Thursday, November 6, 2014

War of Hormones with BTS

Oh, I am liking Bangtan Boys more and more. I really am. I find them fun and not super serious even though they have a few "bad boy" serious MV. They laugh and have fun and just seem to enjoy themselves all while working hard. This MV felt like they could show off their true selves and just be the big dorks they really are. I'm still working on memorizing their names but the more I watch of them the more V just remains my favorite followed by Jongkook and I'm starting to like J-Hope as well. They're kind of an infectious little gang of dorky teens who can dance really well. I don't know, I just love 'em. I liked the set of this music video and while it's isn't natural for a group of guys to walk around after a girl dancing and singing to her, the flow of their locations felt very natural. Walking through the town and then ending up in school. They're teens so this makes sense. I continue to love how they pick each other up and dart between one another in their choreography. it's always much more worth it to me if the group looks like they're dancing as a whole rather than seven members dancing together but not really being together in their dancing.
Great job boys, I really do just enjoy watching you. And their stylists should get a raise cause their outfits are always spot on. I also really liked the color in this video. Mostly black and white with very little color.

This is Love and Evanesce Super Junior

I'm going to do both of these MV in one post even though I have very different opinions about them.
This is love: I liked the song much better than the MV mostly because the MV wasn't anything amazing. Everyone looked good, except for Heechul who I won't talk about cause his hair was so horrendous and he was singing to a bunch of urinals.. Who thought that was a good idea? Let's make Heechul even more creeperish by giving him long hair and having him sing in a men's bathroom.
Evanesce: I loved this MV. Loved the way the members were one by one introduced and slowly were less formal with each introduction. What I loved more than that was the fact that Eunhyuk was dancing with a girl for once! We usually only see he and Donghae dancing together but this time we have a girl and I really think that is much better. I love Eunhyuk and Donghae but can you imagine those two dancing that routine together? Shippers all over would be freaking out and everyone else would be weirded out.