Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lost in Wonderland with Boyfriend

Boyfriend is making a comeback with their 4th Mini album. For now we only have teaser images but this is interesting. People are guessing their concept is Alice in Wonderland cause of the cards and it looks like Dongwoo could be the White Rabbit with his hair and with the possible pocket watch he's holding, Minwoo might be the Mad Hatter cause, check out that hat. The twins might be Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum while Jeongmin is the Queen(king?) of Hearts or the March Hare and Hyunseong as either the Cheshire Cat, Dodo, or the Caterpillar. Actually, I think they could be going for a Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland, if so, then the blue and checker print for Hyunseong could totally be Cheshire Cat. But wait, who will play Alice? Can Minwoo playAlice as well? Or maybe one of the Jo Twins? Ooo, oo, oo! Can Minwoo play the Mad Hatter and Kwangmin play Alice? Please? And if Hyunseong is the Cheshire Cat then Youngmin can play the Caterpillar! Yes! I want this so bad now!
Anyway, even if their concept isn't Alice in Wonderland, but it better be cause I'm stoked for it, I'll will be interested in their comeback cause they have managed to pull off something different and interesting each time. March, 5th 2015 is in less than a week away. Are you all prepared for this?

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