Friday, November 20, 2015

Got7 Confession Song Teasers

I've never loved Got7 but I do like a few of their songs and I enjoy watching their acrobatics. They remind me of a young 2PM in that sense but I quietly keep my eye on them. Got7 is releasing a new MV called Confession Song. I'm not positive when this comes out, but I't pretty soon based on fan reactions. Something like within the next day or so. I'm not really sure what's with the Christmas theme cause fans say the song itself isn't Christmasy, but the two teasers we've gotten are kind of cute. Who doesn't like little cartoon characters of Kpop idols? The big reindeer heads are a little creepy but the idea of having your friends bring a girl to a decorated room for a confession could be kind of cute.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

BTS is Back

BTS is BACK!!!!!! Yes! I love them. Their last song, Dope, just about blew my mind with the MV and the song so hopefully this will be just as mind-blowing! November 30th is the release date. The last time BTS did a teaser like this was for I Need U and the song was so different from the teaser so I wonder if they'll do the same with this comeback. A heavy rap teaser and then a soft sounding song. Or maybe we'll get another song like Dope. I don't know but I'm excited!! November 30th, people. Prepare yourselves.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

EXO Lightsaber

This happened, and fans are going insane about it. Star Wars fans who are also Kpop fans might have all died. I will say that Kpop has ruined English for me. That's a lie, Tagalog ruined English for me but Kpop certainly didn't help. Even though EXO most definitely said Lightsaber, I heard it as Lightsaber cause V's are pronounced as B's all the time. Bampire, lube, I know there are other examples but the point is, Engrish is all I hear so when they actually pronounce English correctly, it messes with me. Other than that, the video was entertaining. I'm already crazy excited about StarWars VII, and I love EXO so this was a great mid semester pick-me-up. I was sad that we only got to see three members in this video. Couldn't we see everyone acting all Jedi and awesome? No? Okay... Kai did a great job with his dance solo but did it remind anyone else of Adele's Rolling in the Deep? Flour on the ground and the person dancing kicking it up with odd lighting? Maybe I'm alone in thinking this. Baekhyun has proven just how bad he is by drinking that bottle of water before he bought it, or maybe he never actually bought it. Just drank it and left after pushing everything off of the shelves. Fangirls everywhere will have the image of Sehun straddling a motorcycle forever in their minds. This wasn't a comeback but I'm sure it will hold fangirls till their actual comeback, or it might make them more impatient. Who really knows for sure?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Vixx Chained Up

Hmm... Well I didn't love the song but I also didn't hate it... I enjoyed it but wasn't as wild about it as some of Vixx's other songs. I liked it better than Love Equation but not as much as Voodoo Doll or G.R.8.U. The song was catchy, and all of the members did a fantastic job. Hongbin is rapping, that's messing with my mind. Hyuk is looking way older than usual, maybe it's the haircut and the fact that his vocals have improved. I have a newfound respect for Leo since Beautiful Liar and it's continuing to rise with this song. Didn't care for the video itself but the song was good. I did thoroughly enjoy the rapping in this song which is odd cause I've never been a huge fan of Ravi's style.

Monday, November 9, 2015

EXO goes all Jedi

Okay, this is interesting and I'm not sure what to make of it. EXO is in collaboration with StarWars? I think... SM is releasing an EXO MV(?) called Lightsaber. The video will be released in two days, 11/11/15. The teaser didn't give us much but I'm pretty sure that Baekhyun has red hair. I kind of wish that they would make it more StarWars themed if they were going to do a StarWars collaboration. Oh well.

VIXX might get Chained Up

Hey everyone, it's been a while. I've been so busy with working school I haven't even paid attention to the Kpop world, luckily, nothing much has happened. VIXX is coming out with a new MV and song! I was rather disappointed with Love Equation so I've been itching for a new MV from VIxX. Their darker songs are some of my favorites from them so I'm excited about Chained Up cause it looks like it could be dark. Chained comes out on November 10th. Tomorrow!!