Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lost in Wonderland with Boyfriend

Boyfriend is making a comeback with their 4th Mini album. For now we only have teaser images but this is interesting. People are guessing their concept is Alice in Wonderland cause of the cards and it looks like Dongwoo could be the White Rabbit with his hair and with the possible pocket watch he's holding, Minwoo might be the Mad Hatter cause, check out that hat. The twins might be Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum while Jeongmin is the Queen(king?) of Hearts or the March Hare and Hyunseong as either the Cheshire Cat, Dodo, or the Caterpillar. Actually, I think they could be going for a Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland, if so, then the blue and checker print for Hyunseong could totally be Cheshire Cat. But wait, who will play Alice? Can Minwoo playAlice as well? Or maybe one of the Jo Twins? Ooo, oo, oo! Can Minwoo play the Mad Hatter and Kwangmin play Alice? Please? And if Hyunseong is the Cheshire Cat then Youngmin can play the Caterpillar! Yes! I want this so bad now!
Anyway, even if their concept isn't Alice in Wonderland, but it better be cause I'm stoked for it, I'll will be interested in their comeback cause they have managed to pull off something different and interesting each time. March, 5th 2015 is in less than a week away. Are you all prepared for this?

I'm Bad, sort of.

Nu'est just released a MV and single entitled 'I'm Bad'. I am still waiting for Nu'est to release another MV like Action or Face but looks like I'll have to wait a while longer. Now, I know that this is a special single that was released while Baekho is recovering from some medical issue, I didn't look it up so I don't know the details but I hope he recovers soon, but I don't like it when groups release songs without their vocalists. SHINee did Why So Serious? without Jonghyun and while I liked the song the MV felt off cause we were missing Jonghyun. I feel the same way with this MV. Where's Baekho? Right, medical issue. :( Apart from the missing Baekho this MV felt like a photoshoot with the members just looking at the camera while sitting on the ground and in windowsills or standing by a wall or in a room with furniture and a girl danced during random sections.  The song is pretty, don't get me wrong but the MV felt very bland with no reason behind it. But Ren, what happened? I didn't even recognize you at first. I was kind of surprised by how non-girlish you looked.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Vixx Love Equation

Oh, well the MV is out now... Vixx's Love Equation came out today. So remember when SHINee came out with Colorful? I hardly glanced at that video cause I didn't feel like it was a real music video and they didn't really promote; I'm kind of feeling the same way about this song and video. It's cute and fine but it doesn't feel like a real music video or song that will be promoted...
I'm sure that fans of Leo will be happy cause he sort of smiled in this video and Hyuk's fangirls will be upset because he didn't sing, like at all. Did he even sing at all? I've watched it a couple times and all he did was act cute and dance, which he is good at but surely they should let him sing.... High's not even my favorite member and I feel upset about this. He sang one line in Voodoo Doll, a couple lines in Eternity, did he sing at all in Error? Give Hyuk more parts! Dang it! Well, we shall see how this song does live, if they sing it live that is. It could be like their song "Only U" and just happen but get passed over with little to no coverage.
Ravi, my opinion of your horrible English has not changed.

Love Equation(Occasion?) teaser

Hmm... Well I'm not sure if I'm excited for this comeback...  I like Vixx, a lot, but I don't know if I want to see them being all aegyo. They were cute in G.R.8.U. but I prefer the way they do dark themes so much better. They are also fantastic dancers and that whole waving the arms thing looked juvenile. And Ravi... you have possibly the worst English in the Kpop world. The story of love equation. I think that's what you were trying to say but, at least to me, it sounded like "Da story ah luve occasion" Kpop companies need to think about the English words they're putting in songs and realize that if you mispronounce it, it could mean something different.
Also, this concept of aegyo may work for Hongbin and Hyuk cause they're both young and cute but Leo is a rather serious looking person, N is a little awkward acting cute, and Ravi is... well he's Ravi and I think he does the awkwardly "gangster" rapper better than being age. Ken is just Ken and Everything he does is cute, to me. But I like the dark Vixx better. Oh well, we shall see if this is all aegyo and sunshine or if we get a good dance out of it. February 24, 2015 people.