Tuesday, May 19, 2015

SHINee View MV

SHINee is back! We've waited for this and here it is. Few things about this I liked and I didn't like. First, I love the song. Little repetitive, but I love it. It's super fun and summer-sounding and carefree. Second, Minho finally got a hair color change! Thank you SM, it was long overdue. Third, people keep talking about how nice the boys' arms look, which is true, but what about the fact that SM has girls undressing in front of them? I do love that SM let SHINee have an out-of-the-box MV however, I thought it was a little inappropriate to have the girls who kidnapped them start taking off their clothes, and the boys looked rather uncomfortable with it. I'm not a feminist but I felt like this gives off the feel of sexualization of the girls. Fourth, going along with the out-of-the-box MV; I think SHINee should have come to America where they aren't as popular and wouldn't be as recognized. Come visit me, I promise no one will know who you are where I live. Except, of course, F4fighting! but there were a few girls in the video. no one will try to take your pictures, I promise you won't be on TV at the grocery store. But silliness aside, it was nice to see the boys break free of the box and have a fun MV outside with running and jumping. I'm not even mad that we didn't really get to see a dance. SHINee are, in my opinion, the best dancers in the Kpop industry right now and I know we will see a live version and a dance version of some form. It was good, I'm glad that SHINee is back. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Project Kidnap SHINee

Well we get another trailer! This one is titled "View" and it shows the members of SHINee being kidnapped by a woman. We still don't get a release date but if they've released two teasers within a day then it has to be soon. Like Maybe the 18th of this month, soon? Does Minho have blonde hair? Cause I'd be willing to get on that boat. It's not every day that you come across a Kpop group who all look good with blonde hair. I know some people would argue B.A.P right here but I didn't care for them all blonde. Team looked fantastic with blonde hair, Key looks good in any color, it too me a minute but I liked Onew with blonde hair during the Everybody/Symptoms era, and while Jonghyun's blonde hair was my least favorite out of them all, he still looked good with it; I will forever be in love with his brown to blonde in the RingDingDong era. I cant' get over it!! Minho, you had better live up to your group's standards of attractive blondes.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

SHINee's Odd comeback teaser!

Really? SHINee is coming back? Yay!!!!! The teaser sure lives up to the title "odd" I'm not sure what to think of the tropical sounding music and the swimming but maybe we'll get a fun summer video. As long as their dance is awesome, I don't care what we get cause SHINee's back! Almost. We don't get a release date, just that they will comeback in 2015... But I'm sure we'll get another teaser... probably.