Monday, August 17, 2015

Beautiful Liar MV

Well I am pleasantly surprised by that video. At first I was confused and thought that Ravi was in love with Leo but then I got to thinking, maybe this is a Jekyll and Hyde sort of video. Maybe Leo and Ravi are playing two halves of one person. Ravi is the inner demon, the dangerous, reckless, and messy side of his character while Leo is the kinder, more well groomed, and rational side; though horribly lonely. I had to watch this video a couple times to try and catch everything, or at least to watch Ravi's interactions with the girl. I feel like Leo's side loves the girl but he knows that his Ravi side hates her and that's why he broke up with her. Throughout the video Leo kind of takes the abuse that Ravi gives to him but the second Ravi pushes the key out of the way and goes after the girl Leo grabs him. We later see him strangling Ravi and trying to restrain him. You can tell that Leo really loved the girl but he knew that his Ravi side would hurt her if not kill her cause let's be honest, Ravi looked murderous when walking down the hall towards the girl. I've read a few fan interpretations on YouTube that says Ravi's side is the one who loves the girl but his actions towards her are so violent and aggressive I like to think that Leo's timid side is the one who fell in love with her.
I could probably make this post incredibly long by dissecting the MV and talking about the wind, the key, the mirrors, and the background/their separate rooms, and the wedding invitation, but I won't. I'll move onto the song and lighting.  Lighting first. Wow, the symbolism of the light was awesome. Usually we think of light/white as being good and darkness/black as bad but this video switches it in a cool way. Ravi is dressing in white while Leo is in black. If you pay attention then you'll notice that Ravi is usually the one bathed in light while Leo is hidden in the shadows. Ravi's scene with the girl and the table is lit while Leo is hidden in shadows. The use of light in this video doesn't show who is good and who is bad but rather who is in control and who is being suppressed. Even when Leo is reaching for the key and Ravi pushes is out of the way, Leo is in the shadows and Ravi is in the light proving that Leo never was in control, always Ravi. Leo then comes out of he shadows and into the light to grab Ravi. And towards the end when Leo has his arms wrapped around Ravi and he's holding him back they go from a dark room with Ravi trying to crawl towards the light and Leo pulling him back to well lit room with Ravi struggling and back to the dark room possibly signifying that Ravi's side is being dragged from being in control to being suppressed. Maybe I'm looking into this too much but I feel like the lighting really plays a deep role in this video.
The song was beautiful. I was worried about Ravi's harsh rapping being a negative contrast to Leo's beautiful voice but they fit perfectly. Not only with their characters but it sounded gorgeous. I've never been a fan of Leo's voice. Sometimes I find it slightly high and, don't hate me, whiney. But not the case here. I will admit, however, that Leo can hit some incredible notes. Very gorgeous and I'm thoroughly impressed. On a side note, Leo has fantastic skin.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Beautiful teaser

And we have a MV teaser for VIXX's LR's Beautiful Liar. I do like the way this teaser looks. I like the lighting and the dark style to it. My favorite VIXX is the darker VIXX and this one looks like it could be in that realm of dark and tortured. I'm just a little worried that Ravi's hard rapping will sound harsh against Leo's beautiful voice.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Leo's Teaser

Leo's teaser is out! Still not really sure how I feel about this whole thing. Oh well, it's gonna happen no matter what!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ravi's teaser

August 17th is the day that Ravi's and Leo's subunit will debut with Beautiful Liar. Ravi's teaser is the first to be released and I'm sure Leo's will be released shortly followed by a MV teaser. That is all I have to say.

Monday, August 10, 2015

VIXX LR subunit

Are Leo and Ravi forming a subunit? Cause I'm not sure how I feel about that. Leo needs all the members to pester and annoy him. Ravi can't do it all by himself. So not really a lot of information about this except that it is going to happen I suppose. Okay, I'll keep my eyes and ears open.

B1A4 Sweet Girl

Oh my gosh, everyone released a video while I was gone! B1A4 has released their MV for Sweet Girl. Okay, I can believe all of their fantasies except Sandeul's. Sandel doesn't share his food, he's stated this a couple times now so maybe the jumping on clouds in believable but I don't buy it for a second that he would share that cotton candy with her. Actually what probably happened was the girl took some of the cotton candy and then he attacked her because of it but they had to cut that part out. Or maybe fantasy Sandeul is more willing to share food. Other than that the fantasies are believable. So B1A4 is in their serious video phase and this is a little more silly than their usual serious videos mostly because their versions of romancing a woman are kind of hilarious.
This is also the shortest we've seen CNU's hair and I'm having trouble accepting it. I love his long hair, like a lot, and while he still looks fantastic with this hairstyle I really want his long hair back. I am glad that they didn't cut it super short though. Still hits the back of his neck and his cheek. Gongchan has a lot of lines in this song which makes me happy cause I've felt like Gongchan and CNU have been underused until Solo Day where they got a few more lines than usual but in this song the lines are pretty evenly split up. And Sandeul got his ears pierced which just cracks me up cause he still looks like he's twelve and now he just looks like a twelve year old with earrings. Oh I love B1A4. They make me so happy.

Married to Music SHINee

Oh, okay, that happened rather quickly. Like less than 24 hours quickly.
Um, what? I think I'm gonna need a few minutes, or hours, to process this video... Yeah, that was interesting, not in a bad way though. I think. It kind of felt like I was watching a Block B video, cause it was so odd... but I like Block B's strangeness. Kind of weird seeing SHINee act this way but I liked it. It felt like a Halloween party so maybe if this video came out closer to Halloween then it would feel more normal. I didn't even notice the dance cause I was so wrapped up in the oddness so I'll have to either watch it again or watch for their live performances... Yeah, wasn't expecting that video... though the girl is obviously every fangirl ever cutting out pictures of Oppa while sitting on her bed.
So I had this post written long before I left for a week, I just forgot to post it... Oops. I did however watch a live version to check out the dance and it is difficult. They're like throwing each other around and carrying people and holding others up and it's awesome.

BigBang's Let's Not Fall in Love and Zutter

I'm away from my computer for five days and BigBang puts out two MVs. I'll just do one post cause they came out on the same day. Let's Not Fall In Love is up first and I watched this video with the experience of a Kpop fan, which is to say I watched this video waiting for something to happen to make the boys sad cause that's what happens when we have Kpop idols in MV with love interests, they never end up happy. This song reminded me a little bit of Love Song and Love Dust, maybe it was the tone of the song. I haven't looked up the lyrics yet so I don't know what they're talking about but the video had a sad happy feel to it. Very mellow, soft toned, cute shots of our boys having a good time with the girls they love. I want to swing in the rain now. Never knew I had that desire until now. This video was just nice and looked like it was fun to film. It's great to see the boys finally get a girl for once; though TOP looked slightly remorse about being in love. Great way to end their Made series though.

The second video is technically GD and TOP but I'll still keep it in one post. The 19 rating does worry me slightly. Yeah, probably could have gone my whole life without seeing that video and I would have been just fine. It reminded me of Michigo in that it was vulgar and gross and I will never need to watch it again.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

SHINee is Married to Music

Okay, interesting. It was kind of like an old Black and White movie, like one of those really bad horror movies. Shine is releasing a new MV Married To Music and a repackage of their View album. Don't know the release date but it's gotta happen in August, right?