Monday, August 10, 2015

B1A4 Sweet Girl

Oh my gosh, everyone released a video while I was gone! B1A4 has released their MV for Sweet Girl. Okay, I can believe all of their fantasies except Sandeul's. Sandel doesn't share his food, he's stated this a couple times now so maybe the jumping on clouds in believable but I don't buy it for a second that he would share that cotton candy with her. Actually what probably happened was the girl took some of the cotton candy and then he attacked her because of it but they had to cut that part out. Or maybe fantasy Sandeul is more willing to share food. Other than that the fantasies are believable. So B1A4 is in their serious video phase and this is a little more silly than their usual serious videos mostly because their versions of romancing a woman are kind of hilarious.
This is also the shortest we've seen CNU's hair and I'm having trouble accepting it. I love his long hair, like a lot, and while he still looks fantastic with this hairstyle I really want his long hair back. I am glad that they didn't cut it super short though. Still hits the back of his neck and his cheek. Gongchan has a lot of lines in this song which makes me happy cause I've felt like Gongchan and CNU have been underused until Solo Day where they got a few more lines than usual but in this song the lines are pretty evenly split up. And Sandeul got his ears pierced which just cracks me up cause he still looks like he's twelve and now he just looks like a twelve year old with earrings. Oh I love B1A4. They make me so happy.

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