Friday, September 19, 2014

Spica.S Give Your Love

Well we can learn one thing from this MV. Spica would not be good office workers. We've already ruled out Super Junior-M as office workers, now I'm adding Spica to the list so hopefully these two groups will always be able to make music cause the desk life just isn't for them.
The song was great but I do feel like Bohyung is going to blow the other members away with her vocal talent. They're all amazing vocalists but without Boa to be the, in my opinion, bridging vocalist and balancer out of Bohyung's amazing belt I do believe that live versions will leave the remaining three members a little short in the vocal category when put beside Bohyung. She's amazing but I think she's better than the rest of them and Boa helps hide that gap. That doesn't really make sense now that I type it out but it makes sense in my head... But still a good song and Spica is still my favorite girl group.

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