Monday, December 16, 2013

Still You

Okay... I could have sworn that the teaser said the 18th of this month which is Wednesday... Okay, it is out today! Music video first then we'll talk about the song. Donghae, wise choice in deciding not to wear that huge hat. Eunhyuk, poor choice in decided to wear Donghae's discarded hat but thank you for realizing your mistake and getting rid of the hat. I liked watching the two of them walk in and out of frames without ever actually encountering each other until the end when they accidentally meet each other all like, "Oh, hey I found you. Hey, I found your hat." It was a very beautifully shot video with Donghae and Eunhyuk walking around London, sitting in cafes, taking pictures, sightseeing; it seemed natural. There really isn't dancing in this video. I'm a little sad but it is nice to see the two of them try something other than dancing.
Song time. The song was pretty and very calm. Donghae has improved in his singing than his earlier days. He was never a bad singing but he has come a long way and if you listen to some of his older songs you can really see a difference. Same sounding voice, just better at the vocal and note range. I'm impressed. The song is very R&B sounding which I usually don't love but I did like the song. I'm impressed. Great job you two!

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