Websites for Watching

Here's is a list of our favorite websites to use while watching Kdramas in order of favoriteness:

1. Viki -
       We love Viki, their videos run the smoothest on our computers, they are usually the fasted subbers, they have the fewest commercials, the best quality, tons of dramas and their subtitles are usually decent grammar wise. Their App is pretty good, too.

2. Dramafever -
     When Viki doesn't have a drama we want or is struggling to load, we like Dramafever. They have a lot of dramas, their subtitles tend to make sense. But, they typically aren't as fast at subbing as Viki, releasing the video 1-2 days after it airs in Korea. They have a lot more commercials that usually mess up the video. Their videos don't load as fast on our computers and pause a lot. They just aren't as easy to use as Viki, but they are still good. They also have a decent App.

3. KDrama -
This is a pretty new site but that doesn't mean it's bad. Usually they get drama episodes the night that they came out or the morning after. The episodes are subbed when they are released and there usually isn't a problem with poor video quality. Very few commercials, they don't have as many dramas as Viki or Dramafever cause they're new, but they do have some dramas that the other sites don't carry. Their App is really good too.
Update: So KDrama has combined with SoompiTV. This was a recent, within the last week development. Here's the web address:

Now comes the time when these three fail, we have to reach out:

3. Hulu -
     Hulu has fewer dramas, really choppy and slow loading quality, and TONS of commercials. Hate them, but sometimes they are the best option.

4. Drama Crazy -
     Unreliable, fewer choices, not the best quality or easy system. But it works.

4.5. Dramaload -
       Recommended by a friend. Can be streamed online in 3-5 segments per episode. or pay and download!

Desperate times call for desperate measures:

5. YouTube -
     You cannot get more unreliable than YouTube  You can't always trust YouTube. I do not suggest using this unless you absolutely MUST.
*YouTube IS a wonderful place for other videos. Just not full Drama episodes, unless you trust the uploader.

6. Other
     There are other websites out there that stream Kdrama videos,   I've used them. I shan't list anymore though because they have been just that scary. Google the drama you want to watch if not found on other sites, and these sites will eventually show up.

7. Netflix
   I do not have Netflix. But, I've heard the selection is decent, along with reliable, trustworthy, good quality and great subs. If you have Netflix, try for yourself!

*slight disclaimer guys....dramajunkie and I are from the U.S. and some of these sites we have learned may only be available in the U.S. sorry to any international readers!! We hope you can find them!! Let us know of any other good sites out there!!


  1. I use dramaload.... you can stream it online, but the episodes are usually broken up in, like, 3-5 pieces. Or you can pay for a premie and download the episodes to watch anytime, regardless of if you have internet or not. The only problem with downloading is that you have to have a program to put the subs in for you.