Thursday, December 10, 2015

EXO Sing For You

I'm sorry, what? This happened? Where was I? Oh, right... Finals...
That song was beautiful. I don't actually think I can say anything else about that but the song was gorgeous and we got to hear the lovely voices of every member. I can tell that this is a confession song and apparently some fans believe that this MV follows the story of "The Astronaut's Whale" which is a tale of feeling like you don't belong and some believer's about the 52 Herzt Whale which is a whale that calls at a frequency that no other whale can hear it so it's always lonely. EXO tends to do sad sounding songs around the holiday season, I'm not sure why... But this was beautiful, seriously. I did love that Kai's dancing seemed to reflect the fight between Chanyeol and Suho. Very poetic.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

GOT7 Confession Song

Well that was cute. GOT7's new MV Confession Song came out on November 22nd and it was cute. Christmasy, adorable, kind of funny. I liked it. The song wasn't one that I was wild about but it matched the tone and feel of the video. It would have been slightly awkward if those who were being confessed to rejected the confession but I think any girl with half a brain would accept a boy who got a Kpop idol group to help him confess. Seriously though, that would be pretty awesome. The video was cute and a nice kick off to the holiday season, I can't really think of anything else to say about it. Will they be performing it live?


BTS' new MV is called Run and came out on November 29th. Did anyone else feel like this was a continuation of I Need You? Does that mean we're gonna get another Dope style MV in a few months? The lighting, the running, the feeling, general rebelliousness of the boys,  and the freight trains all gave me a I Need You vibe. I'm excited for the live version so we can see the choreography. I wasn't a fan of V's hair, the blue wasn't right for some reason but I think RapMon and Suga looked great, and Jimin's toned down hair was good. Also, thank you J-Hope for getting rid of that horrid bowl-cut. The video was rather long but we saw the making of/behind the scenes footage as well which was amusing. I did like the song a lot. Great job boys!!

Royal Pirates Run Away

I'm gone for a week and everything happens!!!! Three MVs came out and I had no idea where to start so I'm going with the one I didn't even know was going to happen. Royal Pirates.
Run Away came out yesterday and it sounded similar to their original works, before Drawing the Line. I didn't love the song, I really didn't like anything before Drawing the Line, but I'm glad that they're staying true to themselves. I didn't know that James could play the keyboards. I thought that he was just a bassist.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Got7 Confession Song Teasers

I've never loved Got7 but I do like a few of their songs and I enjoy watching their acrobatics. They remind me of a young 2PM in that sense but I quietly keep my eye on them. Got7 is releasing a new MV called Confession Song. I'm not positive when this comes out, but I't pretty soon based on fan reactions. Something like within the next day or so. I'm not really sure what's with the Christmas theme cause fans say the song itself isn't Christmasy, but the two teasers we've gotten are kind of cute. Who doesn't like little cartoon characters of Kpop idols? The big reindeer heads are a little creepy but the idea of having your friends bring a girl to a decorated room for a confession could be kind of cute.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

BTS is Back

BTS is BACK!!!!!! Yes! I love them. Their last song, Dope, just about blew my mind with the MV and the song so hopefully this will be just as mind-blowing! November 30th is the release date. The last time BTS did a teaser like this was for I Need U and the song was so different from the teaser so I wonder if they'll do the same with this comeback. A heavy rap teaser and then a soft sounding song. Or maybe we'll get another song like Dope. I don't know but I'm excited!! November 30th, people. Prepare yourselves.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

EXO Lightsaber

This happened, and fans are going insane about it. Star Wars fans who are also Kpop fans might have all died. I will say that Kpop has ruined English for me. That's a lie, Tagalog ruined English for me but Kpop certainly didn't help. Even though EXO most definitely said Lightsaber, I heard it as Lightsaber cause V's are pronounced as B's all the time. Bampire, lube, I know there are other examples but the point is, Engrish is all I hear so when they actually pronounce English correctly, it messes with me. Other than that, the video was entertaining. I'm already crazy excited about StarWars VII, and I love EXO so this was a great mid semester pick-me-up. I was sad that we only got to see three members in this video. Couldn't we see everyone acting all Jedi and awesome? No? Okay... Kai did a great job with his dance solo but did it remind anyone else of Adele's Rolling in the Deep? Flour on the ground and the person dancing kicking it up with odd lighting? Maybe I'm alone in thinking this. Baekhyun has proven just how bad he is by drinking that bottle of water before he bought it, or maybe he never actually bought it. Just drank it and left after pushing everything off of the shelves. Fangirls everywhere will have the image of Sehun straddling a motorcycle forever in their minds. This wasn't a comeback but I'm sure it will hold fangirls till their actual comeback, or it might make them more impatient. Who really knows for sure?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Vixx Chained Up

Hmm... Well I didn't love the song but I also didn't hate it... I enjoyed it but wasn't as wild about it as some of Vixx's other songs. I liked it better than Love Equation but not as much as Voodoo Doll or G.R.8.U. The song was catchy, and all of the members did a fantastic job. Hongbin is rapping, that's messing with my mind. Hyuk is looking way older than usual, maybe it's the haircut and the fact that his vocals have improved. I have a newfound respect for Leo since Beautiful Liar and it's continuing to rise with this song. Didn't care for the video itself but the song was good. I did thoroughly enjoy the rapping in this song which is odd cause I've never been a huge fan of Ravi's style.

Monday, November 9, 2015

EXO goes all Jedi

Okay, this is interesting and I'm not sure what to make of it. EXO is in collaboration with StarWars? I think... SM is releasing an EXO MV(?) called Lightsaber. The video will be released in two days, 11/11/15. The teaser didn't give us much but I'm pretty sure that Baekhyun has red hair. I kind of wish that they would make it more StarWars themed if they were going to do a StarWars collaboration. Oh well.

VIXX might get Chained Up

Hey everyone, it's been a while. I've been so busy with working school I haven't even paid attention to the Kpop world, luckily, nothing much has happened. VIXX is coming out with a new MV and song! I was rather disappointed with Love Equation so I've been itching for a new MV from VIxX. Their darker songs are some of my favorites from them so I'm excited about Chained Up cause it looks like it could be dark. Chained comes out on November 10th. Tomorrow!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Super Junior Magic MV

Oh heavens. I just love Super Junior. They make everything great. Super Junior must have heard my cries cause this video has Yesung with all his high notes! I missed those so much. We also get Kyuhyun and Ryeowook giving us a couple of high notes which is always a good thing. But Kyuhyun, what was that dance you did in the basketball court? And Super Junior, why are you so mean to my Yesung and Ryeowook? Don't choke and kick them. I love them.
The video was cute and seemed to fit the Super Junior Style; not too serious, lots of silliness, and fun. This is probably the last MV we will get from Super junior before a few more members go off for Army duty. :( The group will be so small soon. The song was cute and fun to listen to. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I do have a question, one I've been wondering since the first day I became a fan of Super Junior. What is Heechul's role in this group? Is he a rapper or a singer or a dancer? Cause in this video he's being all three. And a gymnast with that cartwheel he did.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Beautiful Liar MV

Well I am pleasantly surprised by that video. At first I was confused and thought that Ravi was in love with Leo but then I got to thinking, maybe this is a Jekyll and Hyde sort of video. Maybe Leo and Ravi are playing two halves of one person. Ravi is the inner demon, the dangerous, reckless, and messy side of his character while Leo is the kinder, more well groomed, and rational side; though horribly lonely. I had to watch this video a couple times to try and catch everything, or at least to watch Ravi's interactions with the girl. I feel like Leo's side loves the girl but he knows that his Ravi side hates her and that's why he broke up with her. Throughout the video Leo kind of takes the abuse that Ravi gives to him but the second Ravi pushes the key out of the way and goes after the girl Leo grabs him. We later see him strangling Ravi and trying to restrain him. You can tell that Leo really loved the girl but he knew that his Ravi side would hurt her if not kill her cause let's be honest, Ravi looked murderous when walking down the hall towards the girl. I've read a few fan interpretations on YouTube that says Ravi's side is the one who loves the girl but his actions towards her are so violent and aggressive I like to think that Leo's timid side is the one who fell in love with her.
I could probably make this post incredibly long by dissecting the MV and talking about the wind, the key, the mirrors, and the background/their separate rooms, and the wedding invitation, but I won't. I'll move onto the song and lighting.  Lighting first. Wow, the symbolism of the light was awesome. Usually we think of light/white as being good and darkness/black as bad but this video switches it in a cool way. Ravi is dressing in white while Leo is in black. If you pay attention then you'll notice that Ravi is usually the one bathed in light while Leo is hidden in the shadows. Ravi's scene with the girl and the table is lit while Leo is hidden in shadows. The use of light in this video doesn't show who is good and who is bad but rather who is in control and who is being suppressed. Even when Leo is reaching for the key and Ravi pushes is out of the way, Leo is in the shadows and Ravi is in the light proving that Leo never was in control, always Ravi. Leo then comes out of he shadows and into the light to grab Ravi. And towards the end when Leo has his arms wrapped around Ravi and he's holding him back they go from a dark room with Ravi trying to crawl towards the light and Leo pulling him back to well lit room with Ravi struggling and back to the dark room possibly signifying that Ravi's side is being dragged from being in control to being suppressed. Maybe I'm looking into this too much but I feel like the lighting really plays a deep role in this video.
The song was beautiful. I was worried about Ravi's harsh rapping being a negative contrast to Leo's beautiful voice but they fit perfectly. Not only with their characters but it sounded gorgeous. I've never been a fan of Leo's voice. Sometimes I find it slightly high and, don't hate me, whiney. But not the case here. I will admit, however, that Leo can hit some incredible notes. Very gorgeous and I'm thoroughly impressed. On a side note, Leo has fantastic skin.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Beautiful teaser

And we have a MV teaser for VIXX's LR's Beautiful Liar. I do like the way this teaser looks. I like the lighting and the dark style to it. My favorite VIXX is the darker VIXX and this one looks like it could be in that realm of dark and tortured. I'm just a little worried that Ravi's hard rapping will sound harsh against Leo's beautiful voice.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Leo's Teaser

Leo's teaser is out! Still not really sure how I feel about this whole thing. Oh well, it's gonna happen no matter what!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ravi's teaser

August 17th is the day that Ravi's and Leo's subunit will debut with Beautiful Liar. Ravi's teaser is the first to be released and I'm sure Leo's will be released shortly followed by a MV teaser. That is all I have to say.

Monday, August 10, 2015

VIXX LR subunit

Are Leo and Ravi forming a subunit? Cause I'm not sure how I feel about that. Leo needs all the members to pester and annoy him. Ravi can't do it all by himself. So not really a lot of information about this except that it is going to happen I suppose. Okay, I'll keep my eyes and ears open.

B1A4 Sweet Girl

Oh my gosh, everyone released a video while I was gone! B1A4 has released their MV for Sweet Girl. Okay, I can believe all of their fantasies except Sandeul's. Sandel doesn't share his food, he's stated this a couple times now so maybe the jumping on clouds in believable but I don't buy it for a second that he would share that cotton candy with her. Actually what probably happened was the girl took some of the cotton candy and then he attacked her because of it but they had to cut that part out. Or maybe fantasy Sandeul is more willing to share food. Other than that the fantasies are believable. So B1A4 is in their serious video phase and this is a little more silly than their usual serious videos mostly because their versions of romancing a woman are kind of hilarious.
This is also the shortest we've seen CNU's hair and I'm having trouble accepting it. I love his long hair, like a lot, and while he still looks fantastic with this hairstyle I really want his long hair back. I am glad that they didn't cut it super short though. Still hits the back of his neck and his cheek. Gongchan has a lot of lines in this song which makes me happy cause I've felt like Gongchan and CNU have been underused until Solo Day where they got a few more lines than usual but in this song the lines are pretty evenly split up. And Sandeul got his ears pierced which just cracks me up cause he still looks like he's twelve and now he just looks like a twelve year old with earrings. Oh I love B1A4. They make me so happy.

Married to Music SHINee

Oh, okay, that happened rather quickly. Like less than 24 hours quickly.
Um, what? I think I'm gonna need a few minutes, or hours, to process this video... Yeah, that was interesting, not in a bad way though. I think. It kind of felt like I was watching a Block B video, cause it was so odd... but I like Block B's strangeness. Kind of weird seeing SHINee act this way but I liked it. It felt like a Halloween party so maybe if this video came out closer to Halloween then it would feel more normal. I didn't even notice the dance cause I was so wrapped up in the oddness so I'll have to either watch it again or watch for their live performances... Yeah, wasn't expecting that video... though the girl is obviously every fangirl ever cutting out pictures of Oppa while sitting on her bed.
So I had this post written long before I left for a week, I just forgot to post it... Oops. I did however watch a live version to check out the dance and it is difficult. They're like throwing each other around and carrying people and holding others up and it's awesome.

BigBang's Let's Not Fall in Love and Zutter

I'm away from my computer for five days and BigBang puts out two MVs. I'll just do one post cause they came out on the same day. Let's Not Fall In Love is up first and I watched this video with the experience of a Kpop fan, which is to say I watched this video waiting for something to happen to make the boys sad cause that's what happens when we have Kpop idols in MV with love interests, they never end up happy. This song reminded me a little bit of Love Song and Love Dust, maybe it was the tone of the song. I haven't looked up the lyrics yet so I don't know what they're talking about but the video had a sad happy feel to it. Very mellow, soft toned, cute shots of our boys having a good time with the girls they love. I want to swing in the rain now. Never knew I had that desire until now. This video was just nice and looked like it was fun to film. It's great to see the boys finally get a girl for once; though TOP looked slightly remorse about being in love. Great way to end their Made series though.

The second video is technically GD and TOP but I'll still keep it in one post. The 19 rating does worry me slightly. Yeah, probably could have gone my whole life without seeing that video and I would have been just fine. It reminded me of Michigo in that it was vulgar and gross and I will never need to watch it again.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

SHINee is Married to Music

Okay, interesting. It was kind of like an old Black and White movie, like one of those really bad horror movies. Shine is releasing a new MV Married To Music and a repackage of their View album. Don't know the release date but it's gotta happen in August, right?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Beast YeY

Beast's MV YeY came out yesterday and I watched it last night but was too tired to post about it.
That was, um, interesting. It reminded me of Beautiful Night, in that I just didn't like it. And it reminded me of 2PM's Hands Up, in that I just didn't like it. Still love Beast, but I didn't care for this song or video. The English was rather awkward, and they didn't look natural at the club. 2PM at least looked like they belonged at a club cause they look more grown up and they weren't dressed like they forgot half their wardrobe. Do people actually wear jeans and a jacket to clubs without a shirt on?
The video just felt odd to me and I didn't really like it. On the plus side, Doojoon is a dork and I'm pretty sure he's the hyperactive child in the Beast family, shout out to 12:30 at the end of this video. And Yoseop looks fantastic in that blue leather jacket, white shirt, and light jeans; such a cutie. I do rather like it when groups have one member singing something different than the rest of the group or one member is singing different notes than the rest giving us a nice contrast and a cool sound.
I will watch the live performances to see the dance cause it looks like it could be good.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beast's YeY teasers!

Beast's new MV comes out on the 27th at midnight! YeY, is the title. I'm not entirely sure what that means but we're getting a new MV! I don't really have much to say about the teasers except for I'm getting a 2PM Hands UP vibe and Dongwoo, you have a girl back home, you shouldn't be partying with those two. Oh, and Yoseop doesn't have a shirt on under that jacket. Thank you Cube! However, I know he's trying to be all playboy, hard core partier, and hot but he really still looks like a little kid with that baby face of his. Never thought I would call a 25 year-old man adorable but that's really all I see. It's kind of the way I feel about Boyfriend. I love their new concepts and their "Bad Boy" image but I still find them positively adorable and have trouble taking them seriously. I've seen them act all aegyo and I will forever seem them and Yoseop that way. Kind of like how if B1A4's Sandeul tried to act all playboy, he'd still look like a 12 year old to me.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Beast has Gotta Go To Work

Yoseop is platinum blonde again!!! Yes! I love Yoseop when he's blonde. Silver blonde, dirty blonde, platinum blonde, black. Yep. Love blonde on him, and black.
This was a really cute video! I loved it! Cute song, cute graphics, cute idea. So. Much. Cute. And If I have read correctly, this isn't even the actual comeback, the 27th is! So we'll get two songs and MVs from Beast! Such a cute video. The whole idea just makes me giggle with pleasure. The girl doesn't want her sweetheart to leave her and go to work. He's super reluctant to go but if she wants nice things he has to make money. She still doesn't want him to go but eventually relents and he leaves. You can tell he's thinking of her all day and I loved the cup and string phones they used. After work is finally finished he sprints home and there she is, waiting for her sweetheart. I loved it!! It had a plot, simple yet fun graphics, big smiles, and we didn't need every member having their own portion of the plot to make it great. I loved Good Luck but the video made no sense. This was easy to follow and happy. :)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

More teasers from Beast

Beast gave us two teasers within a couple days. One of the teasers announces the release date, 7.20, and the other gives us a sneak preview at the song. I'm just going to post the song preview cause the release date is very similar to the first teaser.
Monday, people. Can you wait that long?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Super Junior: Devils

Super Junior's Devil came out today; like three or so hours ago. First MV since Yesung returned from the army and now Sungmin and Shindong are missing? I think Sungmin is in the army now :( but where is Shindong? Also the army? When will my group be complete once more?!?!?!?! When will you stop breaking my heart?!?!?!
Well the plot of this video was a little confusing. The girl was the devil, Yesung and Eunhyuk are gamblers and easing are Leeteuk are thieves, Kyuhyun is a cop, but the girl is also a cop, Ryeowook is a bartender or maybe just a clubber, Siwon, Kangin, and Heechul's roles are a little confusing cause they're carrying guns and pointing them at each other but then they're in a club. Plot was confusing but I rather enjoyed the old-movie-style to the video. And Heechul is blonde. Like Platinum blonde, I don't think we've seen him in this color yet; it looks good. Hotel is still a creeper but he looks good. And I am still trying to place his position in the group. No idea what he does.
The song was kind of fun, catchy, and seemed like Super Junior without Yesung's awesome notes. Where were those fantastic notes? There was a lot of falsetto but I was waiting to hear Yesung's long held out notes, you know the ones I'm talking about from Spy, Mr. Simple, Superman, A-Cha. Love those Yesung notes. Oh well, next song maybe? Still really liked the song, loved the style of video even if the plot had some holes in it. Boys still look great, and I can't wait to see them sing this live! Glad Yesung came back with dark hair that was semi messy. Best look for him.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Infinite Bad

Infinite's Bad came out a day ago. I was a little busy so I didn't notice until now. I don't understand the plot to this video, if there even is one, and I thought the lighting was a little odd, but maybe that's what they were going for. Not my favorite video by Infinite; it was just strange and blue. The song is kind of catchy though. Something seemed off about the members, maybe it was that horrible hot pink lipstick they were all wearing. Heavens, no girl should wear that color let alone a guy wear it. Dingo didn't have too much of it on and his scenes were mostly in that dark room so if he had the lipstick on, you couldn't really see it.  Was Sungkyu chasing himself? It looked like he was playing tag with himself. Odd video, I don't understand why there was a girl in it, strange bathroom shots. We didn't even get a good look at their dance. :(

Update: Oh my gosh, I just looked up the lyrics to this song, they have way more "English" that I originally thought. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Super Junior: handome Devils

So this teaser looks super serious and dangerous but for some reason I feel like it'll give off a Mamacita vibe; semi serious teaser, hilarious vide but, whatever they do will be great cause Yesung is back!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

360 degrees of Infinite

So this is interesting; Infinite's new teaser is a 360 degree rotation teaser... Now I haven't tried it but if you open the YouTube app and pull up the teaser you, supposedly, can rotate your phone/body and the camera will move and show you the full 360 degrees of the teaser. Strange. Will someone test this out and let me know if it is true? My phone hates me and doesn't work half the time.

Beast is back!

Woo! The second wave of comebacks have started! The teaser doesn't look like much at first but if you watch the numbers are the dates of their previous comebacks and we get flashes of 2015.07 and 2015.08 which probably means the video will come out end of this month early next month. Fine, we have other groups coming back and it's good to spread them out.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Super Junior, acting like Super Junior

I don't even know. I love Super Junior, they are so freaking hilarious. I love that they never take themselves seriously and they always bring and fun filled MV to their fans. Looks like they're giving us another funny MV with Devil. The teaser is a good two minutes but it's great so watch it all.  And Yesung is back!!! Yay!!!! July 16th, is the release date and I think we'll be getting at least one more teaser before then. And don't mind the chicken.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Infinite is back and Bad

Well maybe they're Bad. Infinite MV always crack me up cause they seem so serious. I love it.I know they're probably not trying to be funny with their seriousness but I cant' help but giggle slightly. But they are coming back with a new MV; Bad. The teaser doesn't tell us much of the song, but I feel like Last Romeo's teaser was the same.  In fact, this teaser reminded me of Last Romeo. A member running through an oddly light set, a girl, Dongwoo with eyeliner. Anyone else see this? No? Okay. Similarities aside, July 13th is when we will get the new Infinite MV. I'm excited. I love Infinite. Though it does look like Sungkyu and another member are playing an epic game of tag and Sungkyu is about to be "it".

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BigBang is Sober... maybe.

Seriously, BigBang? Another MV? What is this? Number five? Babe, Loser, Bang Bang Bang, We Like 2 Party, and now Sober; and they aren't even finished. If You will be coming out the beginning of next month, though I'm not sure if a MV will be released for that one. They've released more MVs in the past three months than most groups release in two years. I'm gonna say this is still make-up for being gone for so long.
Well Sober came out about half an hour ago and it's still very BigBang like. Very odd, very colorful, very hyperactive. Does Daesung really play the drums? Cause that's pretty cool if he does. I'm not really sure what to say about this MV but GD's legs look really skinny and those black overall things make Taeyang look even shorter than he already is. The song is pretty catchy though.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


BTS came out with a new MV!!!!
Oh, I needed this and at the same time couldn't they have waited till Friday?Finals are going on right now and while I love having a new song to listen to, this also means that I have a new MV to watch and they will release a Dance version, appeal version, live versions. I can't have that when I'm in the middle of finals. But I am happy that a new MV is out.
BTS really are incredible dancers. And I have to hand it to Suga, he has really improved with his dancing skills, like very much so. Great job, Suga.
Love the hair, well mostly. J-Hope's hair cut isn't doing it for me and I'm not wild about Jimin's color. Jung's dark purple is pretty awesome, RapMon looks pretty great with the lighter brown, Suga is fantastic in platinum blonde, Jin's darker hair is kind of adorable, and V is just V, his hair hasn't changed a lot since Boy In Luv. But putting glasses on V and platinum blonde on Suga are probably two of the best choices ibighit has ever made. I do have one question. How many times did Jungkook's nightstick fall off of his belt? And J-Hope had to be sweating like a pig in that racing outfit. And Jin  looked like he was having an outrageously large amount of fun. He has never been my favorite member and probably never will be but that wide eye-squinty smile thing he did with the stethoscope was positively adorable.  Loved it, I really did. All around I loved it and needed the distraction from Physiology.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

BigBang Likes 2 Party

Okay, BigBang has released another MV. Did YG have all these videos hidden for the past three years and just decide to release them all at once?
This MV was hilarious! And the song was good! We basically are watching the boys have fun and travel around. Play on go-carts, in hotel rooms, and in cars. At the end we see them playing in a pool and guess who not only jumps in fully clothed in his PJ's but also with a bathrobe on? That's right, TOP. Of course TOP would be the one to jump in with everything on. Couldn't he have worn shorts and a t-shirt? Why do you refuse to show us any amount of skin other than your face? I mean we love your face but let's see your arms for once. My only other outfit complaint is G-Dragon's fisherman's outfit but it's G-Dragon so wasn't surprised. The song itself felt like a summer fun song. Very different from their other songs, like completely different but I kind of liked the change in pace. It was different.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Love Me Right - EXO MV

Love Me Right is out!
First thing I noticed. Where's Tao? He's not my favorite member but I had a warm fondness for him. Is he no longer in the group or is he just injured? I really hope he's still a member. :(
Second thing; Box set again. Man, I had hoped we'd get some sort of plot when the teaser showed something other than dancing. Like why are Chen and Xiumin in the woods? Why is Xiumin on the ground with Chen slapping his face? Are Kai and Chanyeol playing video games? If so, why is Kai pushing Chanyeol? That's just rude. What is Xiumin making with his gas mask and vials? Drugs? Why is Sehun laying in the middle of trAintracks, seems dangerous. Does this have something to do with he and Kai spray painting the wall? Answers, SM! Let's give them a real MV with a plot for once. Or at least an attempt at a plot. They did dance in a football field so I guess you could argue that SM gave them something other than a box to dance in. I guess. But as always, they're great as dancing. Looking forward to the live version.
The song reminded me of Call Me Baby, similar style though Love Me Right had a more big band feel to it. I'll probably like it more the more I listen to it, like with Call Me Baby. I am desperately hoping SM releases Tell Me What is Love as a full version with this repackage album. Fans are begging for it! Please! Make it happen!!!!

Are you loving EXO right?

I really do love comeback season.
EXO is giving us another MV. Love Me Right's teaser was released yesterday and like every other EXO teaser we get, it makes no sense and could have little to nothing to do with the actual MV. We just get flashes of members running, in football uniforms, looking at water, Kai with pink hair. You know usual nonsensical EXO teaser. At least it looks like they won't be inside of a box. Well who knows, based on the teaser history they could still be in a box for this MV. June 3rd at midnight is when the MV will be released.

Monday, June 1, 2015

What U - Speed

Speed is back with their new MV, What U. Though they did recently lose their leader Woo Taewoon, and I'm still trying to recover from it, they comeback with a unique MV. It was a little dark, in the lighting sense, so I had trouble seeing the members and who was singing and dancing. I like Speed but I really only knew the name of their leader and maknae. Leader is gone, machine still there though I couldn't pick him out with the crappy lighting. Ever since Don't Tease Me! I've tried to keep an eye on Speed and I've been hoping their company would give them more notice and take them a little more seriously cause I truly believe they are a talented group and could be very good. Yes the plot of this video didn't really make sense. Yes, I do believe this was more of a commercial for Heelys than a MV but the shoes gave an interesting element to the dance and will make for a very curious and captivating live performance, I believe. The song itself was also kind of catchy and if I didn't have Pitch Perfect 2 songs running through my head I think this song could easily wedge itself in there for a day or so. I want to see how they do the live performance. Heelys anyone?

Edit: Oh my gosh! They cut their comeback! I can't believe it. It isn't uncommon for music shows to cut each groups' song once they've had their comeback, especially for less popular groups, but how dare they cut a song when it was the group's comeback song? Like, Seriously!!! Inkigayo, that is just downright rude. Shame on you!

BigBang - Bang Bang, Bang MV

BigBang came out with another MV. Are they trying to make-up for the fact that we haven't had a new MV from BigBang as a group for 3 years? Cause I am not buying it. Okay, maybe I am a little...
I feel like my first reaction to any current BigBang MV (that includes solo videos) is... What did I just watch? This video is the same. It reminded me a little of Bad Boy, with the head-banging, clubbing sound, type style. Like how would you dance to this? Thrashing and head banging. Yikes. TOP, what are you wearing on your head? Is that one of the British Royal Guard hats? Did the guard move when you stole it from his head? GD has already changed his hair color and style. That was fast. Daesung, please cut your hair. I like your eyes, when I can see them. Please cut your hair. I have nothing negative to say about Seungri and Taeyang. Seungri still looks fantastic with blonde hair and Taeyang looks surprisingly good with hot pink hair. Granted GD also looks good with red hair.
The song was actually pretty catchy, not that I'll be loading it onto my phone and blasting it everywhere I drive, but for how choppy and mashed together it was I liked it.
The MV is like every other BigBang MV, just sit and watch, don't think too hard cause you might hurt yourself (atlas, I would hurt myself). But Taeyang, you will give yourself whiplash if you let your head bounce all over the place in that car. Just be careful. I also don't know who Parris Goebel is but I guess she's the lady on the chain in GD's solo scene...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

SHINee View MV

SHINee is back! We've waited for this and here it is. Few things about this I liked and I didn't like. First, I love the song. Little repetitive, but I love it. It's super fun and summer-sounding and carefree. Second, Minho finally got a hair color change! Thank you SM, it was long overdue. Third, people keep talking about how nice the boys' arms look, which is true, but what about the fact that SM has girls undressing in front of them? I do love that SM let SHINee have an out-of-the-box MV however, I thought it was a little inappropriate to have the girls who kidnapped them start taking off their clothes, and the boys looked rather uncomfortable with it. I'm not a feminist but I felt like this gives off the feel of sexualization of the girls. Fourth, going along with the out-of-the-box MV; I think SHINee should have come to America where they aren't as popular and wouldn't be as recognized. Come visit me, I promise no one will know who you are where I live. Except, of course, F4fighting! but there were a few girls in the video. no one will try to take your pictures, I promise you won't be on TV at the grocery store. But silliness aside, it was nice to see the boys break free of the box and have a fun MV outside with running and jumping. I'm not even mad that we didn't really get to see a dance. SHINee are, in my opinion, the best dancers in the Kpop industry right now and I know we will see a live version and a dance version of some form. It was good, I'm glad that SHINee is back. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Project Kidnap SHINee

Well we get another trailer! This one is titled "View" and it shows the members of SHINee being kidnapped by a woman. We still don't get a release date but if they've released two teasers within a day then it has to be soon. Like Maybe the 18th of this month, soon? Does Minho have blonde hair? Cause I'd be willing to get on that boat. It's not every day that you come across a Kpop group who all look good with blonde hair. I know some people would argue B.A.P right here but I didn't care for them all blonde. Team looked fantastic with blonde hair, Key looks good in any color, it too me a minute but I liked Onew with blonde hair during the Everybody/Symptoms era, and while Jonghyun's blonde hair was my least favorite out of them all, he still looked good with it; I will forever be in love with his brown to blonde in the RingDingDong era. I cant' get over it!! Minho, you had better live up to your group's standards of attractive blondes.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

SHINee's Odd comeback teaser!

Really? SHINee is coming back? Yay!!!!! The teaser sure lives up to the title "odd" I'm not sure what to think of the tropical sounding music and the swimming but maybe we'll get a fun summer video. As long as their dance is awesome, I don't care what we get cause SHINee's back! Almost. We don't get a release date, just that they will comeback in 2015... But I'm sure we'll get another teaser... probably.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Big Bang are Losers?

Okay, much better than Bae Bae which felt like a reintroduction of each member; GD will sing/rap first, and then Taeyang, followed by T.O.P, Seungri, and finally Daesung. This song and video felt like it had a plot(ish) and the song was better. The song reminded me of Stupid Liar, not in the beat or tempo but rather in the message of the song and the feeling fro it. The MV, however, reminded me of GD's Crooked. The 'I don't care, life sucks,' kind of vibe was strong in both videos. The MV was very interesting and after watching it a couple times and looking up the lyrics it sort of makes sense. Each fan will interpret the video differently but from how I see it each member is telling a story. GD plays someone who comes from money, very rich, but very lonely seeing as he is alone through the whole MV and aimlessly wanders the streets till he ends up lying on the asphalt in the middle of an intersection (which I'm sure is symbolic for something). Taeyang was religious. He had some form of faith but it appears that he's lost it. I'm going to say that he committed some form of sin and he feels he can never go back so dying is the only option for him; thus he commits suicide. Seungri has a girlfriend who is cheating on him. On the outside he seems like a very composed person but it's rather clear he has serious anger issues based on the way he's smashing everything in his apartment up and the how he treats the girl when he confronts her. Daesung is a kind hearted, insecure guy. He gets attacked by a group of thugs, I'm not sure why they attack him, but he decides he needs to become stronger. After he feels confident enough he goes and attacks the three who beat him up but all that does is get him even more injured. T.O.P's story is the most interesting which is why I saved it for last. I feel like his is the one filled with the most symbolism which is why it was most difficult for me to understand. T.O.P is a clean-control-freak who doesn't want anything in his life tampered with. He's clothed head to toe while the girl he is with is in her underwear. This could be symbolic for him giving nothing of himself to her while she is the one doing the loving in this relationship. Everything in his apartment is covered in white sheets and the second the woman touches one of the sheets to see what's underneath T.O.P looses his cool. Next time we see him, he's wandering through an alley in his pajamas and covered in blood. My guess is that he snapped and killed her. The lyrics suggest that that either the girls are prostitutes, or T.O.P goes through women really quickly. The lyrics also could mean that this isn't the first time something like this has happened which maybe is why he covers everything in sheets; easy clean up. That's a little sick if you think of it.
However you interpret this video, it is very interesting.
I really liked how, in the song, one member would say "I'm a," and another member would say "loser" in a cool transition from each member's part. Very nicely done. Don't want to say much more cause I've spent a lot of time on the video but read the lyrics, they're interesting and help tell the story of the video.

BigBang is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BigBang is back!!!!! Honestly, I didn't believe the rumors cause it's been three years and they've been "coming back" for two years, but they came back with two new music videos!! They released Bae Bae and then Loser; one right after the other. Let's watch Bae Bae first!!

Um.... I don't even know... Yeah... the video is rated 19+. I have no idea what just happened.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Need U MV

This was just as cheesy as I thought it would be. I understand that it's a serious video about the boys dealing with getting over a girl in different ways but it was cheesy. Let's see if I got this right. Based on the MV, Jungkook cries and becomes a zombie to get over this girl, Jin burns a flower, on a wood floor which seems dangerous. Suga lies in a hotel room with a lighter and gets all broody, Jimin takes a fully clothed bath and burns a picture(?) letter(?) and considers drowning himself. J-Hope considers suicide, V gets all sad and goes emo, and RapMon, well either he didn't get his heart broken or he got over it quickly. Way to be the mature one RapMon. Well however they try to cope it's obvious to see that Bangtail Boys realized what lots of other Kpop guy groups come to realize after a breakup; bros are the best medicine. I did like the song even though it was crazy repetitive. I can't wait to see the live version as I am sure it will be filled with lots of slow, pain filled, expressive, dance moves.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I Need U teaser

This is going to be so cheesy, isn't it? This teaser had me nearly laughing outloud. The angst, the brooding, the pained expressions. I love BTS; however, I like their faster hip-hop songs far better than any of their slower songs. I think the only slow song by them I have on my phone is Coffee, and I skip it 9 times out of 10. But, we are getting a slow sounding song. Let's see how this goes. April 29th.

Friday, April 17, 2015

BTS will be back.

BTS is making a comeback! Their 3rd mini album will be released on April 29th. We get our first(?) teaser and sounds like Suga is the one to start it off. There is nothing to say we'll get more teasers but the 29th is almost two weeks away so surely we'll get at least one more teaser, right? This was an animated teaser which was odd but told a story. I don't know what Suga was saying but you can find the English translation somewhere on Twitter so if you really want to know, check it out. I don't know what this teaser says about the MV and album but it was certainly different from any other teaser I've seen.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

EXO's Call Me Baby

Well the long wait is over. I watched the MV last night and then went to bed cause I was dead tired so now I'll write about it. I'm conflicted because I loved the dance and the way they moved from room to room and used their surroundings and each other to make it different and interesting, but the teasers... There was nothing in the MV that had to do with the teasers. I should have known better than to get my hopes up in thinking that SM would make the MV and teasers correlate. Stupid me. Oh well. There is one thing I have to say about this MV. Turtlenecks. Why? Why are they wearing turtlenecks? South Korea needs to figure out that these are not attractive. T-shirts under those leather jackets would have looked hot, so hot, but turtlenecks? No. And I like the song but I think Exodus and Hurt are better. Call Me Baby seemed kind of like it could have been another song on the album, not the one they decide to promote. Oh well, I did like the video and their dance. I'm glad they became a little more creative and used different rooms and surroundings for the first half of the video. Good song, great dance, can't wait to see the live versions. Now if only SHINee would comeback...

Update: I might be obsessed with this song now. Not just might be, but am obsessed. Yep. Love it.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Creepin' in Colorado with Kyungsoo

Well the last member teaser is out and let me tell you, even though it is light and sunny, the teaser still creeps me out slightly. It makes me wonder if the theory that Kyungsoo is the one chasing them or he's the one controlling them could be correct. He had ten metal balls in his hand, so one of each member and he kept playing with them and we get a flashback to every member's teaser so if he isn't the one to cause all of this then he must know what is coming. I don't know, people.We'll get a little bonus thing for "completing" the mission. Something about a world map. I bet all the places they were lineup to form the new EXO symbol. Naw, that would be really obvious and most of them were in Europe/Asia area with the two in America so that couldn't easily form their logo.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lay in Yunnan

Well, the teasers are progressively getting slightly creepier. Lay's was about as creepy as Baekhyun and it seems like the overall feeling of the teasers is, something is coming and they know it. I wonder how creepy D.O's teaser will be, cause he's pure evil itself and all. You know what? They're probably all running from Kyungsoo. He's probably moped into his true evil form and is hunting down all the members. Oh, I'm just kidding. Sort of...
We know that the location of D.O's teaser will start with a "C" and that it will comet sometime within the next 24 hours or so. The hint Twitter gave us wasn't very helpful either. Beginning=End. I have no idea what that means. If it's talking about the member whose teaser will be next it's a terrible hint cause D.O is the only member left so we could deduce that easily. But maybe it's talking about the time? The time Kai's teaser came out will be the same time D.O's teaser will come out? Where will he be located is the real question...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Baekhyun running through Lyon

Baekhyun's teaser came out and it was pretty good. And we are nearing the end of the teasers. Two left, one in Yunnan, China which will be Lay's and then the final in a place that starts with a C, which will be D.O's. So excited! I don't really have much to say because the twitter account gave us Yunnan as the hint for the next teaser so we know the location is China and following the current pattern an EXO-M member has to be next and Lay is the only one remaining so Lay in Yunnan.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vhen in Alamly

Well that was interesting... EXO-L's only guessed the member correct this time. Chen is in Alamly, i have n idea where that is so if someone would like to tell me, thanks, at 20:01. The fans did get the member correct, which means I only got the member correct. Oops...
Well fans are at a little bit of a loss when it comes to this teaser cause they cant' see any hints for the next one. There is a voice around 0:34 however I can't make out what it is saying and neither can the fans. Guesses are that Baekhyun will be the next member to have a teaser and it will be somewhere that starts with a C, L, or a Y cause those are the three remaining letter.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Suho in Marseille

EXO fans are good... Mostly. Except for the Chanyeol mishap they've gotten at least two of the three items in each teaser correct.Either the location and time, the location and member, or the member and time. This teaser is Suho's and it takes place in Marseille at 10:22. They were correct about the member and the location. In this teaser we can hear voices speaking in the background and at 0:10 is sounds like the voice is saying "Meet me in Chicago." Then again at 0:35 the voice is a little more clear and you can hear it repeat, "Meet me in Chicago." So next location is Chicago but who is the next member? Actually, the voices are a little creepy, if you listen at the beginning you can hear it say "Where are you going? I lost you." Freaky. Well Chicago is the windy city but Sehun's already had a teaser but maybe we're getting a storm. Like first the Wind(Sehun) blows the storm in, second comes the Rain(Suho) and finally we get the Thunder and Lightning(Chen). So Chen in Chicago, and some fans are claiming they can see 5:01 written on a wall, and the twitter posted ??:01 as the next time, so maybe it will be Chen in Chicago at 5:01(17:01 if we're going by military time). Hmm, I can see why fans are loving this Sherlock game cause it is kind of fun...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Creepy children and Sehun in Edinburgh

Alright, Sehun was the next teaser and the fans only got that right because they've been guessing Sehun since Kai's teaser came out. Now most people are guessing Suho as the next teaser because some creepy video of a child saying, "Two days later, look for Marseille." popped up on the twitter account. Marseille is a city in France by the ocean so that's why fans are guessing Suho cause his power is water and the sky darkened in video which fans took to mean rain was coming, but if we're looking at the pattern of members, Kai EXO-K then Tao EXO-M then Chanyeol EXO-K then Xuimin EXO-M and now Sehun EXO-K, we need an EXO-M member next which only leaves Lay and Chen. So maybe the sky darkening means lightning, Chen's power, and then following that therein will come. The kid said two days later which could mean Chen will come next in a different location and then Suho will follow with Marseille. Oh great, now I'm trying to figure this out. *facepalm* I really should just sit back and enjoy.
Now a lot of fans were freaking out because of the toys suspended in midair, there were seven toys and Sehun did a checkmark on his phone which looks kind of like a seven, which has to mean Luhan is coming back because his jersey number was seven and his power was telekinesis. Fans, SM is not going to bring back a member who left and sued them. They haven't yet and they aren't going to do it now.
Back to the video and the "clues". With Xuimin's teaser, fans started guessing the title of the song being released. Call Me Baby is what they came up with because if you put the first letter of each location together you get:
I'm not fully sure I believe this theory but it would be clever of the fans to notice this if it came out correctly.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Xuimin Chillin' in Berlin

Alright, EXO-L's my faith in you has been not fully restored but slightly rekindled. Xuimin in Berlin, Germany. That's what we get today and let me tell you, I like this teaser a lot. He's in street clothes, listening to some pretty awesome music, and looks pretty laid back; like he just got off of a long day at work and ants to watch some TV and relax. My kind of guy right there. Xuimin has never been my favorite member but I've always liked him cause I find him hilarious and if any of the EXO members were to suddenly go crazy I feel like it would be him, not sure why I just do. Does anyone else feel like he looks a little like G-Dragon? Especially with that haircut. In this teaser for some reason I loved the way he took off that ridiculously fluffy hat and turned up his music. Xuimin, I'm not sure what you're doing to me but I like it. He also doesn't look confused in his teaser, unlike the other members who all look like they have no idea where they are or they're searching for something and looking confused. Well he doesn't look confused till the TV starts glitching that is. So the fans have guessed 15:25 as the time for the next teaser and Edinburgh as the next location, just to make sure the fans weren't pulling these theories out of thin air I checked, i.e. I accidentally paused when the TV glitched and said 15:25 Edinburgh, and saw the number 15:25 on Xuimin's TV and the location of Edinburgh written there as well. The guesses for members are D.O and Sehun. I'm thinking that fans are just guessing on this one but if it were D.O in Scotland I'd be fine with it. Just in closing, that beat Xuimin was listening to was sick. I really like it and I hope it will be on the album.
And Xuimin's video isn't working so here's the link for now.

Chanyeol stuck in Arizona

EXO-L's, you guys have disappointed me. No one guessed Arizona as the next location, nor did you guess Chanyeol as the next member. The only thing you got right was the time, 5:12. SM is making their fans crazy with these cryptic teasers. I'm starting to worry for EXO-L's mental states. Okay, so one fan commented saying that he wasn't in Arizona but rather he was in Spain at the ruins of Castillo de Montbui. Now I can't find a consistent picture of these ruins without Chanyeol standing on them so I'm not going to accept that little tidbit as fact. Now the fans are claiming that Suho is next cause there was a drawn water droplet on the castle, but others say that there's a mark on the castle that looks like a lightning bolt so it's Chen, and others still claim that Sehun will be next because there's wind in the video; however, cChanyeol was wearing D.O's right so D.O must be next, but the Twitter page gave the clue of a German word meaning Ice or Frost so Xuimin has to be next and his teaser will be in Germany. Fans, I feel like you're grasping at straws right now. If the Xuimin thing turns out to be true my faith in your skills will be slightly rekindled but  until then, I have lost faith. Now onto the video. This one is my favorite so far not because I really like Chanyeol but because it's scenic and beautiful, that is until Chanyeol decides to burn down a forest. Channel, not okay. Smokey Bear says: "Only you can prevent forest fires." This means you shouldn't start them. Bad Chanyeol.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tao in Barcelona

Well the fans got the location correct, just not the member. Guesses were that Barcelona would e the next location for a teaser and they were right; but instead of D.O being the next member we get Tao! Looks like SM is sticking with their powers; Kai teleported out of his video and Tao froze time in his. Man, EXO-L fans are getting really crazy now trying to figure out the next location and member. So far I've read that they're thinking Madrid, Spain is next with Sehun being the next member teaser. That is just what the fans are thinking. Man, they are going all Sherlock Holmes on these teasers and I'm sitting here smiling and enjoying how nice their hair is and how fine they look in those suits. Still no release date but I'm going to guess that the 27th will be the last teaser and then maybe they'll give us one more teaser on the 30th and then the MV will come out two days after that, which is April 1st... Oh my gosh. Is this all a joke? If this is all a joke I'm pretty sure fans will be pissed.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pathcode Kai

Looks like the teasers for EXO's comeback are starting. We're beginning with Kai, maybe because he was the first to reach the middle of the maze in Overdose. He's in London currently but at the end of the teaser he teleports to another place. EXO fans have already started guessing where he teleported to and whose teaser will be next. EXO-L's are guessing D.O's the next member to have a teaser because the Overdose flashback was of him. We shall see. We don't get a release date yet but I'm sure we'll get one eventually. The video is titled Pathcode #Kai which I'm sure has something to do with twitter followers. I don't do twitter so I'm not sure what this means to the users but I'm sure someone does.

I'm having issues posting the teaser so for now I'll just post the link.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

SHINee asking for your number.

Is SHINee back!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Well sort of... They just released a Japanese single, man I was hoping for a Korean comeback but for now we can admire how fine they all look in their suits and styled hair and smiles. Did you notice their smiles? Don't they look like classy lounge singers in those suits? With super long legs. Those suits just make their legs look outrageously long; especially, Minho's and Taemin's. It's probably too much to hope we get a Korean Version of this song but I'll hold out that we'll get a Korean comeback sometime this year; now that it seems all members are healthy and doing well. Enjoy SHINee asking for your name and number.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Boyfriend's Bounce

I am really liking the fantasy theme Boyfriend has going on. Now if they could only get their song to match their theme. Loved the MV but didn't love the song. I like the darker versions of tails we're seeing. Now I know that disney tends to make fairytales happy and fun but some of the originals are a bit dark and morbid even. Boyfriend is taking these tales and bringing out the darkness in them. I have heard rumors that they will be doing Cinderella next, this story isn't too dark so I'm curious to see how they will make this story work with their current concept.
Well I liked each character though I'm still a little confused about a couple members. Actually, the only two I'm positive about now are Minwoo's Mad Hatter, all the hats, and Donghyun's White Rabbit, red eyes, white face, and pocket watch. I thought Kwangmin and Youngmin were Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb but they are painting the roses red in this video so now I'm wondering if they are the Card Soldiers. I don't know. I wish they were a little more clear with the characters but I still liked it a lot.
The song, I didn't love but I didn't hate. Let me rephrase this. I liked the chorus but not the rest of the song. So far out of their "dark era" I've liked Obsession best. I've liked all of the MV's cause they're different but I haven't liked all of the songs. As always, I will keep watching to see what this group comes out with next. I hope they do a dark Cinderella, and then maybe do a tale that is already dark and make it even darker, like Pinocchio! Minwoo can be Pinocchio, Donghyun as the puppeteer, Hyunseung can be the Cricket, Youngmin as the good Fairy... Kwangmin as the cat... Jeongmin as Geppetto... Maybe? Maybe not such a good idea. I'm sure they'll come up with something good.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

EunHae's Growing Pains

Are Breakup songs the concept for this year's comebacks? First we had Nu'est's song, and then Eric Nam's, now EunHae's? I guess it's a thing. Whatever. Now I really see this becoming a Facfic thing. Donghae and Eunhyuk are both dating the same girl. he's cheating on both of them with the other. Writers, why did each couple breakup? She was the one doing the breaking up cause she was pretty mad at each of them, but why? Were they both cheating on her with each other? Go, writers, go!
Now the two couples were happy in the flashbacks but obviously something happened and the girl left both of them. They obviously still love her based on their angsty reactions and sorrowful expressions. I did like that the MV was done in black and white with one item in color, granted this has been done many times before but I still like it none the less cause it looks pretty. I don't know, this was another pretty basic breakup song and video.; very pretty but pretty mainstream as well. But the comebacks have started and I'm loving every minute of it!

Eric Nam's I'm Ok

Eric Nam's Mv I'm Ok came out todayish. This is a typical post breakup song; very sad, very beautiful. The MV was very simple but well done. I liked how the girl was walking from frame to frame as though she was walking through his memories. We didn't really get a story of why they were no longer together, I don't know if the girl died or she left him, but we got to see how happy they were together and now i' curious as to why it ended. Eric's voice is beautiful and really works with this style of song. I'm excited to see what he has to offer us in the future.P.S. there are rumors of an English version coming out. We shall see about that.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Growing Pains teaser number two!

And we get another really long teaser for Super Junior's EunHae's Growing Pains MV. Like really long again. Why such long teasers? Well, I'm sure EunHae shippers will have a payday with this teaser and start saying things how they should stop acting like they loved the girl when we all know they only love each other. And I'm sure someone will be writing a fan fiction about this teaser pretty soon if they haven't started already.
I'm not really sure what's going to happen with this MV, looks really sad and angst filled. :/
March 6th, 2015.

Boyfriend Bounce teaser

Sometimes fans terrify me. Like they are so good it's creepy. Looks like we are getting an Alice in Wonderland themed MV. The song is entitled Bounce and while I'm not really sure what that has to do with Wonderland the video itself looks interesting. I am slightly questioning which characters we have. Tweddle-Dee and Tweddle-Dum, The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit, we might have the Cheshire Cat and the caterpillar as well but I'm a little confused about the last two member's characters. I'm sure we'll be told on the 9th. I am kind of liking that Boyfriend is going with a fairy-tell concept. First we had a Peter Pan styled MV and then one that you could say was Little Red Riding Hood, with the girl's red cape and them being the wolf, and now we have Alice in Wonderland. Okay Bestfriends, predict which story they will do next!
march 9th is when the actual MV and album will come out.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Infinite is coming back, but not till May.

There's something about company opening titles that give me shivers. Whenever ibighit's intro starts playing I'm excited, it's the same for Woolliment's. Infinite is making a comeback and we have been given a very in advance teaser. May 2015 is when we will have a comeback from Infinite. Dang. Oh well, gives me something to look forward to other than the end of Winter Semester. The teaser doesn't really give us anything than our boys looking all hot but I would like to say something; Dongwoo, what the devil are you wearing? Like really? What is that? Okay, that is all. You have two and a half months to fix your clothing. Do it.

Super Junior's Donghae & Eunhyuk experience Growing Pains

Well this is a long teaser. A minute and forty-one seconds? That's like half a MV. Now I don't read Korean very well, or really at all, so I cannot tell you what the words are telling us in this teaser but by the tone and the sad expressions, it can't be very happy. Guess when this MV is coming out? March 6th, 2015! Two days of comebacks! Yes! Well SMtown did promise us that both EunHae and Super Junior K.R.Y would comeback this year so let's start it off with EunHae cause Yesung is still in service.

It's Okay, the MV will come out soon.

Let the comebacks truly begin. It is that time of the year, folks! Around this time of the year we usually have a steady stream of comebacks being released one right after the other till about the end of May and then we get the second wind of comebacks in the fall. Eric Nam is releasing a MV and single on March 5th, 2015 which is the same day as Boyfriend's comeback. Double the fun for that Thursday! Eric's MV is called It's Okay, It's Okay. I'm guessing this is a post-break-up song with the title and the sad tone of the song. The MV could be very pretty but i'm hoping that strange editing and  glitches will not be part of it. I loved SHINee's Dream Girl MV but the glitches in it sure did throw me off. If Eric's video has the same glitches I might throw something. Maybe they're going for the old drive-in movie style with eaten away rolls of film and that's why we have the blacking out and dark lines. We shall see. Eric Nam's It's Okay, It's Okay. March 5th, 2015

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lost in Wonderland with Boyfriend

Boyfriend is making a comeback with their 4th Mini album. For now we only have teaser images but this is interesting. People are guessing their concept is Alice in Wonderland cause of the cards and it looks like Dongwoo could be the White Rabbit with his hair and with the possible pocket watch he's holding, Minwoo might be the Mad Hatter cause, check out that hat. The twins might be Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum while Jeongmin is the Queen(king?) of Hearts or the March Hare and Hyunseong as either the Cheshire Cat, Dodo, or the Caterpillar. Actually, I think they could be going for a Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland, if so, then the blue and checker print for Hyunseong could totally be Cheshire Cat. But wait, who will play Alice? Can Minwoo playAlice as well? Or maybe one of the Jo Twins? Ooo, oo, oo! Can Minwoo play the Mad Hatter and Kwangmin play Alice? Please? And if Hyunseong is the Cheshire Cat then Youngmin can play the Caterpillar! Yes! I want this so bad now!
Anyway, even if their concept isn't Alice in Wonderland, but it better be cause I'm stoked for it, I'll will be interested in their comeback cause they have managed to pull off something different and interesting each time. March, 5th 2015 is in less than a week away. Are you all prepared for this?

I'm Bad, sort of.

Nu'est just released a MV and single entitled 'I'm Bad'. I am still waiting for Nu'est to release another MV like Action or Face but looks like I'll have to wait a while longer. Now, I know that this is a special single that was released while Baekho is recovering from some medical issue, I didn't look it up so I don't know the details but I hope he recovers soon, but I don't like it when groups release songs without their vocalists. SHINee did Why So Serious? without Jonghyun and while I liked the song the MV felt off cause we were missing Jonghyun. I feel the same way with this MV. Where's Baekho? Right, medical issue. :( Apart from the missing Baekho this MV felt like a photoshoot with the members just looking at the camera while sitting on the ground and in windowsills or standing by a wall or in a room with furniture and a girl danced during random sections.  The song is pretty, don't get me wrong but the MV felt very bland with no reason behind it. But Ren, what happened? I didn't even recognize you at first. I was kind of surprised by how non-girlish you looked.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Vixx Love Equation

Oh, well the MV is out now... Vixx's Love Equation came out today. So remember when SHINee came out with Colorful? I hardly glanced at that video cause I didn't feel like it was a real music video and they didn't really promote; I'm kind of feeling the same way about this song and video. It's cute and fine but it doesn't feel like a real music video or song that will be promoted...
I'm sure that fans of Leo will be happy cause he sort of smiled in this video and Hyuk's fangirls will be upset because he didn't sing, like at all. Did he even sing at all? I've watched it a couple times and all he did was act cute and dance, which he is good at but surely they should let him sing.... High's not even my favorite member and I feel upset about this. He sang one line in Voodoo Doll, a couple lines in Eternity, did he sing at all in Error? Give Hyuk more parts! Dang it! Well, we shall see how this song does live, if they sing it live that is. It could be like their song "Only U" and just happen but get passed over with little to no coverage.
Ravi, my opinion of your horrible English has not changed.

Love Equation(Occasion?) teaser

Hmm... Well I'm not sure if I'm excited for this comeback...  I like Vixx, a lot, but I don't know if I want to see them being all aegyo. They were cute in G.R.8.U. but I prefer the way they do dark themes so much better. They are also fantastic dancers and that whole waving the arms thing looked juvenile. And Ravi... you have possibly the worst English in the Kpop world. The story of love equation. I think that's what you were trying to say but, at least to me, it sounded like "Da story ah luve occasion" Kpop companies need to think about the English words they're putting in songs and realize that if you mispronounce it, it could mean something different.
Also, this concept of aegyo may work for Hongbin and Hyuk cause they're both young and cute but Leo is a rather serious looking person, N is a little awkward acting cute, and Ravi is... well he's Ravi and I think he does the awkwardly "gangster" rapper better than being age. Ken is just Ken and Everything he does is cute, to me. But I like the dark Vixx better. Oh well, we shall see if this is all aegyo and sunshine or if we get a good dance out of it. February 24, 2015 people.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Playground- UKiss

What the devil? When did this happen? Well obviously a week ago but I didn't see any teasers or pictures or anything!
Alright, MV time. I really like UKiss. Like, a lot. Starting with the song! I think they are pro at mixing the rapping with the vocals without making it seem choppy or awkward. Sometimes I feel like groups are singing one song and then the rapping is another song that just happens to be right in the middle of the song said group was singing; but UKiss doesn't really do that. Good job. The song was rather beautiful, did I like it as much as their other songs? No, but it was pleasant to listen to and did you notice that Jun was singing? Yeah, remember when the other members found out that he was actually a great singer? Glad he got a chance to show that off. Speaking of Jun, I feel like he is going to kill a lot of noonas, ruin bias lists, and gain a huge fan group. He hasn't touched mine, (I will always love you, Kevin!!!), but he would be pretty swoon worthy were I not much older than him.
This MV also answers my question of whether or not AJ is back from school. Guess not.
Time for the MV itself. Was Hoon's hair purple? I felt like it was slightly metallic and purple looking. Might have been just me but it looked purple. Eli, lookin' good with that strawberry blonde hair of yours. That is definitely one of your best colors and styles. Lookin' sharp. Kevin, I can't think of a hairstyle on you I don't like. Kiseop, however, I really liked your longer hair and I want it back so bad! You look for too young with your hair short like that. She's Mine era was a good one for you, so was the Quit Playing era, and I'm so sad to see it gone. Soohyun, your hair really doesn't change, ever. I wasn't digging the suits that the boys wore, especially those black and white firework looking ones; wasn't a fan but UKiss has had some odd suits so I guess I'm not surprised. Other than those odd suits I really liked the clothing in this MV. UKiss stylists are usually pretty good at making the boys look amazing. But those firework suits kind of made it look like they had big hips cause the focus was right there.
I liked the lighting and colors in this MV. The antique looking props were awesome. Kevin, what was up with the Cello? You have gorgeous fingers but I thought the Cello was a little odd. Maybe a piano would have been better? Cello was a little off. Overall, really good song, very good video, and I'm sure the dance will be amazing as well; they're amazing like that.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Base teasers from Jonghyun

I'm a torn and devastated, yet happy fangirl. SHINee's Jonghyun is making his solo debut on the 12th of this month and while I'm happy that the comebacks and debuts are beginning and that we'll get to see Jonghyun; SHINee... I really want to see a SHINee comeback... I love them so much. But Jonghyun, so I will be happy with that, for now. SM, you had better give us a SHINee comeback cause I need it. January 12th, fangirls!