Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2PM has Gone Crazy

2 PM has released a MV. And like two teasers previous to it. This just shows how much of my life is begin taken away by Anatomy homework. Grr.
Well that was interesting. I got the Hands Up vibe from this song, as in, this was a party song. Now after seeing Comeback When You Hear This Song where our boys were mature grown ups with beautiful suit, looking dashing and sexy, I was a little taken aback by the party feel of Go Crazy. I really liked the mature men that 2PM had become so seeing them with this horrific choreography and strange clothes was a little odd for me. Let's talk about outfits for a second or two. Nickhun, I love you but I will ask that you please burn that floral suit of yours. Please, burn it. Woohyun, did you take one of those sparkly tracksuits from Secret Garden? And Jun K. I'm not even going to talk about your outfit, just no. Everyone else was pretty much normal. The choreography was so strange. Like what was with the noodle arms and the motorcycle handlebars? And then there was Taecyeon who was either too cool to do the noodle arms full out or he just couldn't do the noodle arms properly. But he looks good so that's always a plus.
The song itself is slowly growing on me, it won't ever beat out I Can't or 10 Out of 10, which are my two favorite 2PM songs, but slowly I am warming up to it. This was just so bizarre. And what was up with the E.T. moment  with the moon?

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