Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Love From the Stars Episodes 1&2

My Love Who Came From the Stars/You Came From the Stars/Man From the Stars/You Who Came From the Stars, call this drama whatever you want to but I'm going to call it awesome. Seriously, it is a good thing that this drama has just started and hasn't finished airing cause it seems like the kind of drama I would just sit and watch till it's over. This drama is listed as a Romantic Comedy. Yes!!
We learn a lot in the first two episodes. We learn why Do Min Joon(Kim Soohyun!!) is on Earth. We learn how he has lived since he arrived here. We learn about his abilities; super hearing, speed, sight, ability to stop time, make objects move, maybe telekinesis. We learn that he can't mix spit or blood with humans. We don't learn why he had to stay on Earth(we know a mistake was made but we don't know what that mistake was). We see a hint of how dangerous he could be when he's angry. And we also see the possibility that he fell in love when he first arrived on Earth. Kim Soohyun is doing a really good job, so far, in portraying a 400 year old alien(how long he's been on Earth) who has seen it all and has a rather indifferent taste for humans. His character is hilarious in the way that he doesn't react to much of anything. I love him!
Cheon Song Yi(Jun Jihyun) is an actress, popular but at the same time not popular at all.  She makes a lot of mistakes because she isn't book-smart and fans and anti-fans make fun of her all the time. She tries not to let the comments get to her but no one is made of stone and the comments cut deep. It's a little sad to see her vying for attention whether negative or positive. Not a bad "I need attention!!!" but more of a "Please just notice that I'm here even if you are mean to me", I feel for her; no one wants to be invisible. Another note on people feeling invisible, Se Mi(Yoo In Ah's character) is another one to feel sorry for. She's always second, she's always overlooked by everyone and while she tries to put on a happy face, I *feel bad for her.

Alright, interesting things about this drama. First, I am happy that when Min Joon first arrived on Earth, it seems like he didn't know the language as he hasn't spoken in any of the flashbacks. Thank heavens for that! It would have been so strange to hear him speaking Korean when he first landed. It also seems like he fell in love with the girl he rescued right after he landed. Quick prediction!!!! Min Joon knows he can't mix spit or blood with humans, how does he know this? Is it possible that the girl who he saved, and fell in love with, (she's also nursing a crush on him), maybe she kissed him or he kissed her and that was the mistake he made? While finding out that it's dangerous to mix spit or blood with a human? It ended badly? Hmm? Maybe? Just a food for thought. Sometimes I like to think. I like dramas hat make you think a little. Second, we know from the first episode that Min Joon has the chance to return home, E.T?, because a comet will soon be passing Earth. In three months, after 400 years, he can finally leave Earth; however, he has just re-met the girl from 400 years ago. 12 years ago Min Joon saved a girl who had the face of the girl from 400 years ago and he'd like to meet her again before he leaves. Sad to say that he already met her, Song Yi, he just didn't recognize her.
Oh man, Alien trapped on Earth for 400 years, has a chance to go home in three months, re-meets the girl he fell in love with(?) 400 years ago. What is he going to do?!?!?!?! I love it!!! I haven't been this excited for a drama in a long time. In the first two episodes we get a hint at the type of chemistry the two could have, we get not one but two shower scenes(I will never complain about that), the two leads live next door (how's that for Fate Min Joon?), we also get to see some very beautiful scenes. This is a very beautiful drama and the flashbacks are very well done complete with soft music. I cannot wait for next week. Drama, please don't disappoint me half way through!!!! I am begging you!!!!

*Feelings are subject to change depending on character's future decisions and actions.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Still You

Okay... I could have sworn that the teaser said the 18th of this month which is Wednesday... Okay, it is out today! Music video first then we'll talk about the song. Donghae, wise choice in deciding not to wear that huge hat. Eunhyuk, poor choice in decided to wear Donghae's discarded hat but thank you for realizing your mistake and getting rid of the hat. I liked watching the two of them walk in and out of frames without ever actually encountering each other until the end when they accidentally meet each other all like, "Oh, hey I found you. Hey, I found your hat." It was a very beautifully shot video with Donghae and Eunhyuk walking around London, sitting in cafes, taking pictures, sightseeing; it seemed natural. There really isn't dancing in this video. I'm a little sad but it is nice to see the two of them try something other than dancing.
Song time. The song was pretty and very calm. Donghae has improved in his singing than his earlier days. He was never a bad singing but he has come a long way and if you listen to some of his older songs you can really see a difference. Same sounding voice, just better at the vocal and note range. I'm impressed. The song is very R&B sounding which I usually don't love but I did like the song. I'm impressed. Great job you two!

Donghae & Eunhyuk

Donghae and Eunhyuk are doing a Music Video. Still You will be released this Wednesday and while we don't get much of the song we do hear Donghae sing a little bit at the end of the teaser. Surely there will be some dancing in the MV cause it's Donghae and Eunhyuk but we will have to wait till Wednesday to find out.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Onew's Birthday!!!!

Today is SHINee's clumsy leader's birthday! Onew is turning 24 today.May SHINee continue to be lead under Onew's hilarious leadership? skills. F4fighting! and I both agree that SHINee is a huge part of KPop to us; like one of the best. We love them and we love Onew and everything about him.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Prime Minister and I/The Prime Minister is Dating episodes 1 and 2

And The Prime Minister and I has started and the first two episodes are out. Well I was interested in this drama for Yoon Shi Yoon and then I saw previews and I thought it looked sort of fun. I'm not sure that I'll mind having Yoon Shi Yoon as the second male lead in this drama cause it's fun to watch Prime Minister Kwan Yul(Lee Beom Soo) and Nam Da Jung(Im Yoona) together. I like contract relationships and marriages cause they're humorous and a nice break for serious dramas. I'm not so wild that the two leads have such a big age gap but I'll probably get over that. First two episodes we get a contract relationship and the prospect at a contract marriage. The writers are moving faster than I thought they would; not that I'm complaining cause we all hate slow writing that goes around in circles for half the drama. I'm very happy that they are going straight into the main plot of the drama without making it seem like they're rushing it.
This drama is fun and light and quirky. I was surprised. I liked it. Da Jung is fun, Prime Minister Kwan is not. They're great together! I will keep watching this drama cause I have yet to hate any of the characters and the plot is light and so is the humor. It doesn't seem like the drama is trying too hard. I'm curious as to how this drama will go with a contract marriage in the future and three children involved. And I love me some Yoon Shi Yoon! So far so good. Can't wait till next week! Especially because You Who Came From the Stars is coming out!!

Reply 1997/Answer Me 1997 Drama Review

Summary: Sung Shi Won(Jung Eun Ji) is a high school student who is at the bottom of the pack and a huge fangirl for the boy group H.O.T, particularly Tony Oppa. Yoon Yoon Jae(Seo In Guk) is Shi Won's next door neighbor and best guy friend since birth. He is also the top of his class and the whole school. The two are so close and comfortable with each other that some have even mistaken them as twins. Kang Joon Hee(Hoya) is Yoon Jae's best friend and second best in the class; he is also really close to Shi Won. Yoon Tae Woong(Song Jong Ho) is a high school teacher and also Yoon Jae's hyung. The four engage in a love square where no one seems to know who is in love with who. Yoon Jae is in love with Shi won but he thinks that Shi Won has a crush on Joon Hee but in reality Joon Hee actually is in love with goon Jae and older brother Tae Woong is the one in love with Shi Won... Shi Won doesn't know who she loves. And who is in love with Yoon Jae? Of course she would be Shi Won's best girl friend Mo Yoo Jung(Shin So Yool). Confusing, right? This drama follows the lives of one group of friends from high school till their high school reunion, explores the meaning of first love and life long friends as well as giving a dump truck load of humor along the way.

Review: First off, the cast did an amazing job at this drama. Also, I liked this drama, I really did. In fact, it helped my love for Infinite grow. But I didn't like how much adult humor was in it. KDramas are pretty clean as far as TV shows go and this is still a pretty clean drama but there's a lot of humor I didn't appreciate in it. I still really liked the drama and I liked the characters and I thought it was super funny. The characters were lovable and funny and the plot wasn't difficult to follow. This drama shows that you don't have to have a super complicated plot to make a good drama. Simple, the life and love of a group of people from their high school days to their adult years. So simple yet so good to watch. It was interesting and so easy to watch. The love triangle wasn't even annoying, neither of them bothered me. The second lead girl, where was she? I loved not having her around! All of the characters were lovable and the relationships were believable. I could seriously watch this drama over and over again.

Rating: 8.5/10

Memorable Moment: Ah. So many. I really have no idea which one to pick. Honestly, I loved the whole drama but I'll pick a moment that I thought was super cute!

Episode 9
Yoon Jae has bought a puppy to give to Shi Won when he confesses to her but Hyung beats him to the punch so Yoon Jae is left with a puppy but he doesn't want a constant reminder of his failed attempt at confessing so he gives the puppy to Joon Hee!!! Joon Hee gets a puppy. Joon Hee gets the puppy named Yoon Jae! Joon Hee: "Yoon Jae(puppy) hung will buy you lots of yummy snacks" Puppy kisses for Joon Hee! Aw. Yoon Jae, human, tells Joon Hee to change the name but Joon Hee replies by saying "No, I like Yoon Jae." It makes em happy that he gets to confess his crush even if they are really talking about a puppy. I loved Joon Hee, he's so cute and my heart aches for him, but at least he gets a puppy!!!!

Just what needs to happen, a KPop star needs to be holding a puppy to make him seem any more cute and lovable.

Pretty Man has started

Alright, I was a little hesitant about this drama cause honestly, I don't like Jang Geun Suk as an actor. I know, I'm sorry! He's fine but I feel like I've only seen him in the bratty, hard to get along with, 'I'm all that and a bag of chips' sort of characters and when I heard that he was playing "the most beautiful man in the world" I sighed. I didn't want to see him in another egotistical role but I like IU. She's cute, she's funny, and she is fine with playing the oddball, crazy and not super popular type of girl. And she can sing. That's always a plus. So while I'm not a fan of Jang Geun Suk, I started it for IU and I was pleasantly surprised. Honestly, I still don't love Jang Geun Suk and I know that he is super popular and people love him, but I don't like his acting style/variety. Again, I know, I'm a terrible person. Please don't hurt me!!! BUT, it was nice to see him have a little fun with his character. His character has such hard emotions and wants nothing but money and to look good, but IU's character can get the inner child out in him, and I like that he isn't so prickly and boring like I found most of his other characters...
Kim Bo Tong, she's adorable. I love her and her personality. She's so cute and she's in love with Dokgo Ma Te, Jang Geun Suk's character which is unfortunate but funny at the same time. Dokgo Mat Te knows he's beautiful and Bo Tong knows she's plain and a little odd so the pairing is interesting. But, I like David Choi(Lee Jang Woo) so much better. Bo Tong and David together are so funny and cute, seriously, they're perfect for each other and I have the feeling that I'm going to spend the entire drama shipping those two cause I could watch an entire drama of them being cute and be happier than a lark. I don't really care about the actual main story in this drama cause I find it rather boring, but Bo Tong makes the drama worth it and when she's with David, I am content to watch all day. That's so bad of me, I know. I'm not super interested in this drama just cause I don't care about the plot but I'll keep watching it and hopefully, *crosses fingers* Bo Tong and David will end up together. What? I know it won't happen but I can hope.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Miracles in December

SM has released EXO's Miracles in December MV. 
Yikes, that awkward moment when every member in EXO picks the same meeting place to confess to their loved one, Tao turns back time in hopes that's the girl will make it, and she still doesn't show up so they're all left crying in front of the same building. Except Chen and Baekhyun of course cause they're too busy singing in an ice palace for both music videos; poor guys.
Korean Version: Alright, the song is really pretty and super sad sounding and even if it didn't have the sad video to accompany it you could still understand the rejected feeling of the song. I do get the feeling that SM would really like to do an EXO sub-group with Chen, Baekhyun, and D.O but I also get the feeling that they'd do a lot of ballads and I honestly don't like Ballads. Back to the video. The two videos are very similar with one member switched and a couple of different scenes. I did not understand the whole Lunar eclipse. Was that a bad omen? I know that EXO are aliens and the Solar and Lunar eclipse thing is their thing and they all have powers but I didn't understand why the eclipse was in there. That was just a small thing that confused me. 

Chinese Version: Far more sad sounding but this video actually made me laugh. Seriously, D.O has an open can of Reddi Whip sitting on the countertop in front of him; I guess he could use it on the strawberries in the bowl but he just leaves it sitting out when he leaves. Small thing. A rather big problem in this version. Baekhyun. Now I love him so much, he's one of my favorites but, Baekhyun is pronouncing Mandarin like Korean. Now Chen has gotten better in his pronunciation but it isn't perfect yet. Baekhyun's voice is more powerful and fits the song better but I think they should have let Lay sing Baekhyun's parts. Lay plays the piano very well so he could have done that. Or hey, what about Xuimin? He's working on his Mandarin and he's not a bad singer. Just a small thing that a non-Korean non-Chinese speaker noticed, so what would Korean speakers and Mandarin speakers think about Baekhyun's parts? *shrug* Also, Kai should have worn a thicker jacket to keep that puppy warm.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas is coming!

Well EXO is releasing a Christmas MV. The music video comes out on the 5th of this month and they have given us Korean and Chinese version teasers. The teasers are exactly the same except one is in Chinese and the other is in Korean so I'm only going to post one. Here it is. And on a last note. D.O, I'm so happy that your hair is no longer that red-shaved-sides-and-poofy-top-deal. In fact, everyone has really normal hairstyles in this teaser.