Friday, September 19, 2014

Spica.S Give Your Love

Well we can learn one thing from this MV. Spica would not be good office workers. We've already ruled out Super Junior-M as office workers, now I'm adding Spica to the list so hopefully these two groups will always be able to make music cause the desk life just isn't for them.
The song was great but I do feel like Bohyung is going to blow the other members away with her vocal talent. They're all amazing vocalists but without Boa to be the, in my opinion, bridging vocalist and balancer out of Bohyung's amazing belt I do believe that live versions will leave the remaining three members a little short in the vocal category when put beside Bohyung. She's amazing but I think she's better than the rest of them and Boa helps hide that gap. That doesn't really make sense now that I type it out but it makes sense in my head... But still a good song and Spica is still my favorite girl group.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Well this is interesting. While I would argue that Spica's Boa is one of the most talented girls in the KPop industry right now, I would also argue that Spica needs Boa just as much as Boa needs Spica. I don't like when artists have solo debuts, as many of you have probably caught onto by now. Subgroups are fine, I like Super Junior KRY, I like when D.O and Baekhyun get their own songs, but when one artist does a solo thing and the rest of them form a subgroup I tend to get a little worried. So we have Spica.S now, which is Spica minus Boa which is sad because Boa is by far my favorite member of Spica. Since I found Spica I've been waiting for a MV to come out so I can have the excitement of watching a new MV from a group I love. Will this MV be as awesome as You Don't Love Me and Tonight? Possibly not. Will Boa's debut be as awesome as a full Spica MV, possibly not. But I am willing to watch and wait. I will miss Boa and Bohyung belting out beautiful notes together. But let's see how this goes. And I will be waiting for a full Spica MV later on.
Give Your Love. September 12th.

2PM has Gone Crazy

2 PM has released a MV. And like two teasers previous to it. This just shows how much of my life is begin taken away by Anatomy homework. Grr.
Well that was interesting. I got the Hands Up vibe from this song, as in, this was a party song. Now after seeing Comeback When You Hear This Song where our boys were mature grown ups with beautiful suit, looking dashing and sexy, I was a little taken aback by the party feel of Go Crazy. I really liked the mature men that 2PM had become so seeing them with this horrific choreography and strange clothes was a little odd for me. Let's talk about outfits for a second or two. Nickhun, I love you but I will ask that you please burn that floral suit of yours. Please, burn it. Woohyun, did you take one of those sparkly tracksuits from Secret Garden? And Jun K. I'm not even going to talk about your outfit, just no. Everyone else was pretty much normal. The choreography was so strange. Like what was with the noodle arms and the motorcycle handlebars? And then there was Taecyeon who was either too cool to do the noodle arms full out or he just couldn't do the noodle arms properly. But he looks good so that's always a plus.
The song itself is slowly growing on me, it won't ever beat out I Can't or 10 Out of 10, which are my two favorite 2PM songs, but slowly I am warming up to it. This was just so bizarre. And what was up with the E.T. moment  with the moon?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Super Junior Ayaya Mamacita

Well this happened. If any other group had done this I would have thought it to be stupid but Super Junior are the kings of silly entertaining. I am really at a loss of words right now. 
I am very happy that Super Junior released another song and album. I feel like I tend to get caught up in all the pretty and flashy moves of the newer Kpop groups but each time Super Junior releases a new MV I remember who I first fell in love with and why I still consider them to be one of my favorite groups. And while Yesung is still in the army, but he will be home soon, I think this gave Kyuhyun and Ryeowook a chance to shine a little brighter. They both have amazing vocals but Yesung usually sang all the high notes and belted notes but without him Ryeowook and Kyuhyun had a chance to fill in.
So far Super Junior has not changed and I think that's why I still love them as much as I do. Heechul is still just as much of a creeper now as he was before military service and he still half does everything. Shindong is still the comical relief. Ryeowook is the damsel in distress. These are reasons why I love Super Junior and I'm happy that they have not changed.
I do like that they threw a little Matador spacing into their dance. And how much do I love that Kyuhyun and Heechul were in on the robbing plot? It looked like Kyuhyun was the quick thinker in stealing the crown and then Heechul was the intended buyer. So clever, so Super Junior. I also really liked the song.
A Drama Version of tho song was released and let me tell you, it was hilarious! Watch it, I don't want to say anything cause nothing will do this video justice.