Monday, August 10, 2015

BigBang's Let's Not Fall in Love and Zutter

I'm away from my computer for five days and BigBang puts out two MVs. I'll just do one post cause they came out on the same day. Let's Not Fall In Love is up first and I watched this video with the experience of a Kpop fan, which is to say I watched this video waiting for something to happen to make the boys sad cause that's what happens when we have Kpop idols in MV with love interests, they never end up happy. This song reminded me a little bit of Love Song and Love Dust, maybe it was the tone of the song. I haven't looked up the lyrics yet so I don't know what they're talking about but the video had a sad happy feel to it. Very mellow, soft toned, cute shots of our boys having a good time with the girls they love. I want to swing in the rain now. Never knew I had that desire until now. This video was just nice and looked like it was fun to film. It's great to see the boys finally get a girl for once; though TOP looked slightly remorse about being in love. Great way to end their Made series though.

The second video is technically GD and TOP but I'll still keep it in one post. The 19 rating does worry me slightly. Yeah, probably could have gone my whole life without seeing that video and I would have been just fine. It reminded me of Michigo in that it was vulgar and gross and I will never need to watch it again.

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