Thursday, January 29, 2015

Playground- UKiss

What the devil? When did this happen? Well obviously a week ago but I didn't see any teasers or pictures or anything!
Alright, MV time. I really like UKiss. Like, a lot. Starting with the song! I think they are pro at mixing the rapping with the vocals without making it seem choppy or awkward. Sometimes I feel like groups are singing one song and then the rapping is another song that just happens to be right in the middle of the song said group was singing; but UKiss doesn't really do that. Good job. The song was rather beautiful, did I like it as much as their other songs? No, but it was pleasant to listen to and did you notice that Jun was singing? Yeah, remember when the other members found out that he was actually a great singer? Glad he got a chance to show that off. Speaking of Jun, I feel like he is going to kill a lot of noonas, ruin bias lists, and gain a huge fan group. He hasn't touched mine, (I will always love you, Kevin!!!), but he would be pretty swoon worthy were I not much older than him.
This MV also answers my question of whether or not AJ is back from school. Guess not.
Time for the MV itself. Was Hoon's hair purple? I felt like it was slightly metallic and purple looking. Might have been just me but it looked purple. Eli, lookin' good with that strawberry blonde hair of yours. That is definitely one of your best colors and styles. Lookin' sharp. Kevin, I can't think of a hairstyle on you I don't like. Kiseop, however, I really liked your longer hair and I want it back so bad! You look for too young with your hair short like that. She's Mine era was a good one for you, so was the Quit Playing era, and I'm so sad to see it gone. Soohyun, your hair really doesn't change, ever. I wasn't digging the suits that the boys wore, especially those black and white firework looking ones; wasn't a fan but UKiss has had some odd suits so I guess I'm not surprised. Other than those odd suits I really liked the clothing in this MV. UKiss stylists are usually pretty good at making the boys look amazing. But those firework suits kind of made it look like they had big hips cause the focus was right there.
I liked the lighting and colors in this MV. The antique looking props were awesome. Kevin, what was up with the Cello? You have gorgeous fingers but I thought the Cello was a little odd. Maybe a piano would have been better? Cello was a little off. Overall, really good song, very good video, and I'm sure the dance will be amazing as well; they're amazing like that.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Base teasers from Jonghyun

I'm a torn and devastated, yet happy fangirl. SHINee's Jonghyun is making his solo debut on the 12th of this month and while I'm happy that the comebacks and debuts are beginning and that we'll get to see Jonghyun; SHINee... I really want to see a SHINee comeback... I love them so much. But Jonghyun, so I will be happy with that, for now. SM, you had better give us a SHINee comeback cause I need it. January 12th, fangirls!