Sunday, October 28, 2012


A Werewolf Boy is being released the 31st of October, which is this Wednesday!!!! In light of this wonderful  occasion, here is the music video for A Werewolf Boy's OST Childlike sung by John Park. Now this music video came out about a week ago but I've been so busy that I wasn't able to post it. Such a beautiful music video, such a beautiful song, beautiful people. I'm super excited for this movie and John Park's voice is so emotional, it's making me giddy. So beautiful.

Monday, October 22, 2012

To The Beautiful You Drama Review

And To the Beautiful You has ended. This is the first drama I have watched while it aired and I liked it much better than watching a drama that was already out and completed. I thought I would hate the fact that I had to wait a full week for a new episode but this allowed me to do homework, and sleep rather than just watching one episode right after the other and finishing the drama in a week or two. Now onto the drama.

Goo Jae Hee is a Korean girl living in the United States. Because she's different from the rest of her school, she's treated differently. After slipping into depression, Jae Hee sees a track and field competition and becomes inspired when High Jump star Kang Tae Joon(Choi Minho) wins the gold medal. She begins running track and starts to idolize Tae Joon, but when he suffers an injury that has the potential to end his career, Jae Hee makes a split decision to move to Korea, dress like a boy, and enroll in his all boys high school in order to help Tae Joon jump once again. Once at Genie High she meets and befriends Cha Eun Gyeol(Lee Hyun Woo), a soccer star with a bubbly personality, but as the two get to know each other, Eun Gyeol starts to develop feelings for Jae Hee though he still believes her to be a boy. With the help of the school's doctor, Teacher Jang Min Woo, Jae Hee manages to, somehow, keep her being a girl a secret from the school but what will happen when Tae Joon accidentally finds out that she's not really a guy, and what her motive is for coming to Genie High?

I freaking loved the characters in this drama. The plot was not so great, the lead girl's explanation for dressing like a boy was stupid, but the characters made the show worth watching. Every character, with the exception of Goo Jae Hee, had depth and brains. They were smart!! Mostly. I hate when we get stupid characters in a drama who don't think/think too much, or are just plain stupid. Every character had reasons behind everything they did and behind every emotion and the reasons weren't completely stupid!! Mostly. Now Goo Jae Hee, she's was just plain dumb. If you're going to sneak into an all boys school by dressing like a boy and acting like a boy, continue acting like a boy! I'm shocked it took some characters as long as it did to figure out that she's a girl. She was careless to a point that you seriously questioned her intelligence.
If we remove Jae Hee from the cast and we get a wonderful group of characters. Eun Gyeol, that poor boy; he starts having feelings for Jae Hee from the start and we get to watch as he struggles with the fact that she's a boy while coping with his feelings. By far, his imagination was the best part of this drama. Whenever something happened and he couldn't figure it out, his imagination would take over and depict these fantastic, elaborate, impossible scenes. Rarely do we ever see his optimism falter when he's around Jae Hee but when he's alone, we get to see the depth of his character.  Eun Gyeol struggles to keep a happy demeanor so Jae Hee won't worry about him. He wrestles with his emotions, his dreams of making the National Soccer Team, and his beliefs of what is right. I loved Eun Gyeol from the start, he is so freaking adorable. Way to be such a noona killer, Lee Hyun Woo.

Min Hyun Jae, this is a character you pity from the start. He's Tae Joon's high jumping rival, though no matter how hard he tries he cannot meet Tae Joon's records. he struggles wiht confidence more than anyone in this drama. We go from feeling mild pity for this character to deeply feeling for his struggles. I'm so happy with the bromance between Min Hyun Jae and Cha Eun Gyeol; those two were so cute towards the end of the drama when they were really becoming good friends. I also loved it when Tae Joon and Min Hyun Jae became friends and started understanding each other and even though they were rivals, the actually had a good friendship bond. Loved it.
Seung Ri was a cute but wise, and stupid, dorm leader who grew to have a soft spot for Jae Hee (not that he "liked" her but he liked having her in his dorm).

Tae Joon is probably the cutest when he's jealous, which happens a lot after he realizes that he likes Jae Hee. Like almost every lead male, he has family problems and a second lead female chasing after him. He's also standoffish and of course, doesn't like to show his true feelings. And let's be honest here... they make every opportunity to take this boy's shirt off. I counted at least four times where he is not wearing a shirt/showing off his chest.
Heck, the drama tries to take off every guy's shirt at least once, and it succeeds very nicely. Hyun Jae is another character who isn't allowed to wear a shirt in this drama; I found this out pretty early and it took me about half a second to accept it. I understand Hyun Jae, you cannot wear a shirt/you must wear really tight shirts. I understand.
If you can't tell, I loved the characters in this drama. Watch this drama for the characters alone, and try to ignore the plot and Jae Hee.
We also get one of the best lines ever! Doctor Jang delivers this line after he notices that Tae Joon isn't treating Jae Hee like a guy but rather like a girl. Quickly he texts Jae Hee telling her to be more careful (about acting like a guy) around Tae Joon, cause "not everyone is as stupid as you." A man after my own heart...
P.s. Tae Joon/Minho, I totally saw you reference SHINee's Sherlock in one episode. Totally caught that! ;)
Rating: 7/10

Memorable Moment:
I'm going to say, anything that Eun Gyeol is in; I loved that character, hard core. He is the first third wheel male that I've actually wanted to end up with the girl. I usually get Second Lead Male Syndrome but I've always wanted the lead guy to end up with the lead girl; this is the first  drama where, though I LOVED the lead male, I desperately wanted the Second Lead to end up with the girl rather than the lead getting her.
For this memorable moment I'm going to pick a scene where we see the struggles of Eun Gyeol and where, I think, we really get to see the depth of his character.

Episode 10: After struggling with his feelings for Jae Hee, which of whom he believes is a boy, Eun Gyeol decides that making the National Soccer Team will help him impress Jae Hee and then he can confess to her once she's realized what a cool guy he is. (Aw honey, I think you're cool, you don't have to do anything to impress me)

Eun Gyeol has just finished tryouts for the National Soccer Team and he is feeling great, that is until his coach comes over, puts a gentle hand on his shoulder and suggests that regrettably, they should try for the next time. You can all but see Eun Gyeol's world crash down on him as he gives the most heartbreakingly confused, disappointed, realization look ever! Not making the National Team is not only a huge blow to his soccer ego but this also means that he doesn't feel like he has confidence in confessing to Jae Hee.
We then find Eun Gyeol sitting in the soccer stadium holding the shirt Jae Hee gave him for good luck and after stroking the South Korean emblem she embroidered on it, he lets out two of the saddest sighs I've ever heard, then a tear rolls down his face. Eun Gyeol shakes his head, trying to clear it or denying the gravity of his double rejection before the tears really start flowing and he ends up burying his face in the shirt while he cries.
What really kills me is the next time he sees Jae Hee, which is shortly after this scene, he forces a smile so she won't see that he's in pain and lies that he made the team so she won't worry about him. it absolutely kills me that he then tries to cheer her up even though he's still feeling like his world has ended.
We see this character struggle with his feelings and confidence in confessing his love to a boy, but we've never seen him really sad. He always has a smile on his face, he never takes anything to seriously or worries too much but right here is a turning point and we see his confidence shaken. This unfortunately is just the beginning, we get to see a lot more of sad and unsure Eun Gyeol but we also see him still trying to put on a happy face for Jae Hee. Eun Gyeol, why must you love such a cardboard cutout of a character?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nice Guy Half Way Mark

Episode 10 of 20 has just aired for Nice Guy. Here's a quick character development/plot update.

Kang Maru: I'm going to be honest. I have no idea what this character's plan is. I have no idea what he's going to do. I don't know what his end goal is. I also don't know if he is mentally sound in any way, shape, or, form. I have never been more wary of or confused by a character. I honestly have no idea what he's going to do next.  So confused. I love it. With some characters, they're so shallow or so mainstream that you know what their next move is; you know how they're going to react and what their thoughts are. Kang Maru is completely different. He doesn't seem to have a pattern he follows. Han Jae Hee calls him? He goes running, the next time she calls, he ignores it. Seo Eun Gi calls, he ignores it. She calls again, he flirts a little. He tells Eun Gi he loves her, then he tells her he's using her and he loves Jae Hee. This boy is giving me whiplash! I love it so much. Just when we think he can sink no lower, he does. Our hero(?), I'm not sure if we can call him a hero, goes from selling his body and using women to get money, to scamming desperate people into revealing company secrets for money to the point where they sometimes become suicidal. This is so low for our hero(?) that his sister and best friend end up leaving him alone. Did not see that one coming, especially the best friend leaving.

Seo Eun Gi: We all knew it was coming and now it has happened. Seo Eun Gi has finally gotten in her car accident and she has lost her memory! I have been nervously waiting for this to happen and it finally has. Phew, now that that's out of the way I'm curious to see what Kang Maru will do. Will his conscience, or lack there of, stop him from using a girl with Amnesia to get back at his murderous ex? I'm not sure, the plot says yes but right now he's trying to get rid of Eun Gi. The strength that Eun Gi showed at the beginning of the drama has now departed with her memories but her obsession with Kang Maru remains. At the mention of his name she's ready to do anything. Though she doesn't remember anything, like she is learning everything over again, she remembers him and the "love" she shared with him. Obsessed is probably too light of a word to use when referring to her regard to Maru; I think that possessed would be a more accurate description. When she was strong, she was able to survive through the idea of Maru using her but now the strength has left her so I'm not sure how her fragile mind will take being used. 

Han Jae Hee: Wow... She's so evil that I think the Devil would have to sell his soul to her rather than she to him. After she WATCHES and just LETS Chairman Seo die, I don't think she deserves any sort of redemption. I kind of expected her to call Kang Maru and tell him to take the slack on this murder as well. Evil woman. She has pretty much said that she can and will seduce any man to get what she wants. Lies, manipulates, mud slings. There is nothing this woman won't do to keep her power. She feeds off of Kang Maru's remaining love for her, uses it against him, uses it to use him, uses it to hurt Eun Gi. She brings a whole new meaning to the title "Witchy Woman". Yikes. I can tell what her motives are and what she will do next, be evil and pick the most evil path, especially if it involves hurting Kang Maru even further. So evil.

President Seo: Well he's dead... so there's not a whole lot to say about him... Yep.

Lawyer Ahn: He has shown his true colors when he stops Jae Hee from calling for help when Preseident Seo collapsed on the floor and died. Yikes. He will do anything to protect Jae Hee and her child, not excluding blackmail and killing. Nice loyal little wolf you've picked up there, Jae Hee...

Lawyer Park: Poor guy. Eun Gi has lost her memories and damaged her brain, he stays stuck to her side yet she shows no signs of returning his one-sided love. I feel bad for him. I want to say that I hope he'll get a girl in the end, but I know he won't... He'll probably end up dead by the hands of Lawyer Ahn or Jae Hee once they've become bored with him...

Monday, October 15, 2012

NU'EST Fail?

Nu'est has just released their music video for "Sandy"... F4fighting! and I are very disappointed. I didn't  really like the song to begin with and the music video that they made to go along with it didn't really make it any better. First off, the song did not fit the music video at all. At all. The song is about a girl they can't seem to get over and they're promising to make her happy... We get to see Nu'est walking around, buying things, eating, being kind of cute... Nothing like the song and does this look really similar to another one of their music videos? Yep, "Not Over You" was exactly like this one but they actually sang in that music video; here we just get a home video of them doing things, no singing. We're so sad that they did this cause, for sure, Nu'est can do better than that. We feel like they're being lazy in making music videos right now. I also feel that the cute music videos are hurting their bad boy image. It seems like every "Bad Boy" Kpop group has to release one cute song/music video and I'm fine with that, it's refreshing to see a different side of them but in their Mini Album "ACTION" we got one bad boy song and three cute/sad songs whereas in "FACE" there were two bad boy songs and one sad song. Nu'est, you can do better than this, we know you can!

B2ST Anniversary!!!

Today marks B2ST's third year as a band!!! Woo!!! This group consists of six talented members: Leader-DooJoon, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Kikwang, and Maknae-Dongwoon. Their debut was 'Bad Girl' so here it is!! Well this isn't their debut stage, but we get to see Yoseob's famous hat trick and I decided that was better than the fuzzy video of their actual debut. We also get to see Yoseob sticking his tongue out, a few winks form Kikwang, and a cute little handshake bow done by Doojoon and Yoseob. So BEAST, So Sick.
We also hope that Hyunseung and his family are still staying strong.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Fishy!!!!

Happy Birthday to Super Junior's talented Fishy Donghae!!!!!! Today Donghae turns 26! He doesn't look that old, he still looks like a teenager. Such a cute little fishy! To celebrate this wonderful boy's birth, here are a few pictures of Donghae being all cute and adorable!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dazzling Girl!!! (Short Version)

So SHINee, bless their beautiful souls, have made a Japanese song. Yep, not a Korean song that they've covered in Japanese, but a song that originally is in Japanese. I was so freaking excited when F4fighting! told me this was happening, I watched the teaser about seven hundred times. No joke. This song was stuck in my head for hours and I attempted the dances everywhere I went. P.s. I sucked at the dances.
Now this version of the music video has been out since the end of September, but they said that the full length version will be released soon, like today, tomorrow, the next dayish, possibly, maybe, hopefully.  I'm posting the short version so you guys, like me, can freak out and get even more excited for it. And I hope that as soon as I post this, the full length version will come out to mock me for putting effort into writing this post. Mock me all you want! Bring it on!! *crosses fingers*
I'm not going to fangirl too much in this post, I'll save it for the full length version, but I would like to say a few things about it.
1. I truly believe that SHINee is the best kpop group when it comes to dancing. They are the best in synchronization, their dance moves are the most difficult, they can go from fast to really slow while making it look effortless. This video is no exception to their dancing skills. So wonderful.
2. Their outfits are wonderful! I love that they still have the dulled colors similar to what they used in Sherlock. The lighting is also very pretty, like in Sherlock. Love this video.
3. This music video also just reiterates that I love all of SHINee equally. SHINee is one of the few bands who have made it to our "Corner of Sharing", the only other group is NU'EST, and while I love all of NU'EST, I do have members I like better than others. I could pick a favorite member or two out of the five NU'EST members. SHINee, I can't pick a favorite. It would be impossible for me to do so; my love for each member is completely equal and this video just solidified that belief. One moment I'm like: "I love Jonghyun!!!" and then the next I'm all: "Onew is so amazing!!" followed by: "Key, why are you so awesome?" and: "Minho, Oppa. I love you." and finally: "Taemin, I can't believe how gorgeous you are." Note: Order and phrasing varies. The point is, this happens every SHINee music video, without fail. Always.
P.s. I am also desperately in love with Taemin's pants. The blue ones with the white patches. Yeah. Can't get over how much I love them. No idea why. Actually, I'm in love with at least one piece of clothing on each of our SHINee boys(I'll probably touch on them in the Full Length version), but Taemin's is a hardcore love.
Without further ado, here is the Short Version of Dazzling Girl. Boom, Boom, Boom, Pow!!!

Vampire Prosecutor 2 Half Way Mark

Technically this isn't the half way point because we've just had episode five and there are eleven episodes in this drama, but one, I didn't want to wait another week, and two, I thought it would be ridiculous to stop half way through episode six and write this post. So here we go!!!

Vampire Prosecutor 2 is throwing out the creeptastic this season! Wow, The first episode we get six torture scenes and then we go back to the playful joking and light humor that we loved from the first season. Episode five creeped me out even more than episode one. We have finally met the bad guy for this season, and I am just as excited as I am creeped out. I'll get to him in just a minute. The team is just as fun and cute as ever.

Min Tae Yoon: Still struggling with his sister's fate, he tenses and almost panics whenever a case even remotely has the possibility of a vampire as the suspect cause that means it might be his sister's fault, again. Though he's been a vampire for seven years now he's still finding new difficulties of being a monster living among humans. He's obviously attracted to fellow Prosecutor Jung In but due to the minor fact that he's not human, he has to almost push his feelings and her away.

Hwang Soon Bum: More of a bully gangster than an actual detective. I love that he's still as funny as ever, but he cares deeply for Tae Yoon so he understands the troubles he's going through and he knows when to be serious.

Yoo Jung In: She's finding that there's something off about Min Tae Yoon, and she's also completely head over heels for him, though she doesn't let that stop her from snapping back at him (which is probably why he's attracted to her). She's still bright but occasionally is told to look for more options instead of being set on one idea.

Choi Dong Man: Such a cutie, but this is not the line of work for him... And he should be banned from going with Soon Bum to catch bad guys cause he always ends up hurting either himself or Soon Bum rather than the guy they're trying to catch. He's not super bright, though he's very smart. I love his sense of style.

Jo Jung Hyun: The coroner who has ties to the past and the present so he's very valuable though he doesn't know it yet. He worked under Tae Yoon's sire Park Hoon. Though he's super awkward around others and has no family, he's a kind soul. I think he's going to die soon though. That's unfortunate...

Prosecutor Park Hoon: Former Prosecutor! Right?! Who knew!?!? He died in the first episode of season one so technically we only see him in flashbacks of the past; right before he was turned into a Vampire, right after he was turned, important cases, moments when he and Coroner Jo work together, meetings between him and season one's Doctor Blood. Everything that happens in these flashbacks are important and we're just now seeing why.

Evil Director Prosecutor: I don't know her name but she's the boss of Tae Yoon. She took place for Prosecutor Yang. I think she's evil. Yep, totally evil. That or just a completely mean witch.

Doctor Blood: he has a real name, we were told it in episode four of this season but I forgot it and Doctor Blood sounds cooler. Dr. Blood has been missing since the day he was turned, which is also the day Tae Yoon's sister and Prosecutor Jang disappeared. Interesting. We get to see how he came to know about vampires and the work he did with Park Hoon. I'm mentioning him cause I think he'll be important in the future, maybe, and I loved him in the first season

Red Eyes: He has no name yet, but we know a good deal about him. He's a vampire, very bad vampire. When he vamps out his eyes are red rather than blue. He is insane, and rightly so after seeing what he's been through, he is Park Hoon's sire, he is interested in Tae Yoon and I'm pretty sure he'll use those close to Tae Yoon to break him like he did Park Hoon. Did I say that he's insane? Cause he is. This is the first villain to just plain creepy me out. I fear for everyone in the show. He is very strong, much stronger than Tae Yoon. Twisted, evil, evil, evil, twisted, crazy, insane, evil, confident, creepy, evil. He's awesome but creepy and evil. I'm so excited for Min Tae Yoon to have another vampire foe and this time he's bigger, badder, nastier, and crazier!! And did I mention that he's insane?

Happy Birthday Henry Lau!!!

Happy Birthday to Super Junior M's Henry Lau!! You're a pretty good rapper and you play the violin like a boss. You're also pretty freaking darn cute. He is now 23, I do believe. Way to be awesome!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Hangul Day!!!!!!

Today is the day the Korean language was created in the 15th century!!!!! It is called Hangul Proclamation Day and you're not allowed to speak English today... Well crap, cause I don't know enough Korean to get by and the people I talk to don't know Korean either. Well Maybe F4fighting! and I can speak a little Korean at work tomorrow... Maybe. If you do know Korean, speak it!!!! All day long!!!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Lay!!!

Happy Birthday to Exo-M's talented Lay!!!!!!! Talented dancer and singer!! Lay is turning 21 today!!! How talented of a dancer is he? Lay once worked as SHINee's Jonghyun's dance replacement. Yep, that's how good he is. Here are a few pictures of this marvelous boy.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Fusion Style.

To celebrate the Korean version of Thanksgiving, F4fighting and I went to our favorite Korean Restaurant, Fusion!!! Here are a few pictures from our dinner. F4fighting asked our cute waiter about the Korean Thanksgiving, it was great. I awkwardly looked at the table as he told us that Thanksgiving was on the 30th of September. That's probably the most we've ever heard him speak.