Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday TastyTwins!!!

On Sunday it was the Birthday of Tasty Twins SoRyong and DaeRyong! The talented duo turned 25! Happy Birthday, we're really looking forward to your comeback!!!!! We want to see what other amazing shoulder moves and wicked dance steps you two produce!

Friday, February 22, 2013

KPop Challenge Day 26

KPop Challenge Day 26:

Favorite Group from SM:

Well, if you guys know us (dramajunkie and F4fighting!) pretty well, then you already know the answer to this "Challenge." Two of our top biases of all time are from SM Entertainment!! Can you guess...
that's right,  
Super Junior and SHINee!!!!!!!!!!
We love these two groups and all of their members'. SMent, thank you so much for producing two great sources of my life's happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Junior!
Shindong, Ryeowook, Donghae, Kangin, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Yesung, Sungmin, Leetuk (MIA: Heechul, Kibum, Hangeng)

Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho, Key

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SHINee on Fire!

What did I tell you? SHINee's new Japanese music video has been released. When did they say it would come out? March 13th? Yeah, they always release them at strange times. Whatever. SHINee's "Fire" is now out, the same day that Dream Girl came out. SHINee is doing what they do best in this music video, shinning, and sharing their light, currently with the people of Japan. The song is pretty, shows off SHINee's vocal talents rather than dancing talents. They look so grown up here. I'm still holding to my previous statement, I think these people are worshiping SHINee. We only get the short version of Fire, because that's the only version EMIMusicJapan knows how to make, and thus we don't get to hear the full song. Oh well, maybe eventually.


And we finally have the Music Video. Not only do we have a Music Video but the Dance Version has also been released!!! Not only do we get great dancing but we also get an understandable plot! SHINee is searching for a girl they found in a dream, each time they wake up they either go back to sleep or are pulled back into the dream world in search of this mysterious woman. While the style of the video, at first glance, doesn't look like SHINee, the song and video are very much SHINee just a little more mature. They are still dancing, now with an added prop, and while some may say their dancing isn't as impressive as in Lucifer and Sherlock, I think this dance is a little more difficult than those two. In the sense of difficult steps, no, Sherlock and Lucifer were more impressive but Dream Girl has the added difficulty of a prop. SHINee does a great job of incorporating the microphone stand into their already impressive dance skills. They drop the stand and catch it with their foot, flip it around, drag it across the floor, spin around on it, switch stands, and heck they even toss the microphones around all while staying in-sync! Watch the music video, and then watch the Dance Version. You'll see what I mean.
In the clothing sense, again, it's different from SHINee be we still see their flair. SHINee is known for their colored skinny jeans, pastel or bright, and while this is a different look, we still get SHINee's colors. The bright yellow, green, red, and pink are all colors SHINee wears in many of their music videos. Yes, the outfits are a bit odd. Key's electric pants, Taemin's pencil pants, and Jonghyun's flower pants are a little strange, wait a second, Key, are those... elephants and horses or clouds and flowers on your other pair of pants? Okay, whatever, yes odd, but SHINee will manages to pull them off.
The song still sounds very SHINee. When I first heard Dream Girl, I thought of Juliette. We get the electric sounding deep bass, Jonghyun's high notes, Minho's rap (which is awesome!!!!), though SHINee's songs are all different, they all have a certain sound that makes them a SHINee song.
Individual members? Taemin, wow. He has seriously improved on his vocals and I'm so happy that his Wiki page has gone from sub-vocalist to vocalist, that high note he hit? Incredible!! Minho's rap section was one of my favorite by him, seriously great job there. Jonghyun's vocals never cease to amaze me, along with Onew's, and Key's. Just incredible.
Key, I feel that exact same way each morning when my alarm goes off; cover ears, look around in frustration, hit snooze, and then go back to sleep.
I think the SM might have created a new trend. They had Roll Like A Buffalo, and now they will have Roll Like Onew. I can see it catching on.
Very impressed with this song. Way to comeback strong, SHINee!! I'm super excited for part two of this album "Dream Girl: The Misconception of Me" which will come out in April.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Park Shin Hye!

Happy Birthday to F4fighting!'s and my favorite actress: Park Shin Hye!!! This is an impressive feat, because F4fighting! and I don't really like any of the girls that play in dramas; it's not because we're jealous of them being with our favorite actors, okay we're jealous of them, but we've never really liked any of the actress' characters and thus we don't really like any of the actresses. Park Shin Hye is the one actress we both really like. After You're Beautiful, we watched Heartstrings because she was in it, along with Jun Yong Hwa, we were super happy when she made an appearance in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and we decided to watch Flower Boy Next Door because she stars in it. Shin Hye is so beautiful and she has an amazing voice, always singing one of the OST's for the dramas she's part of. She just turned 23, so young, and we can't wait to see what she has for the future. Congratulations Park Shin Hye for being our favorite actress. It might not be a huge accomplishment in her book, but she has to be extremely awesome for us to like her this much. Two thumbs way up!!!

SHINee Dream Girl MV Teaser!!!

And we have a MV teaser!!! SMTOWN has released a MV teaser for SHINee's Dream Girl: A Misconception of You, title song. Just like the teaser pictures, album cover, and highlight medley, I have no idea what to expect with this music video... The teaser is odd. Yeah... Don't know what to say about it. Well here it is. I'm still really excited! Dream Girl MV comes out on the 19th!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dream Girl Song Highlights!

SMTOWN has released a highlight medley for Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You! There are eight different songs in this highlight video! I'm super excited, it sounds like a good one. "Dream Girl" "Spoiler“, “Beautiful“, “Punch Drunk Love“, “Girls Girls Girls“, “Aside” , “Dynamite“, “Runaway“, and “Hitchhiking“ are the songs on the tracklist. That's nine... I guess I miscounted in the highlight medley. Oops. Here is the highlight video along with the album cover, it's an interesting cover, that's for sure. Like the teaser pictures, the medley, and now the cover, I'm still not sure what to think of this album. I can't wait for the MV of Dream Girl to come out on February 19th!! P.S. this is rumored to be a two part album and the second half, with nine new songs, will come out in April. Interesting!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Seems like SHINee will be releasing another Japanese single after Dream Girl. Entitled "Fire", it looks to me that the people of Japan have realized that SHINee are gods, fire gods in this case, and they are worshiping them. No seriously, they are standing on a platform, surrounded by lit candles placed in the shape of a heart, and people are standing around them, clapping their hands, and swaying; there are a few people on the ground, some sitting, others are kneeling. I think it's some sort of worship ceremony. This single is set to be released on March 13th and because it's Japan releasing it, and they have yet to release a single when they say they will, we have no idea when it will actually come out. I'll keep my eyes peeled!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Although I

Well Yang Yoseob decided to just throw a music video out there without a teaser or anything. This one has the same feel, set, style, colors, and sound as his first single Caffeine. "Although I" does have a sadder, softer sound, but someone still goes up in smoke at the end of the video. His outfits are even similar. Maybe he really liked that sweater and jean combination, and the Beatle Juice suit, and the black one, and that girl must have really liked that red scarf? Or maybe his stylist was lazy and decided to reuse clothes. No, I'm actually pretty sure that this song is a continuation of Caffeine cause there are scenes that are the same in both videos. Still not loving this new image Yoseob has going for him. He's too cute to be a mean boy. I know it was the girl who cheated on him, but I don't like when he's slightly abusive, it gives off the wrong vibes.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dream Girl SHINee group pictures plus video

I was so hyped up on NU'EST's Hello that I forgot to post the new teaser pictures for SHINee. Well here they are. We get two group teaser pictures and we're eagerly waiting for the album to be released! February 16th is the release date and I still have no idea what it's gonna be like. Yep, can't wait! Oh, and we have been favored with a preview video of dancing for their music video.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


IT'S OUT!!!!!!!!!! NU'EST's new music video is out!!!!! They're so beautiful, I can't get over it. Okay. Now that I've got that out of my system, time for the music video. Let me say, I was shocked that Minhyun was the one singing in all the teasers... I thought it was a girl cause the voice is so soft and beautiful, almost etherial. So Pretty. I'm super happy that there is dancing in this video. I love NU'EST's dancing, I think they are awesome dancers and very in-sync, and I was a little worried that we would trade the pretty MV for the dancing like in previous ones, *ahem* Not Over You and Sandy... But we have dancing! And the dancing is pretty!!! The story is sad, one woman is basically dating all of NU'EST, lucky girl, and slowly, they each find out when they see her with another guy. Then, she has the gall to get upset and angry at them when they confront her about it. She hits Ren with pillows, and slaps Minhyun, so rude of her. *growls* Don't hurt those boys.
The look Ren gives at 1:16 when he sees pictures of his girl with Aron, break my heart in half. Ren, I would never cheat on you, come to Noona, I'll make sure that evil woman never hurts you again. The other members look super sad but none of them look as betrayed as Ren does. Oh. Poor, Ren. Such a pretty song sung by beautiful boys. Oh and Ren, you still have wonderful arms and legs, and neck and you're just all around perfect. Keep it up. And you'll forever be way prettier than any girl could ever hope to be.
I'd like to add that NU'EST looks fantastic. Their clothes look good, hair, the background, they look good. I get a little worried when younger KPop groups release new songs, worried that they'll move away from their previous image kind of like B2ST did; they were all bad boy, and it fit them very well, but with their last music video, they took a different look, and it was so strange and off that I couldn't help but dislike the song and video. While it seems like NU'EST is maturing, they haven't completely changed their image and I'm relieved. NU'EST debuted as bad boys and though this music video doesn't have them playing the bad boys, they haven't completely changed the way they look. I think NU'EST will release another "Bad Boy"style music video cause they still give off that vibe, even when they're being cheated on. All of them being cheated on... by the same girl, at the same time, in a bathtub...? Yeah not sure what that was about... I will give the girl props for being able to go out with all of NU'EST, at the same time, cheat on them, have them know she cheated, and then have them come back to her and be seemingly okay with the fact that she's hugging one while kissing another, and sitting in a bathtub with one while resting against another and holding yet another's hand... That is talent...
NU'EST also keeps a plot with this music video, they had a plot in Face and maybe there was one in Action? but a couple other ones *cough* Not Over You and Sandy, didn't have plots. It's nice to see a music video that's more than just dancing. Nicely done NU'EST! Watch it and love it. Support these gorgeous boys.
And that close-up of Ren's lips at 3:18 was nice, I know F4fighting! appreciated that one.

KPop Challenge Day 25

KPop Challenge Day 25:

A KPop Idol You Would Like to Date:

dramajunkie: Lee Sandeul from B1A4!! I think we would have a blast! He's always smiling and seems like a genuinely happy person, and I love his laugh. I just think we would have so much fun going to amusement parks and running around Seoul. I'm interested in having fun and laughing and I think he'd be the perfect man for that. Oppa! Let's go on a date. :D

F4fighting!: KEVIN WOO!!!(Ukiss)!! He would be the sweetest boy to date ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, he would be such a gentleman. Open doors, buy flowers, pull out chairs, listen, tell me how pretty I am, and just be an all around perfect Oppa!! Yes, please, Kevin. I want to laugh and smile and play and hold hands and have fun with YOU!!!!! We could even share couple rings and t-shirts!!! AH!!! Too fun!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

NU'EST Teaser 2!

Teh second Teaser for NU'EST's song Hello has come out!!!! Ah, so pretty. I'm not sure how these boys are so freaking beautiful, but they are. I'm very excited for this song! The boys look as gorgeous as ever, take a look at Ren on the ground, yup, beautiful! I love the limbs on him, wow, the way his arm curls from over his head to the ground. Gorgeous. Way more graceful than I could ever hope to be. I love that they're all sitting in and around a bathtub. We get different levels and a great use of space. The direction everyone's eyes are turned is also great. The girl is looking towards Ren, leaning her head against Aron's, while sitting in a bathtub with Baekho. Aron is looking down, towards Ren lying on the ground, Baekho is also looking at Ren lying on the ground... Hmm... Obviously this means that they all agree Ren is the prettiest in the foursome. Hello comes out February 13th!! Be excited and happy, can't wait to see these boys again!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Onew's teasers!!!

Here are the teaser pictures for Onew!!! Dream Girl comes out on the 19th of this month. Now that all the pictures have been released, I'm curious about what people think this album is going to be like. These pictures are different than any that I've seen from SHINee so I have no idea what their music video or album will be like or even what the title song will sound like. Will it be soft and dreamlike? All the pictures have the boys sitting on, around, playing with, or holding an object that you would see in a nursery toy room, so I'm intrigued with the possible direction they're heading with SHINee. Maybe they're trying to show how childlike, pure, and innocent they are? Dunno. Can't wait!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Minho's turn!!!

Time for Minho's teaser pictures!!!!!! The closer it gets the more excited I get! February 19th can't come soon enough!! They sure know how to keep us waiting on pins and needles. Dream Girl!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Jonghyun's teasers!!!

The teaser pictures of Jonghyun for SHINee's comeback album 'Dream Girl' have been released!!!!!! So excited I can't even think straight. Is it the 19th yet? No? Dang...

NU'EST MV teaser

NU'EST released a teaser for one of the songs on their upcoming album. Album titled The Moments and the song is titled Hello. Though the groups is Urbo Electric, they seem to be straying away from that sound. First with I'm Sorry, and then Not Over You, Happy Birthday, followed by Sandy, they're taking a softer sound which is fine, they're doing it well, but I'm starting to miss the bad boy look they had going for them. Hopefully they bring back the Urbo Electric sound. Here's the music video teaser, just a little sneak peak at what NU'EST's new album might have to offer us. Album is being released on February 13th.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Taemin Dream Girl

The teaser pictures for Taemin for the upcoming SHINee album Dream Girl have been released!!!! Dream Girl is coming out on February 19th!!!! Cannot wait for SHINee's comeback, I couldn't be more happy!

U-Kiss comeback!

U-Kiss' company has announced that U-Kiss will make a comeback with their third full length album and it will be released in March. The reason for the long wait is because AJ will be returning to the group after his studies and they want him to be part of the album and because their album in Japan, Alone, is being released on the 13th of February. So excited for U-Kiss' return!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dream Girl!

SHINee is coming out with another album!!!!! The title song for their 3rd album will be called Dream Girl and will be released on February 19th!!!!! So excited!!!! I cannot wait! Not too long ago SMTOWN released the first teaser pictures of Key! More teaser photos will hopefully come soon!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Urbo Electro Band, NU'EST!

NU'EST released a short video announcing a mini concert they are taking part in. I have no idea what they are saying, but they're cute. If someone's Korean is better than mine, please feel free to inform us of what they are saying. I'd love to know. Aron is so cute at the end. >.<

And cause I can't get the video to work, here is the link:

Daesung in Japan!

Daesung AKA D-Lite, is making his solo appearance in Japan!!!!! His album goes on Sale on February  27th, 2013!!! The song in this music video is called: Pairs of Ballads Sung... No Ballads Sung in Pairs... Okay, I'm not sure what it's called but it's something about ballads sung in pairs. Sort of. This is only the short version of this song, Japanese Music Companies kind of have an issue with releasing full length music videos but that's alright. Ballads fit Daesung's voice very nicely. He's got a nice soothing sound to him so I'm not surprised that his first solo was a ballad. It sounds great, please enjoy it.

Heaven's Door by Eric Nam nom-nom-nom-nom-nom....

So This MV came out almost two weeks ago, but I only found it five days ago. I would have posted it sooner but I was busy with school work and regular work. Eric Nam is a 24 year-old, 26 year-old in Korea, Korean-American who has been doing covers on YouTube for a while now; most of them in English. I first saw his cover of Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up" about seven months ago, and while I thought his voice was pretty, I din't really think anything of it, though it didn't stop me from watching all of his other covers. Seriously, go check them out, he's really good. I then saw this video come out on Loenent's YouTube Page near two weeks ago and I tend to ignore the solo artists unless I recognize the name or if they are featuring someone I like (terrible habit, I know). I didn't listen to it even though I knew his name. Then five days ago, YouTube told me I should watch it, and I decided to do just that. Wow, so sad I didn't listen to it sooner.

Such a pretty song, I really like his voice, and he's nice to look at which is always a much welcome bonus ;). Heaven's Door is the song in his Music Video and one of the songs on his First Mini Album Cloud 9. This album came out on January 23rd, 2013 and contains five tracks. Check it out, or at the very least watch his music video. I've never wanted to be in a place with very cold temperatures and lots of snow in my life, but I really want to right now. I'm not a huge fan of the snow and everything that comes with it, the wet, the cold, the snow, but I really want to play in it now. Something about that campfire, the marshmallows, scarves, gloves, that huge dog, and the comforting feeling of it makes me super jealous of him; if I had that to look forward to after a day in the snow, I'd be perfectly content. Of course I wouldn't complain if he was thrown into that list. :D Great job Eric Nam, way to debut in the KPop world, you seriously deserve it. And way to make every fangirl be jealous of a dog and snow. I'm looking forward to the other songs you release. Two thumbs way up!!! I really want to visit Heaven. :)

Flower Boy Next Door Half Way Mark

We have now had eight of the sixteen episodes of Flower Boy Next Door and here's what's going on so far and a few character insights.

I'm really surprised, and impressed, by how much depth and heart this drama has to give us. When I first heard about the drama and read summaries, I was excited but I thought it would be nothing more than a funny, pretty, easy, light-hearted drama. I was so wrong, and that makes me really happy. The drama is fun, and light-hearted in spots, also very pretty ;), and super funny, but we get a lot of character development which I love! I'm super emotionally invested in this drama. It's toying with my emotions and making me laugh out loud, and feel deep pain. If any of you know me, you know I don't cry during dramas, King 2 Hearts and You're Beautiful were the two exceptions. This drama might get me though. I'm hurting so deeply for Enrique's and Go Dok Mi's characters. I want them to be happy, I want it so bad it makes me super sad!! Nice job Drama, way to keep me hooked cause each week, I'm begging for more. So much pain, it hurts so good. :( I love this!

Go Dok Mi's character has come a long way over the first eight episodes. You don't really realize just how much she grows because the process was slow. We see her carefully breaking out of her shell. She went from rarely leaving her house and talking to no one, to venturing outside more often, saying more than a couple words when spoken to, she even has outbursts once in a while. She still has a lot of room to grow which is good because we have eight episodes left. She smiles more often, Park Shin Hye has a beautiful smile so this is a good thing.

Enrique Geum's character has also grown a lot. Usually, Enrique doesn't care what other people think about him and uses his smiles and personality to ageyo himself into a lot of things but lately he's grown up a bit. Hiding his worries and pain beneath a carefree happy-go-lucky mask, we see his armor start to crack around Go Dok Mi. He care a little more, he wants her to be happy, but also wants himself to be happy. Be Happy Enrique!!! I really like the wide range of facial expressions he gives us.

What I love about these two characters is that romance isn't bringing them together, understanding and empathy are the key factors in their relationship. Go Dok Mi can see when Enrique is hurting but trying not to show it, and he can see that she is a deep person with more than meets the eye. Romance will probably come later but I think that the relationship they're building right now is a little more important.

Oh Jin Rak's character is hilariously geeky and unfortunately doesn't have a chance against Enrique. I don't think he would even have a chance if Enrique wasn't there. Dok Mi needed someone to shake up her world and Jin Rak has only been watching from the sidelines, trying to keep her in her comfortable little home. He's a good guy, but he isn't the sort of person Dok Mi needs. She needs to be made uncomfortable and that is exactly what Enrique is doing. Jin Rak also has some sort of background that he's trying to hide, I'm going to guess either Chaebol runaway, or a former gang member. Yep. Those are my two guesses. :D

I don't really care about the other characters, I know they're important, but right now I'm very invested in these three so the rest are just on the side, nice to look at... :) I will say a couple things however. Tae Joon, Enrique's older cousin, doesn't do a whole lot, he's like a nice chair that you can't sit on; pretty to look at, surely it wasn't created for nothing, but other than being nice to look at not really useful... Seo Young is also a nice piece of furniture, but you can sit on this one, most of the time. She isn't super useful, she pushes some aspects of the plot along, but mostly she's just there to look pretty.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

NU'EST Comeback!

So I'm a little behind on announcing this, but NU'EST is having their comeback on February 13th, 2013!!!!! Their second mini album teaser photos have been released for all five members so here they are! The album is titled The Moments and here are the tracks for it:
1 - Beautiful Solo
2 - Hello Hello
3 - Introduce Me to Your Noona
4 - Hello
5 - Just a Little Bit
I'm not sure which one will be the title track but we will find out soon.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kyuie's Birth, Happiest Day!!

Would you guys like to talk about perfection? Would you like to talk about completion? Would you like to talk about a hypnotizing gift? Would you like to talk about the end of the world? Would you like to talk about a never ending love? How about gorgeousness? Talent? Hilariousness? Evil in the cutest way possible? 
Then let's talk about Cho Kyuhyun.
This is my favorite boy. Super Junior was not complete until the arrival of the new Maknae in 2006. Haha, those boys didn't know what they were getting into when they welcomed the innocent looking lad into their group. But he sure made his name quickly. His vocals are a gift and I am so glad he didn't become a lawyer. He tortures his hyung's, but loves them to death. I love it when he laughs, you can feel the happiness (mixed with slyness) radiating from him!! Even through the computer screen!! You never know where he'll strike next, but it is the funnest adventure to figure out his plans. I love that he loves Starcraft, I'd play with him any day. My eyes never leave his being in every music video, talk show, interview and stage performance. You want a heart melt? Listen to him sing!!! It is so powerful. 
Kyuie, Oppa, Evil Maknae,
I love you more than words can express. 
Thank you for you.
February 3, 1988
25 years old today (by USA)

You're welcome ;)