Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shadow of a Beast...*shudder*

BEAST - 'Shadow (그림자)' (Official Music Video)

Scorpions, skulls and tarantulas... Not the kind of shadows I would choose to encounter. But apparently Beast themselves claim that, "I'm Shadow."  So I guess if the scorpion was really a B2ST member in disguise it would be okay....?
I don' know but anyway, this mv was pretty dark an spooky with creepy abandoned tombs and mansions along with this spooky ghost girl who does ballet, snakes and other various creepers, scarf dancing, crazy body paint, smoke, etc... overall not my favorite Beast song/mv. Both song and mv gave me heebie jeebies. Howver, it is very unique and pretty well put together. So good job to Beast!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Smoky Girl - Mblaq

엠블랙(MBLAQ) - 스모키걸 (Smoky Girl) Music Video

I know this song has been out for over a month now, but I just continue to really love it. It's constantly stuck in my head. The song is just so smooth and sexy sounding. There's a sophistication and suave-like feel to this song and to the music video. I love almost black and whiteness of the video and the well fitted suits with the occasional sexy hat is very stunning. The dancing is also filled with that level of mystery and spylike quality. I especially love the sliding move they do around 2:23-2:30. Hot.  Then the music video suddenly has more color which has got to be symbolic somehow. Anyway I really love this song and mv and wanted to share it with you guys ;) and I actually heard it played while I was in Korea and totally freaked out! haha

I'll be Infinite's Destiny...

"INFINITE - Destiny M/V (Ver.B)"

Whoa! go out of town for a couple weeks come back and find out that Infinite has been BUSY!!! I loved this song!! " 'Cause you're my destiny! Hoo-woo-oo!" It was kinda freaky and cool the way they all poofed away at the end and a little bit ironic because their name is Infinite and they were talking about destiny....and it was a little bit funny to watch L stumble around like he was drunk, poof away and then suddenly reappear in the next shot...but anyway every boy got to practice his intense staring down of the camera with a serious face and gorgeous eyes. We missed out on that in Man In Love ;) 
I can't seem to locate a "Version A" I'll let you know when I figure what that means....

*Apparently "Ver. B" means that they will be coming out with like a drama version of the song later! yay!
**also, L's face at 3:20 gets me every funny...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Wolf Drama...part 1

EXO_늑대와 미녀 (Wolf)_Music Video_Drama Version (Korean ver.)

Dear Luhan...who are you? what are you?... and can I keep you forever? ;)

drama junkie: Poor Luhan, misunderstood and beaten up.