Tuesday, February 19, 2013


And we finally have the Music Video. Not only do we have a Music Video but the Dance Version has also been released!!! Not only do we get great dancing but we also get an understandable plot! SHINee is searching for a girl they found in a dream, each time they wake up they either go back to sleep or are pulled back into the dream world in search of this mysterious woman. While the style of the video, at first glance, doesn't look like SHINee, the song and video are very much SHINee just a little more mature. They are still dancing, now with an added prop, and while some may say their dancing isn't as impressive as in Lucifer and Sherlock, I think this dance is a little more difficult than those two. In the sense of difficult steps, no, Sherlock and Lucifer were more impressive but Dream Girl has the added difficulty of a prop. SHINee does a great job of incorporating the microphone stand into their already impressive dance skills. They drop the stand and catch it with their foot, flip it around, drag it across the floor, spin around on it, switch stands, and heck they even toss the microphones around all while staying in-sync! Watch the music video, and then watch the Dance Version. You'll see what I mean.
In the clothing sense, again, it's different from SHINee be we still see their flair. SHINee is known for their colored skinny jeans, pastel or bright, and while this is a different look, we still get SHINee's colors. The bright yellow, green, red, and pink are all colors SHINee wears in many of their music videos. Yes, the outfits are a bit odd. Key's electric pants, Taemin's pencil pants, and Jonghyun's flower pants are a little strange, wait a second, Key, are those... elephants and horses or clouds and flowers on your other pair of pants? Okay, whatever, yes odd, but SHINee will manages to pull them off.
The song still sounds very SHINee. When I first heard Dream Girl, I thought of Juliette. We get the electric sounding deep bass, Jonghyun's high notes, Minho's rap (which is awesome!!!!), though SHINee's songs are all different, they all have a certain sound that makes them a SHINee song.
Individual members? Taemin, wow. He has seriously improved on his vocals and I'm so happy that his Wiki page has gone from sub-vocalist to vocalist, that high note he hit? Incredible!! Minho's rap section was one of my favorite by him, seriously great job there. Jonghyun's vocals never cease to amaze me, along with Onew's, and Key's. Just incredible.
Key, I feel that exact same way each morning when my alarm goes off; cover ears, look around in frustration, hit snooze, and then go back to sleep.
I think the SM might have created a new trend. They had Roll Like A Buffalo, and now they will have Roll Like Onew. I can see it catching on.
Very impressed with this song. Way to comeback strong, SHINee!! I'm super excited for part two of this album "Dream Girl: The Misconception of Me" which will come out in April.


  1. WHOA. I LOVED THAT!! My fav part for some reason is 1:11 when Key is dancing...and Taemin??? Oh my gosh...I don't know how I feel. I'm totally loving the new adult Taemin. He's so hot and mature in his hair, outfit, look, dancing, etc. But at the same time I totally miss little Maknae Taemin!! It's so sad. But anyway, I love the MV and the song!! Espesh the dance version!!! SHINee fighting!!

    1. Upon having both for yet another time, I have decided I love the microphone stick dancing!!! And, dramajunkie is so right!! Taemin's singing is fantastic. AND I love the regular mv as well, they are so funny as they try to get this "Dream Girl." And, dramajunkie, how do you roll like Onew? You mean like whenever I roll up a wall I should use the phrase, "Roll Like Onew!" haha totes...

    2. Key's little dance at 1:11 is fantastic!! Also, the whisper "SHINee's back" is sort of like the JYP whisper, this too will catch on and become necessary in every SHINee video. :D And heck yes, each time I need to roll up a wall I will use the phrase "Roll Like Onew" it'll catch on. Just watch. ;)