Ooh featuring Hoya is out. Came out about an hour ish ago.
Oh my gosh. Kevin, Brad, and BoA? What are you three doing in this video? Hoya was listed as being featured in this video and song so I was ready for him to just jump in there but you three caught me completely off guard. I love when artists from different companies make appearances in videos. It's a nice surprise. Makes me so happy.
I loved it. That was hilarious. The song and video were fun. The style and humor of the video fit Eric very well. The song worked well with his vocal range. The video was classy. He didn't really dance as much as I thought he would but for a first time really dancing with the backup dancers I thought he did a very good job. I liked the classy vintage feeling to the video with the vintage refrigerator and television. The neon lights and disco balls didn't look cheesy but fit the set very nicely. Guys wearing sunglasses while playing trombones. So very classy.
Two more things. I think Eric likes Mikey Mouse. And Hoya, that is the least effective way to pour Champagne. Very wasteful.
Hey look, Coca-Cola promotion.
I think I could listen to his voice all day.
So much fun. Seriously.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Just One Day

BTS' Just One Day MV is out. I'm glad that they didn't go for the Aegyo angle but rather the sweet side. On the other hand, I'm very sad that I didn't see their confidence that they have when they're singing hiphop songs. It's a little rare to see a rookie group with such confidence and I felt like they lacked a little bit of that confidence in this song. A couple of them seemed a little uncomfortable with the sweet concept. It's natural for the Maknae and the younger members of the group to be more comfortable when acting sweet and cute while those who have strong stage personalities and powerful rapping sections might be a little out of place in a ballad. Though the live versions of this song aren't as awkward for some of the members.
I did like that we got to see more of their vocal abilities rather than their rapping abilities. RapMonster is usually kind of strong and forceful with his rapping so it was nice to see him take it down a notch and make his rap fit the soft sound of the song. This song gave the vocalists of BTS a chance to show that they can sing very well. It also gave a couple members who usually don't sing a chance to show that they could be good vocals in the group. I hope that their company and song writers let the rappers have a chance to show vocal talents. Like Minho in SHINee, TOP in BigBang, or Chanyeol in EXO, we didn't know that they could actually sing until they were allowed to and then people complained that the companies should have let those members sing sooner. Some of the members in BTS can actually sing even though they are listed as rappers.
Not a fan of the video cause I'd rather see BTS playing the confident troublemaker bad boys, but the song was nice. I do hope they release another hiphop song after this. We have enough of the sweet and cute KPop guy groups, we need more hiphop groups. Their confidence made me notice them. If I had heard this song from them first, I wouldn't have given them another look because it sounds like so many KPop ballads.

Xuimin Suho Chen and Baekyun!

And we get Suho's and Xuimin's teasers today along with Chen's and Baekhyun's! Is that everyone? I do believe that is everyone which means we should be getting a teaser video soon. Hopefully.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chanyeol and Kris today.

And we keep getting more teaser photos. Only a few left and hopefully we'll get a video teaser. Fingers crossed. Today we see Chanyeol's and Kris' pictures, the two giants in EXO.
Now I've seen this poster around and I'm not sure if it's an official slogan and poster but here it is anyways.

Friday, April 4, 2014

D.O's and Lay's turn!

And we have D.O's and Lay's teaser pictures today. Still waiting for information on this upcoming MV but for now pictures will do.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

EXO teaser photos

We still don't have any information about the actual song or MV but we have two more teasers. Sehun's and Tao's. April 15th.

Speed Look At Me Now

Well I guess that drama junkie is wrong every once in a while. F4fighting! and I just found Speed a few weeks ago and we absolutely loved Don't Tease Me! and Zombie Party. I still don't know their names to faces yet, except for Jungwoo, Taewoon, and Sungmin, but I will eventually get them all. Probably.
Speed just released a MV for Look At Me Now. After Don't Tease Me! and Zombie Party, I was a little disappointed. This is kind of a mainstream Kpop video with a dull filming area. I'm not saying the video is bad but I felt like I was watching a regular Kpop dance video. Don't Tease Me! was fantastic and different with crazy wild choreography, an outrageously catchy tune, and fun lyrics. Zombie Party wasn't and amazing video but the song was super catchy and the dance fit the song. This song just reminds me of other Kpop songs and videos which makes me a little sad cause I know they can do better than that.
Also, how often does Sungmin change his hair? Red for Don't Tease Me!, red for the music video of Zombie Party but live versions his hair was purple and then pastel colors. Now blonde. I'm going to say his hair will be blue for their next song; which may come out next month with the way they've been doing things. A video a month? I can deal with that. :)
I'm a little sad that we don't really get any notice of new songs begin released, they just kind of happen. I hope the next video will be better cause I know they can be better than this one.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Eric Nam Comeback

So speaking of comebacks. I totally missed MBLAQ's comeback with Be a Man, which was actually a pretty great song, due to the fact that YouTube unsubscribed me from all my subscriptions and I'm still working on remembering them. -.-' So I totally missed MBLAQ's comeback but luckily I remembered a few of my lost subscriptions, like five minutes ago I remembered them, and here are the teasers for Eric Nam's Ooh Ooh featuring Hoya from Infinite.
We have two teasers and the MV comes out on April 8th. The song sounds like it'll fit Eric's voice and style, that's right, we're on a first name basis, be jealous. I'm interested how Hoya will be thrown into this mix. Dancer? Singer? Rapper? He does it all. OR!! Maybe he's just going to randomly be in the music video just lookin' at the camera making it all slightly awkward. I really hope that doesn't happen. He should sing, or rap, or dance.
We get to see a little of Eric dancing which is something new; also something that he mentioned makes him nervous. I have a feeling that the song won't be serious which is a good thing cause serious doesn't seem to fit his personality. First teaser just gives us a hint of what the song will sound like. Second teaser just teases fans about Eric Nam's dressing habits, cologne preferences, possible living arrangements, and of Hoya's ability to end a video. Is that really how Eric dances in his dressing room? Hmm... that frightens me. One MV, two teasers, five days to prepare yourselves for his dancing. Who knows? It might be terrifying. April 8th.

Tis the season for comebacks

With the coming of April means the coming of comebacks for some of our favorite groups.

I know that Infinite is planning a comeback this month though it is unconfirmed when or what the song/MV is going to be like. April 2014 so hopefully we'll get another teaser soon with more details. They did just release an instrumental version of BTD, like today but it's just the members of Infinite getting beat up. And then Woohyun and L beating each other up. I do not want Infinite on my team if I was trying to beat a bad guy.
BTS/Bangtan Boys will be releasing a MV for their song Just One Day from their Skool Luv Affair album. Now I don't follow BTS but I did like their Boy in Luv song after I randomly found it one day. I do like their bad boy style but unfortunately, I've listened to Just One Day and I have this bad feeling that BTS is going to start doing some of the cute type of MVs. Which is unfortunate because, one: it'll be NU'EST all over again, and two: BTS is a HipHop-Rap group. Ballads won't fit them. We do have a teaser picture for the MV, though it seems like a couple members are missing from this... RapMonster is missing, and I think Suga, or maybe Jin, possibly J-Hope. I'm not really sure cause I don't know their names to faces. Sorry all ye fans of BTS, I just don't know.

EXO will be making a comeback with a new mini album on April 15th. Now I'm not sure if a MV will come out on that day or if they will release the album first and then MV later. We have a couple of Teaser pictures for EXO; Kai's, Kris', and Luhan's.
Speed's turn. Speed recently came out with their album Speed Circus and released music videos for Focus, Why I'm Not and a live version/MV forDon't Tease Me! Shortly after they released Zombie Party! as a gift to their fans, but it is rumored that they will have a real comeback this April though not confirmed yet. I'm going to say it probably won't happen till later this year just because I feel like Core Contents Media doesn't seem to take this group as seriously as they should.
Those are the ones that are confirmed for April 2014, I know that May and June will bring us comebacks from SHINee, 2PM, U-Kiss, and possibly Infinite and Girls' Generation again, and maybe one from VIXX, Block B, and BEAST.
Now none of these are set in stone as of now, I think EXO's is the only one completely confirmed as of now, but we can hope.