Saturday, May 31, 2014

Video teaser from U-Kiss

And a teaser for U-Kiss' upcoming MV and Mini Album Mono Scandal. The MV is coming out on June 2nd, 2014 and though we don't get a lot of the song from this teaser I'm glad to see that this won't be the typical six members all going after one girl plot. I saw six different girls in that teaser. With Stop Girl, U-Kiss strayed from the usual one girl dating all of the members and showed us a video with multiple girls and it looks like Mono Scandal will be the same way but with a more scandalous vibe. June 2nd, only a couple days away. Nice blue hair Kevin.

Friday, May 30, 2014

U-Kiss teaser pictures *gasp* scandalous.

Oh my, hello U-Kiss. Well with the word Scandal in the title I cannot expect anything less than these pictures. U-Kiss keeps going through troubles. Poor group. AJ has gone back to study at Columbia so he will not be participating in this album and because Dongho left here has been another member added: Jun/Joon has been revealed to be the newest member of U-Kiss. Born in 1997, oh my gosh he's so young, and coming in at 185 cm tall this means that U-Kiss now has a new Maknae and rapper. Doesn't this mean that Soohyun, Kevin, and Eli are the only original members of this group? Hoon came in at the same time AJ did and Kiseop came in just before them. Xander and Kibum are gone and Dongho is too. Jun's cute but for some reason I feel cheated or even ever so slightly offended... Is this how fans felt when Xander and Kibum left and were replaced? I feel like Jun is replacing Dongho and even though he hasn't done anything wrong I'm a little upset. maybe that will change after the MV and song comes out. I'm having this inner battle right now. I feel upset about the whole new member thing but I'm upset at myself for being upset about this.
Back to the pictures. Seriously? Are they trying to kill their poor fan's hearts? Bedroom scene pictures? At least Kevin is still innocent as he's sitting in a chair and Jun is leaning against a bathtub. If they put that little 17 year-old boy on a bed, I'd be having some words with their management. June 2nd. I'm not sure if Kissmes can hold out that long but that's when it comes out. Let's see what this MV is going to be like. For She's Mine, I didn't actually like the song or MV at first but now I wake up with the song stuck in my head and I actually like the artistic look to the video. Hopefully this will be like She's Mine, in that I'll end up liking it. On a side note, I'm really liking Kiseop with the slightly longer hair. He's had this style for a little bit now but I've recently started liking it. And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that he is not wearing a shirt. I also like Eli's haircut. And as always, I'm in love with everything Kevin and forever will be.

Teaser for Boyfriend's Obsession

I can't be the only one who laughed at this teaser. Maybe because I'd be their Noona if I knew them in real life, and I would hand them rubber duckies and tell them to take baths cause they're filthy and to put a shirt on cause they're too young for that... This just made me laugh. I have the desire to hand them all stuffed animals and tell them to go be more aegyo. I feel like they're trying so hard to be tough; it almost makes them even cuter like that little brother who insists that he could protect his older sister but at the end of the day is drinking juice boxes or chocolate milk. Oh Boyfriend, you go right ahead and try to grow up but you will always be little dongsangs to me. What's the plural for Dongsang? Dongsangdeul? I think that's it. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
What's with the wanted poster? Isn't that Peter Pan on the poster? That looked like Peter Pan. And Peter Pan never wanted to grow up, so are they the lost boys? And does that say: Wanted-Simplified or Expanded. What does that even mean? And the reward is listed as 10,000,00. I think they either lost a zero or misplaced two commas.
The TV Promotion(MV?) comes out on June 6th, and the album will be released on June 9th.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More comebacks! Boyfriend edition.

Boyfriend is also having a comeback! A teaser was released about a week ago. The teaser doesn't tell us anything other than the fact that they are coming back in June of this year. So, boyfriend is making a comeback in June. Awesome.

New U-Kiss Mini Album

U-Kiss has announced a new Mini Album: Mono Scandal which will be released on June 2 of 2014. That is all we have been given for now.


Woah. How out of it was I that I didn't even know that VIXX was releasing a new song? Four days ago we were given a teaser, i missed that, and yesterday the MV came out. I wouldn't have even noticed the MV came out, or that a MV was even coming out, if I hadn't had the random sudden thought to check VIXX's YouTube page.
VIXX's choreography is getting more complicated. I like that. As always you can see dance steps, positions, and moves from their previous MV. I see something from On and On there, The first position from Voodoo Doll was their ending pose. VIXX likes to weave all their choreography together but dance some of it backwards.. The MV wasn't super great. I think they've had better MV's. This is a typical every member dating the same girl plot but we get a mix of the Dongho syndrome mixed in here. Just like in U-Kiss' 0330 or Boyfriend's Don't Touch My Girlfriend the girl has died and the members go through the motions of being with the girl but she isn't really there so the members are really just going insane while imagining the girl being there. They've had better MV, more unique MV but this one was fine. The song was good.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Last Romeo

May 21st and Last Romeo is out.
The beginning of this MV looked more like a teaser, in fact it looked very much like a teaser rather than an actual music video. As always Infinite's dancing is amazing. I expect nothing less than synchronistic perfection with them.
I'm rather confused by the plot of this video so if someone would be so kind as to explain it to me then I would be much obliged.
I don't have much to say about this video. It wasn't amazing. The song wasn't fantastic. But I liked it. L looked gorgeous, always a huge plus. Hoya, what the blue hair? I don't think it matched the MV style at all. Blonde is fine, brown works, don't do blue in this type of setting. I loved the lighting and the antique look of the video. Liked the suits. L, you looked very classy in that hat. I felt like you should have been leaning against the wall of a smokey of a 1950's pub.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Infinite Last Romeo teaser

So Infinite was supposed to have a comeback last month but the world of Korean entertainment was suddenly frozen due to the Ferry Sinking. So now Wolliment has released a teaser for their upcoming MV Last Romeo. We don't get a real feel for how the song will sound as this is mostly instrumental with some words sort of scattered as background noise. This could be a very pretty music video. I like the lighting in the teaser as well as the old looking props. May 21 is when this MV should come out, one week.

Friday, May 9, 2014

You're All Surrounded first two episodes

You're All Surrounded/We've Got You Surrounded has started today with an interesting first episode. I was honestly not expecting so much backstory right off the bat. Like the whole first episode was backstory. Backstory that we needed to know a few key points of course. Detective Seo Pan Seok has a shady past that may or may not have lead to the death of Kim Ji Yong/Eun Dae Gu's mother. Eu Soo Sun has a fighting past, she's also a pistol and rather hilarious though she has a soft side. Eun Dae Gu (I'm going to call him by the name he introduced himself as at the end of episode 1 just to keep it straight) lost his mother a young age and I'm going to guess that he was alone from that point on.
Lee Seung Gi is a jerk. Well his character is. He's prickly. Rude. Has a total disregard for others feelings. I'm pretty sure he only has two emotions: angry and pissy. But he had a rough past so I feel bad for him. Poor sad puppy, I mean, fishy.
Are they going to make Tae Il gay? Cause I would have a problem with that. I have this terrible feeling that Tae Il is going to be gay. Drinking wine while looking at a picture of a guy. Making sly innuendoes about who you sleep with is more important rather than where you sleep to another guy. Cause that would just make me outrageously sad.
Eo Soo Sun is fun. I like her personality. She's determined. She's spunky. She isn't stupid but she sure isn't smart either.
When this show does humor, then it really does humor. I love it. There are some serious notes and with Dae Gu's character descriptions of "hides his painful past" I figured there would be some serious tones in this drama and they do it well for a comedy categorized drama.
As always, looking forward to the next episode.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Doctor Stranger first two episodes

This week we get Doctor Stranger starting and also We've Got You All Surrounded. Why do the dramas I'm really looking forward to always have to premier on the same week or on the same day?
 Doctor Stranger has started this past Monday and Tuesday. Episode one gave us background and set Lee Jong Suk's character up. The title is Doctor Stranger cause he's a stranger in his own country but I'm going to say it's because he's a little... strange. Anyway. We see how passionate he is, fiercely loyal, and a little cocky. Going into this drama I was a little wary because the teasers; they felt like a jumbled mess but the first two episodes gave a pretty strong start for Doctor. First off, I loved the relationship Hoon (Lee Jung Suk) and his father had. You could really see his fathers love for him and his love for his father; but of course, in every Korean Drama with a good parent to child relationship, the parent has to die. Stupid drama land, why do you have to do that all the time? I'm happy to say that, so far, this isn't your typical medical drama despite being about a genius surgeon. Not only is this not a typical medical drama but it has sudden touching moments that almost catch me off guard. It almost reminds me of King 2 Hearts, though not in the humorous way. King 2 Hearts had this soul to it that was incredible and on occasions heart-wrenching and this drama might have that same soul. Maybe.
Kim Sang Joong does a great job in this drama. Wether he's in one episode of a drama or he's in a full drama like City Hunter. He always does a great job and portrays incredible emotions. Love this actor, he's awesome.
I'm excited for next week, looking forward to how they make this story work.
Wow, so many stars in this drama! It was kind of like a City Hunter reunion
Oo! Oo! Favorite character so far!! That awesome guy who works for Prime Minister Jang Seok Joo. The dude wearing the Shades. How awesome is he? I'm just gonna snipe some baddies while I suck on this sucker I'm addicted to because of a little boy gave me one like ten years ago. So cool! Don't ever take those shades off.
Usually dramas won't withhold teasers for the next episode till about half way through the drama and they won't do that unless the ratings are doing really well or if they know the end of that episode was a killer and they want to keep people in suspense. It is rare that I find a drama with no teaser after the very first episode. I take this to mean that either the drama is going to be really good or the production team is a little cocky. I'll keep my hopes up and decide that this drama is going to be good because the first hour long episode flew by. I'm looking forward to the next week. Maybe this will be my intense dramatic drama and Surrounded will be my funny drama.
One last thing, this drama is not for the faint of heart. There is blood, and lots of it. And they make it realistic. This also isn't a feel good drama so if you're looking for funny, sunshine, and happiness. I have no Korean Drama recommendations for you. Maybe My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, though that one does have some heartstring tugs...


After the ferry sinking in South Korea many companies halted all releasing and production for sometime; SMTOWN was one of those companies and as EXO's new music video was to be released the day the sinking happened, I wasn't surprised that it didn't come out. F4fighting! and I send our condolences to those who lost family members or friends in this tragic event and even though it was difficult to get any form of real information about the sinking, we understand just how grave this really was.
Nearly a month after the ferry sunk SM has released EXO's new MV which was sooner than I was expecting it. I wouldn't have been shocked if SM waited a little longer.
I won't say that I was necessarily disappointed in this MV but I did get a little excited at the beginning thinking that were were going to get an actual plot with an interesting set rather than just a dance only in an oddly lit room but if SM is anything, SM is consistent. With Miracles in December we sort of got a plot and I was really hoping for a plot in this one. They easily could have done it. The lyrics to the song are great as they talk about being unhealthily addicted to someone's love. With Engrish like "Oh she wants me, oh she's got me, oh she hurts me." "Someone call the doctor." "Can't stop this." "So bad, no one can stop her." and with their outfits in their Comeback Stage making them look like they were wearing Straight Jackets? I fully expected a mental hospital themed MV.
Then the MV began and they were walking through a maze. I got so excited thinking, "This maze could be a literal maze they they have to get through to escape this girl, or a figurative maze that's just in their minds and they're going to go crazy trying to figure it out. What's that black box D.O found? Sand? What? Oh look, Suho found the exit! No! It's just forcefield wall! Oh that's so cruel but awesome." Oh, the untapped potential of this MV, not just the MV but also the song, nearly kills me.
The song is great. I love the lyrics and the idea of them knowing the girl's love is making them crazy but they still love it. A true, unhealthy, addiction isn't good for you and you know it but you can't stop the addiction. Fantastic song. The MV was more like a Dance version of the song, which is fine, the dance was great, but I really wanted to see an actual plot especially after seeing the straight jacket themed Showcase that they did. Oh aches and sadness inside me. I really hope that this is the dance version of this song and they actually release a full MV with something that resembles a plot. Yeah, they'll release a second version of this MV like they did with Growl. That's gotta be it.

Korean Version:

Chinese Version: