Thursday, November 6, 2014

War of Hormones with BTS

Oh, I am liking Bangtan Boys more and more. I really am. I find them fun and not super serious even though they have a few "bad boy" serious MV. They laugh and have fun and just seem to enjoy themselves all while working hard. This MV felt like they could show off their true selves and just be the big dorks they really are. I'm still working on memorizing their names but the more I watch of them the more V just remains my favorite followed by Jongkook and I'm starting to like J-Hope as well. They're kind of an infectious little gang of dorky teens who can dance really well. I don't know, I just love 'em. I liked the set of this music video and while it's isn't natural for a group of guys to walk around after a girl dancing and singing to her, the flow of their locations felt very natural. Walking through the town and then ending up in school. They're teens so this makes sense. I continue to love how they pick each other up and dart between one another in their choreography. it's always much more worth it to me if the group looks like they're dancing as a whole rather than seven members dancing together but not really being together in their dancing.
Great job boys, I really do just enjoy watching you. And their stylists should get a raise cause their outfits are always spot on. I also really liked the color in this video. Mostly black and white with very little color.

This is Love and Evanesce Super Junior

I'm going to do both of these MV in one post even though I have very different opinions about them.
This is love: I liked the song much better than the MV mostly because the MV wasn't anything amazing. Everyone looked good, except for Heechul who I won't talk about cause his hair was so horrendous and he was singing to a bunch of urinals.. Who thought that was a good idea? Let's make Heechul even more creeperish by giving him long hair and having him sing in a men's bathroom.
Evanesce: I loved this MV. Loved the way the members were one by one introduced and slowly were less formal with each introduction. What I loved more than that was the fact that Eunhyuk was dancing with a girl for once! We usually only see he and Donghae dancing together but this time we have a girl and I really think that is much better. I love Eunhyuk and Donghae but can you imagine those two dancing that routine together? Shippers all over would be freaking out and everyone else would be weirded out. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vixx Error

Um... I don't think I understand this video. I mean I understand that It's about a boy loving a girl who has passed away, and I would understand that he tried to bring her back as a robot/cyborg, and that he'd make himself a cyborg so she wouldn't feel alone? Left out? Different? So maybe I don't fully understand that part but I really don't understand the rest of the video with the guys in black suits and did Hongbin and the girl get taken apart by his machines at the end? I don't know. Did Hongbin experiment on the rest of Vixx to make sure he knew how to make a cyborg? Hongbin, dude, bros before hoes. That's how it should be. And if those guys in suits came because Hongbin made an illegal cyborg, shouldn't they have arrived a little sooner, you know, after he had already mangled the other five members of Vixx and himself? Terrible cyborg police. I didn't even love the song that much.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Vixx comeback with Error

So looks like Vixx will be making a comeback with a song and MV called Error. Now from what I've read it looks like they're going for a cyborg kind of theme which is interesting and makes me curious to see how they will make it happen. I find Vixx can be a little bit edgy in that they aren't afraid to push the boundaries. Take Voodoo Doll for example, Vixx made that MV knowing that Korea would ban it but they made it anyways. They could have just said that the members were under the control of voodoo and left it at that but instead they took it three steps further and made them into Voodoo Doll being controlled by an insane voodoo woman. I like that they do that and I hope that Error is the same way; maybe not so much that they'll get banned but maybe right to the edge of the line, kind of like Hyde but maybe just a little more so. The teaser pictures give us a better idea of what the video could be like. Check out those spikes coming out of their faces. That's crazy. And the metal under their skin reminds me of I, Robot. Gotta love Will Smith.
Couple more things before I end this post, do they all have the same colored hair? Not that it's a bad thing but it's just funny to me. And I feel like we should all take a moment to admire Hongbin's abs. I'm sure he worked very hard to be very fit and it is truly a great accomplishment on his part from which everyone can benefit. :)
October 14th is when this MV will be released.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Boyfriend as vampire/witches?

Boyfriend is doing another MV/album. Witch comes out on the 13th of October unless we're talking the TV Promotion which would be on the 9th of October.
Hmm... I really want Agyeo Boyfriend back. I want them to be the most Agyeo group in all of KPop. We have so many groups trying for the masculine or the bad boy look and now Boyfriend is doing kind of a halloween themed MV which is actually a really fun idea but I'm worried that we'll never see Agyeo Boyfriend again. Be Agyeo Byfriend, please? But if they stick to the Halloween theme for this MV/album, I'd be alright with that cause it could be an awesome idea.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Spica.S Give Your Love

Well we can learn one thing from this MV. Spica would not be good office workers. We've already ruled out Super Junior-M as office workers, now I'm adding Spica to the list so hopefully these two groups will always be able to make music cause the desk life just isn't for them.
The song was great but I do feel like Bohyung is going to blow the other members away with her vocal talent. They're all amazing vocalists but without Boa to be the, in my opinion, bridging vocalist and balancer out of Bohyung's amazing belt I do believe that live versions will leave the remaining three members a little short in the vocal category when put beside Bohyung. She's amazing but I think she's better than the rest of them and Boa helps hide that gap. That doesn't really make sense now that I type it out but it makes sense in my head... But still a good song and Spica is still my favorite girl group.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Well this is interesting. While I would argue that Spica's Boa is one of the most talented girls in the KPop industry right now, I would also argue that Spica needs Boa just as much as Boa needs Spica. I don't like when artists have solo debuts, as many of you have probably caught onto by now. Subgroups are fine, I like Super Junior KRY, I like when D.O and Baekhyun get their own songs, but when one artist does a solo thing and the rest of them form a subgroup I tend to get a little worried. So we have Spica.S now, which is Spica minus Boa which is sad because Boa is by far my favorite member of Spica. Since I found Spica I've been waiting for a MV to come out so I can have the excitement of watching a new MV from a group I love. Will this MV be as awesome as You Don't Love Me and Tonight? Possibly not. Will Boa's debut be as awesome as a full Spica MV, possibly not. But I am willing to watch and wait. I will miss Boa and Bohyung belting out beautiful notes together. But let's see how this goes. And I will be waiting for a full Spica MV later on.
Give Your Love. September 12th.

2PM has Gone Crazy

2 PM has released a MV. And like two teasers previous to it. This just shows how much of my life is begin taken away by Anatomy homework. Grr.
Well that was interesting. I got the Hands Up vibe from this song, as in, this was a party song. Now after seeing Comeback When You Hear This Song where our boys were mature grown ups with beautiful suit, looking dashing and sexy, I was a little taken aback by the party feel of Go Crazy. I really liked the mature men that 2PM had become so seeing them with this horrific choreography and strange clothes was a little odd for me. Let's talk about outfits for a second or two. Nickhun, I love you but I will ask that you please burn that floral suit of yours. Please, burn it. Woohyun, did you take one of those sparkly tracksuits from Secret Garden? And Jun K. I'm not even going to talk about your outfit, just no. Everyone else was pretty much normal. The choreography was so strange. Like what was with the noodle arms and the motorcycle handlebars? And then there was Taecyeon who was either too cool to do the noodle arms full out or he just couldn't do the noodle arms properly. But he looks good so that's always a plus.
The song itself is slowly growing on me, it won't ever beat out I Can't or 10 Out of 10, which are my two favorite 2PM songs, but slowly I am warming up to it. This was just so bizarre. And what was up with the E.T. moment  with the moon?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Super Junior Ayaya Mamacita

Well this happened. If any other group had done this I would have thought it to be stupid but Super Junior are the kings of silly entertaining. I am really at a loss of words right now. 
I am very happy that Super Junior released another song and album. I feel like I tend to get caught up in all the pretty and flashy moves of the newer Kpop groups but each time Super Junior releases a new MV I remember who I first fell in love with and why I still consider them to be one of my favorite groups. And while Yesung is still in the army, but he will be home soon, I think this gave Kyuhyun and Ryeowook a chance to shine a little brighter. They both have amazing vocals but Yesung usually sang all the high notes and belted notes but without him Ryeowook and Kyuhyun had a chance to fill in.
So far Super Junior has not changed and I think that's why I still love them as much as I do. Heechul is still just as much of a creeper now as he was before military service and he still half does everything. Shindong is still the comical relief. Ryeowook is the damsel in distress. These are reasons why I love Super Junior and I'm happy that they have not changed.
I do like that they threw a little Matador spacing into their dance. And how much do I love that Kyuhyun and Heechul were in on the robbing plot? It looked like Kyuhyun was the quick thinker in stealing the crown and then Heechul was the intended buyer. So clever, so Super Junior. I also really liked the song.
A Drama Version of tho song was released and let me tell you, it was hilarious! Watch it, I don't want to say anything cause nothing will do this video justice.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Super Junior Comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Junior is coming back? What? Super Junior is coming back? not Super Junior-M, but Super Junior? But Yesung is still in the army... He's not home yet? Who will hit his beautiful notes? I'm not sure how I feel about this.... I'm happy cause I love Super Junior, but Yesung... Okay, I can get over this.
Oh my gosh. This MV is going to make me cringe in embarrassment for them, isn't it? I think my favorite part is the fact that Shindong is the blacksmith. And Ryeowook is the barber!!! Do you think he'd cut my hair cause I can't get ahold of V to do it for me. 
Mamcita... that's what the MV/song is called. Oh I can't wait for this. One thing Super Junior never does is take themselves too seriously. I love that, I really do. 
Eunhyuk is blonde!!!! That is my favorite color on him. Thank you Mr. Simple for making me fall in love with it. But Siwon really should't keep growing that mustache. Really shouldn't.
August 29th everyone!!!!! Get ready ELF's!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

BTS Danger

The MV is out an I have been singing the chorus since it came out. I loved the chorus. Loved it. I wasn't as wild about the rapping, mostly on RapMon's part, but I know it will grow on me as I listen to the song. See that? I learned more than one of their names. Be proud of me I have been studying. Speaking of RapMon, I think he's going to be the Taeyang of BTS , in that, he will never change his hairstyle. What is this? Four MVs with the same style and color?
Vocally, BTS isn't the best group out there but I think they make up for that with the passionate and aggressive nature they bring to their dancing and songs. I've noticed that they use each other while dancing. Sometimes I feel like Kpop groups are nine members or five members or six members all dancing the same dance at the same time and if you took out a member or two the dance would still look fine. With BTS I've noticed that they're always jumping off of each other or onto each other, sitting and standing on each other, flipping each other.  I like how each member uses the other members to dance; it kind of reminds me of how 2PM used to be. I can't win to se the dance live, it's gonna be sick. This doesn't beat Boy in Luv for my favorite BTS song but it makes a good second. But the lyrics are awesome. Go look them up.
And V has become my favorite member followed by Jungkook, because his birthday is also my birthday; good people are born on that day. Do you think V would cut my hair? I really need a hair cut.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Spica-I Did It

Oh, Spica has released an all English song. I did not know this was coming or had happened, maybe because YouTube unsubscribed me from every channel I was following and I've recently been trying to remember them all. Grr....
Okay... Spica is probably my favorite girl group because they are all amazingly talented at singing. All of them. And I like their songs. I wish they were more popular and at the same time I don't want them to become too popular because I want to keep them all to myself. I'm selfish like that.
So Spica's U.S. debut with I Did It is not going to do well. That is what I'm predicting. Not because Spica isn't good but because they don't speak English and they're singing in English. I cannot think of one KPop group whose "U.S. Debut" has done well. Girls' Generation tried it and they tanked. BoA, Seven, and possibly Wonder Girls all didn't do well. It just isn't going to work. I wish the KPop industry would stop trying to have U.S. debuts because they're just fine the way they are and the U.S. Music industry ruins artists and singers.
The MV made me think "Holy Legs, Batman". I do have to admit that Spica is full of beautiful girls. But this was pretty disappointing MV compared to their awesome You Don't Know Me MV, and the song wan't as good either and it wasn't just the fact that I only could understand the chorus portion of the all English song but also had to do with the repetitiveness of the song. Spica is wonderful but they do not have good English pronunciation which would be needed in a good U.S. Debut. Sorry Spica, I am really looking forward to your next Korean song.

BTS danger teaser number 2

I've been putting off posting this cause I hoped that we'd get another teaser and I'm sure we will get one tomorrow because I like to post multiple teasers at once rather than just one and of course I've just posted this. OS five days ago this came out and we get to hear a little more what the song will sound like and what the dance will look like. I'm slightly impressed but not as much as I am by the clothes. Sometimes KPop style is just crazy and I would never walk out on the street in anything they wear. Except maybe on Halloween. It is nice that BTS keeps their style pretty normal. In all of the MV's I've seen from them has pretty normal styles. Ripped jeans, T-shirt, and a jacket. I'd wear that in public. They all look so normal and it makes them seem more human. I think V might quickly be becoming my favorite member if only for the reason that I have successfully identified him more than once.


So this MV came out a few days ago but I didn't have the time nor desire to see it right away. Taemin is very talented. I believe him to be one of the most talented members of SHINee. He's amazing at dancing, his singing has improved dramatically since SHINee debuted, he's gorgeous to look at (yes that is a talent); he really is a very talented individual. But I don't think this did him justice. The song wasn't anything special, I think most of it was him talking rather than actual rapping, and neither was the dance. Even if all of SHINee performed this song and dance I would still be disappointed because I think SHINee is one of the best guy groups in Korea. Now I've read that Taemin had his input with this song and video and I'm glad that he was able to show off himself in a way that he wanted to but I still don't think the song or video was anything that stands out above the other kpop MVs being released.
I still love you Taemin. Onew, I hope you recover from your vocal cord surgery very quickly so SHINee can come back and show the rest of the groups in Korea how it should be done.

Monday, August 11, 2014

BTS in Danger or maybe they're the Danger

And BTS is also releasing a song named Danger. I really wonder how many groups have songs called Danger.... BTS, Kara, f(x), Taemin, Winner, I think Secret also. I feel like this is the song called Lonely/Hello/Breathe all over again.
I am so happy that BTS is going for the grunge/bad boy look again. I was paranoid when they did Just One Day and I prayed that they didn't change their style. I'm sorry, NU'EST has made me forever paranoid of groups changing their styles for the worse. Very pleased to announce that I am excited for this MV. I've grown a strange attachment to BTS that I can't really explain. I don't like all of their music, in fact, I would say more often than not I don't like their music at all. I think I feel the same way about them as I do Boyfriend; all too young for me but I find them oddly adorable.
I do enjoy BTS' dancing so I will be waiting to see that and I think I might like the song. Maybe. I'm not going to say anything about individual members in this video cause I'm still struggling to put names to all of them. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time. I'll get it eventually.
Danger from BTS comes out on August 20th.

Taemin Solo album...?

I don't like the sound of that. It makes me really nervous when members get solo albums especially since SHINee recently announced that they wouldn't be having a comeback this year (pout). I don't like the idea of Taemin getting a solo album not because I don't like Taemin, cause i love him, but more because I'm worried that this will turn into another BigBang thing. I don't actually like BigBang individually I prefer them as a whole. GD is a little too out there for my taste though occasionally I do like a song from him. TOP is more rap which I would rather not listen to. I haven't heard one of Daesung's songs cause he's always promoting in Japan. I don't listen to Seungri, or Taeyang. I like hearing BigBang as a whole but we rarely get BigBang songs anymore. I'm worried that SHINee will turn out this way if SM pursues solo albums. This may just be the terrified Shawol in me but this does make me a little worried and thus I can't really be excited for this MV.
Danger comes out on August 18th. Will this be the seventh or eighth MV named Danger?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Records of a Night Watchman/The Last Night Watchman episodes one and two.

Unfortunately this drama is a little dark, as in a lack of lighting, so taking screenshots is a little difficult. Hopefully it will become a bit lighter and we will all be able to see what's going on cause these were the best screen shots I could take.
I started this drama not knowing what to expect/having poor expectations. The trailers we were given made me cringe from the cheesy special effects and the previous excitement I felt for it started dissipating. The CGI is very cheesy. Very cheesy. I had kind of hoped this drama would be like Joseon X Files but I have the feeling that it will be a little closer to Gu Family Book. As of the first two episodes I am mildly intrigued and with Trot Lovers having major writing issues I now have a Monday Tuesday watching slot open so, as usual, I will watch at least till half way through before I decided whether or not to drop the drama because the half way point is where a drama either turns for the better or worse.
So far I think that Watchman has done a pretty good job of setting up its mythical world and I think that is due to the acting rather than the directing or writing. Everyone in this drama is very serious and committed to their mystical world. I wouldn't be half as interested if the actors weren't fully onboard. I also think the music is having a good impact on the show. With this kind of a drama you can afford to have over the top and overly dramatic music without having it seem well, over the top and overly dramatic. So far I am impressed with a couple characters: Our bad guy, Kim Sung Oh(Sadam), is noticeable if only for his complete dedication to the role because his character is crazy and he is making sure everyone knows that. The other character would be the King's right-hand man, Jo Sang Heon, he is smart. He can see that something is off with the King, and he's also pretty awesome when it comes to battles.
Oh, and if you're watching this drama for Jung Il Woo then you'll have to wait two episodes to see him cause the first two are backstory; kind of like Gu Family Book and You're All Surrounded.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Joseon Gunman half way point

Oh my gosh. We're half way through this drama. Joseon Gunman is 20 episodes and we've just seen the 10th. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this drama to be half way finished :( I have like a million and a half screenshots of this drama, most of them of Joon Ki dressed as the gunman cause doesn't he look like a dark elvish prince? So hot, so mysterious looking, I love it. It took me longer to sort through all of my pictures than it did to write this post. I never should have discovered how to take Screen Shots.
I am so happy that Soo In knows Hanjo is actually Yoon Kang. I've read a lot of comments saying that people don't like Soo in as a character or the actress in her role and while I understand where they're coming from, I do like her. I like that she isn't stupid. She's proactive. She's smart. I love that it went from Yoon lang hiding his identity from Soo In to Soo In knowing that Yoon Kang really is alive but he has no idea she knows. I'm also liking how passive she is about knowing Hanjo is really Yoon Kang. Because she's smart I feel like she can see the bigger picture in this. Soo In knows that Yoon Kang rescued Yeon Ah which means that she must have an idea for why he came back and rather than blowing his cover she's taking a step back and giving him room. I don't think it will take long for him to figure out that she knows but for now I'm enjoying watching her quietly support his cause.
While I'm loving all of the relationships in this show two of my favorite relationships have to be with Yoon Kang and Kanemaru, and Soo In and her maid. These two crack me up. I love how Yoon Kang's alter ego Hanjo drives Kanemaru crazy and he's absolutely disgusted with him when I think that Yoon Kang's real personality would get along very well with Kanemaru even though Yoon Kang seems to be having a lot of fun tormenting him. Soo In and her maid also crack me up because her maid has such a sarcastic sense of humor but Soo In takes everything in seriousness which is hilarious to watch her maid's exasperated face. We need more of those two.
Though Kanemaru and Soo In's maid happen to be two of my favorite relationships, I find Choi Won Shin's relationship with Hye Won to be the most interesting in this show because I feel them to be the two most interesting characters. I think it's rare to find a villain you feel compassion towards because KDrama villains seem to be so one dimensional but Choi is different. We don't have his backstory with his 'daughter' Hye Won but we know a little of her backstory. We know that she was a slave, she was beaten, raped, ran away, and somehow ended up with Choi. I am curious to see how these two came together and why their relationship is so strong. Is she his real daughter or were they two lost slave souls who became comrades? Choi is interesting because it seems like he is acting and killing under Lord Kim's orders out of fear. When Lord Kim threatened to send Hye Won back to being a slave, being raped, and being beaten I felt bad for Choi. His love for his daughter is so clear and I can tell that he would do anything for her and she for him. Choi is not a typical mindless villain, he's a pawn that could be thrown away at any moment and while I don't think he cares about what happens to him he does care about Hye Won. And while he has killed people, I don't think he wanted to kill them. I want to see him break away from Lord Kim's rule. I think Choi isn't necessarily a bad person but he has put his trust in the wrong people and it has ended up this way.
Lord Kim on the other hand drives me batty. He looks like a prune and his voice drives me crazy. Go die Lord Kim.
Supporting characters time. Ho Kyung, Interpreter Jung, Han Jung Hoon, and Yeon Ha. One of these four will die. I have the feeling that Interpreter Jung will die cause good and kind fathers don't ever survive in Dramaland. I did read somewhere that Yeon Ha is supposed to die and I kind of hope she does(that's the sick, twisted person in me talking) if only to drive our hero down a darker path. His father was killed and as we saw he wasn't overly close to his father and if he's carrying out a revenge plan to avenge his father then I can only imagine what he'll do if Yeon Ha dies. I want to see Yoon Kang go a little darker. We have seen him touch into the darker side when he went from the man unable to kill Choi's minion to the man to killed Lord Song I want to see him go even darker. I want to see him be conflicted and horrified with himself when he kills someone. A hero who has a dark side is more realistic than one who never loses their cool and I bet that will happen to Yoon Kang cause he kind of has a temper.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Block B H.E.R

I was not prepared for that. I think that this was pretty normal as far as Block B goes yet it didn't lose its Block B feel. The song was very fun and I can easily see it getting caught in my head for days. The video seemed like a Block B video, minus the crazy outfits, the dance was very Block B, and as usual, the members acted like overgrown man children that they are. We're they selling Tide? Their HER products looked like the Tide logo. And that middle section of interview kind of threw me off for a moment. I don't speak Korean very well/at all so I'm not really sure what they were saying but I can tell that they were promoting their song.
All in all I really liked the song and the video. Nice pink hair, P.O.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Is it Ice Cream, Bubbles, or H.E.R?

And Block B is coming out with another song. H.E.R comes out on the 24th of this month. I always look forward to Block B's songs and MV cause they can be really funny. From the first teaser at first it looks like Block B is ogling the girl but by the end I'm pretty sure they just wanted the Ice Cream Cone she was eating. And the second teaser could be them jumping to catch glimpses of her but I think they might just want to play with the bubbles. I do hope that this is a parody MV and they ignore the girl completely cause that would be so funny and so Block B.

Back Infinite

Man I have been so out of it the past few days. Infinite's MV is out. Okay, the beginning of the song doesn't sound like an Infinite song but when the song actually gets going then it does sound Infinite-esque. The dance is very Infinite-style the video is really just a bunch of fighting to save a girl but let me just say that they are the worst rescue team ever. I once said, when Before the Dawn Instrumental came out, that they would be terrible members to have on fighting team; I stand by that. Infinite sucks at fighting. I love them and I think that they are pretty to look at and listen to. They are also really good at dancing. Fighting is not something that are good at.
Yeah, they were really just fighting to save the girl. I'm not really even sure whose girls she is. Sunggyu's girl? Or maybe L's? Maybe L's little sister and Sunggyu's girl? If I were to hang out with Infinite I would totally snuggle up on the couch with L.
And now I'm not sure if they are saying Say Me, See Me, or Save Me. I feel like Infinite was never strong at English and while I love infinite, this will be one of my least favorite songs from them.

Trot Lovers half way point

Wow, we're already half way through Trot Lovers.
You know, sometimes I just want to reach in and smack people. So In's mom, for example, I really hope that she was the one to kill Choon Hee's mom and I really hope that she will rot in jail for the rest of her life. I also hope that her devilish little daughter will end up alone and miserable. Actually, I don't hate Soo In. Mildly dislike her? Yes, but I don't wish that on her. I won't ask for the sins of the parents to fall upon the children. She just grew up learning how to act from a horrible, heartless, witch. I do wish that she would grow not only a backbone but also some confidence and stand up to her mother but she seems to be on the road to second lead land and the journey is never a nice one.

As a character, I do like Soo In to some degree. I think she and Geun Woo are adorable together and I want them to be good friends who do silly things together. As love interests, I'm not as wild about it mostly because he doesn't feel that way about her. Those two in a drama of their own, where she isn't so much of a brat, and no Choon Hee exists would be a cute drama. He's odd and she is tripping to keep up with him, but she takes everything in stride and I truly think that she likes him as a person and not just as a way to further her career.
All of this being said, I'm watching Choon Hee becoming a singer more than anything. I like watching her journey, when she's allowed to make steps forward that is (Soo In's mother, I'm looking at you!!!!). I like watching her moments of growth and the moments she has with Byul. Those two are so cute together and you can really tell that they care about each other.

Speaking of Byul, isn't she the most adorable thing in the world? I think we should have more of she and Joon Hyun hanging out. Maybe Byul can set something up that would involve Choon Hee and Geun Woo spending the afternoon together while she drags Joon Hyun away and keeps him entertained because while I want Choon Hee and Joon Hyun to end up together in the end, I think his petty jealousy is so fun to watch and we need more of that.

Now onto Geun Woo. I love him, which shocks me a little. I thought I would have difficulty getting past his You From Another Star role but I'm not. I think his character is cute and I find him adorable. He is strange, very strange but I like him. He's proactive, forward, and quirky. I don't have second Lead syndrome for him but I do find him entertaining to watch.

And onto the star of the show. Jang Joon Hyun. I am very surprised by how much he's grown. Joon Hyun went from being a god in his mind to realizing that not everything, or anything, is about him. He has started to care about more than just himself and has even learned a sense of responsibility and is willing to separate himself from Choon Hee so she doesn't get caught up in any scandals regardless of the fact that he won't have a job again.

High School King of Savvy half way point

I actually have no idea if this week is the half way point or if last week was. I'm not sure because I don't know if this is a 16 episode drama or a 20 episode drama. I'm just going to assume it was last week because our leads united as a couple and that's just what happens half way through a drama but I thought I remembered reading somewhere that this would be 20 episodes long. Just because, I'm going to talk about up till episode 10.

Well I feel like we aren't getting a whole lot of story, character development, or answers. We don't know why Hyung Seok asked Min Seok to act like him at work. There isn't much story progression if we haven't even had a hint of the reason for Min Seok's double life. Character development isn't happening for anyone but Jin Woo and even then I wouldn't say there's very much of it. All that put aside, I am enjoying the drama. This is a sit, casually watch, and laugh kind of drama. I'm not expecting any crazy plot twists or be reveals in this drama.

At half way through I am a little surprised that it took Soo Young this long to find out that Min Seok is really a High School student. I mean she's not overly smart but with the opening scene of this drama being her helping him get to high school I thought she would have found out sooner than later. But what will come is a direct result of Min Seok not telling her. He shouldn't have confessed to her and he shouldn't have allowed her to date him if he was lying to her and didn't really plan on telling her.

Jin Woo is a character I can't figure out as of now. I'm not sure if he as just neglected as a child so now he is vying for attention or if he's really just a jerk who needs to be slapped around. Eventually we might figure out why he keeps having his dizzy head episodes but I wouldn't expect that we'll learn till the show is nearly over.

Well we shall see what this next half has to offer. Hopefully some answers.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Infinite will Be Back

Oh Okay, well Infinite is coming out with another song and MV which comes out on the 22nd of this month. Crazy stuff. I swear Last Romeo just came out. The song is called "Back" and from the teaser I have decided that I don't like my boys all cut up. Some guys look good when they're injured. Daniel Craig, for example, looks good when he's beating the crap out of people and they're beating the crap out of him. Infinite does not look good and seeing them with cuts makes me sad but it looks like they're going for the bad boy look, but I can tell you right now that I will not like a few of the hairstyle the members are sporting. Whatever, I don't care what style they do as long as I get an Infinite sounding song and an Infinite looking dance. That being said is it just me or does See Me sounds like Say Me? Oh KPop Stars and their Engrish. I don't know. July 22nd everyone!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Good Bye Bye and Judgement

Oh Nu'est... I don't know what to do with you. I thought we had a teaser for Judgement and then Good Bye Bye came out. If I look online I can find them performing Judgement and Good Bye Bye live but why did they release a teaser for Judgement and then release a MV for Good Bye Bye? I am slightly confused. I don't know what to do with Nu'est anymore. I feel like this MV was trying to be artistic but kind of failed and the song was so mainstream. Maybe they're release something for Judgement. Nu'est, you are making me sad. You're better than this. On a side note, I didn't recognize Ren. He looks like a boy now. Way to be manly Ren.
Alright, so Judgement is the intro. Why? I think it's way better than Good Bye Bye and I think it should have been a full song. Judgement reminds me of why I fell in love with Nu'est. I loved their amazing dancing, rapping, Aron's intelligible English rapping, and their all around bad boy look. I feel like they've lost something when they changed their style. I just haven't been impressed with anything they've done since Action up till this. I think it would make a fantastic song cause it has a great beat and Baekho's voice with this beat would be an awesome contrast. *sigh* Nu'est, please come back.

Solo Day

This was so odd but it fit B1A4 perfectly. I don't even know where to start with this video so I'll start with the song. For some reason this didn't feel like a song to me but rather background music to their adventure. And is it just me or is this song very repetitive? I think part of the problem was the whistling and the other was the break in the middle of the song. I did like it though and I do believe it will grow on me. And at first I thought they were saying Summer Summer Day but then again, B1A4 has never had the best Engrish in their songs. 
Now the video which was just silly and fun. Favorite parts had to be the boys fighting over breakfast in the cafe while CNU sat there looking disgusted at them as quietly ate his waffles. Their faces as the UFO fist came into sight. They all looked their own version of terrified but Jinyoung's face and CNU drinking his water were the best. I think Jinyoung might be about to cry while CNU looks like he might call for his mother. And then of course Baro's face as he tells them to run away was great. I really hoped that one of them would stop to take a picture of the Ufo before running away but Gongchan booked it out of there leaving behind the tripping Baro, tripping Sandeul, and the awestruck CNU. Such a maknae, at least leader Jinyoung took care of his boys. 
I'm not really positive of the message but maybe the boys were realizing that their lives weren't as bad as they thought and they just had to look at it from a different angle. Baro, electricity is important. CNU, just because her spoon isn't perfectly straight doesn't mean she isn't the girl for you. Gongchan, the love of your puppy is good enough. Sandeul, if I pizza delivery boy came to my house looking like you I would certainly let him join the party. And Jinyoung, once you remembered what an awesome ride you had sitting out front life is once again good. And as a last piece of advice; Jinyoung, don't ogle girls at the beach, it's kind of creepy.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

B1A4's close encounters of the third kind.

Well teaser five gave us an alien sounding tune with a UFO  while day six was the five of them playing on the beach. I'm a little disappointed by number six as I was hoping they would join the alien race and zoom off into space. Oh well we still have the MV to look forward to and hopefully it's as fun and easy as the teasers have been. July 14th.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

B1A4 Running Away from a UFO?

Hey, we get some singing this time! Not much, but we do get some and we actually get to see our boys faces in the fourth teaser! I am just loving these teasers more and more. Can they please not end? I would love this to continue on forever. Are they hunting UFOs? Cause that would be hilarious. With Baro's nickname begin Space Geek I wouldn't be surprised if he was making them hunt UFOs with him.  And their faces in teaser number four are fantastically funny. I never want this to end. Please just give us short videos each day so we can see their UFO hunting journey. I don't even care if the MV never comes out cause I'm loving this.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

B1A4 takes a Road Trip to the Beach

Teasers 1 and 2 have come out. I've decided rather than posting about a teaser each day I'd rather do them in groups of two as to not clog up the posting feed.
Still have no idea what to expect from this MV and song but it could be fun. Maybe they're going to make a trip MV with them just having a good time. I almost hope that's what the MV is going to be about cause that would be so much fun. These first two teasers are very simple and pleasant to look at. I love the easy feeling that comes from the utter simplicity. Driving down the road while listening to an awesome guitar riff and walking on the beach while whistling; there is nothing more natural than these two things. Very easy, very original. I like the little spaceship. This is way better than a teaser about each of the members' nicknames. That would have been cute, but this is beautiful.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Video Games and funny Nicknames for B1A4

So B1A4 goes back and forth with their style. They release a fun video: Baby Goodnight, and then a serious one: Tried to Walk and then a goofy and fun one: What's Happening? followed by another serious one: Lonely. From their debut this was how they did things: Silly song-OK Girl, then ballad type- Only Learned Bad Things, Beautiful Target, Baby I'm Sorry, Baby Goodnight, Tried to Walk, What's Happening?, Lonely, and now this one Solo Day. I can always count on B1A4 being consistent in which concept they release based on their history so when lonely came out and I didn't love it I knew their next song would be a goofy one. F4fighting! and I fell in love with B1A4 because of their goofiness and consistently we have loved their silly songs better than their serious ones.
Solo Day (Game Teaser) doesn't give us a lot about the song or MV but the teaser is just plain fun. I love that they have given each of the members a title like Space Geek, Couch Potato, Flower Vagabond, Pizza Delivery, and Obsession Guy. So cute and clever. This is the first teaser and I've heard that they will be releasing a teaser, either a picture or video, each day till the MV comes out which should be on the 14th of this month. I hope we get one teaser of each member's nickname. Couch Potato Jinyoung. Space Geek Baro. Obsession Guy CNU. Flower Vagabond Gongchan. Pizza Delivery Sanduel. I am so excited! Also, this teaser is really clever and original. I love the old style video game and TV feel to it.

Nu'est's upcoming Judgement MV teaser

With a name like Judgement this has got to be better than Sleep Talking. I have been pretty disappointed with Nu'est these past few MVs. Actually, I haven't really liked a Nu'est MV or song since Action and Not Over You doesn't really count cause had I known Nu'est was changing their style I wouldn't have liked it so much.
I miss the debut Nu'est with the bad boy look and the catchy tempos. I really want that back and hopefully this MV will do that. The album is called Re: Birth. and this will come out on the 9th of this month so like Wednesday. Come on Nu'est, please don't let me down again.
And was that seriously Ren? Cause I hardly recognize him.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Joseon Gunman first two episodes

Oh man, with so many new dramas that I want to see premiering I might have to drop one of my old ones so I'm not overwhelmed. Doctor Stranger, you better shape up or I'm dropping you like a ton of bricks.
So Dramafever was having some issues when I was taking screenshots so I could only get screenshots of the first episode, and only a some bit of it but enough for some pictures of important characters. Sorry about that. Half way point will have better/more screenshots. I promise.
I've heard that this drama is very much like The Princess' Man and if be the end of this drama people are still saying that then I will have to look into that drama. I like Saeguks. Sometimes. Joseon Gunman is listed as a Melodrama which would be a strike against it but I love Lee Joon Ki. This drama is also being compared to Iljimae which I haven't seen but I watched the Return of Iljimae and I liked that. So revenge plot, melodrama, Lee Joon Ki begin awesome. I'll look past the Melodrama title for now and focus on what could be a great drama. Already I am loving the main paring together. I love how cheeky Park Yoon Kang(Lee Joon Ki) is and how much he's enjoying teasing Soo In(nam Sang Mi) but I can't wait till the tables get turned and it's Soo In's turn to tease him and make him endlessly jealous. That will be so much fun!!!
But let's just talk about the character of Park Yoon Kang for a moment. yes he kind of acts like a flirt, and he likes to go out with his buddies. He also enjoys showing off and he wants to do things his way. Those things aside. He stepped in front of Soo In so he would take a bullet for her. That is very gentlemanlike. He doesn't really know her but he knows that she finds him a slight burden and he'd have to be dumb to not know she's annoyed by him.  But he goes right ahead and not only run into the forest with her, to protect her from getting caught wearing men's clothing, but he also steps into the direct path of a gun so she won't get hurt. He's a good guy. Cheeky, but a good guy.
Okay, Lee Joon Ki. I am huge fan of him because of how diverse he is. He can play the stiff magistrate(Arang and the Magistrate), or the driven father(Two Weeks). or the cheeky swordsman's son with an adorable crush on a cross dressing girl(Joseon Gunman). While I love the role Joon Ki is currently playing I am super excited for him to turn dark for revenge. He will loose his father, and while they have a strained relationship you can tell the two really love each other, he will loose his sister who absolutely adores him. I want to see him take the words that have been used so many times so far, "A sword cannot compete with a weapon(gun) like that", throw his broken sword away, and run with that gun.
Now I was a little worried about Nam Sang Mi was cast as a lead because, though I've never watched anything with her in it, I've heard that all the roles she plays are sad moping characters. I was a little surprised how much I liked her and I'm praying that he character stays this way and doesn't turn depressing.
Now we haven't met all the characters yet as we have no second male lead but I really like this drama so far. Drama, please don't let me down! I can see you going so far! Don't hide from Joon Ki who the villain is till twelve episodes in. Please jump into the revenge story quickly but don't make it drag forever. Maybe let him slowly figure out who is involved and have him take them down one by one till he meets the real man in charge. Make Joon Ki a fugitive, again, make his love for Soo In strong and hers likewise for him. Don't make him into a noble idiot. Okay, I know that having all of these come true would be an unreasonable expectation for a KDrama but I can hope.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trot Lovers first two episodes

I was so happy when this drama started!!!!!!!!!
Trot Lovers has started and I wasn't entirely sure of what to expect with the description of: A stuck up genius musician helps a young woman become a Trot Singer. I am loving it. I really hope that this drama continues to be this fun and hilarious. Ji Hyun Woo's character, Jang Joon Hyun, is so petty and overdramatic; I just love it. He's so full of himself and in his mind he's a god. He's not overly intelligent but so prideful that even the smallest jab at his ego can make him do what you want; kind of reverse-psychology on a little kid to make them do something they don't want to. And his temper tantrums are so kiddish they're hilarious.

Shin Sung Rok's character is interesting. After I got over the fact that he was a crazy murderer in the last drama I saw him in, actually still trying to get over that mindset, I really just find him rather hilarious. He is odd, like really odd. I kind of hope that he really is a kleptomaniac rather than Jung Eun Ji just mistaking him as one. He's so strange and I really hope that they keep the kleptomaniac/always misplacing his stuff gag running through the whole show cause it's fantastic. The first time it happened it was funny but then he showed up with another person's phone in his pocket, misplacing his wallet, and then he lost his phone so he took Choon Hee's. I love it. Show, please keep this aspect because he's kind of adorably strange. I find it oddly endearing.

So far I think that I am going to continue to love this drama because I do like lighthearted, humorous dramas more than melos. I'd rather watch people having fun and being slightly over the top rather than watching depressing plots with outrageous decisions and actions from the characters. I really hope that the two loan sharks end up being Choi Choon Hee(Eun Ji) biggest fans and supporters. Oh, or her fashion consultants!!!! YES! The scene where Joon Hyun was burred in the ground with his head above the dirt but covered in a paper sack and Choon Hee starts singing, the two gangsters start singing and dancing while Joon Hyun jumps in as a background singer was hilarious. I was seriously laughing out loud.
Choi Choon Hee seems like a typical drama heroine. She's hard working, her life is difficult, strong love for her family. Though something about her character really fits a Trot lover's style. She seems like a girl who would love Trot music. Can't wait for her next episodes and I hope this drama keeps Joon Hyun's egomaniac style because the songs that play during his moments of self pity or anger are fantastic.
And how cute is Choon Hee's little sister?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

High School King of Savvy first two episodes

Ah yes! Man, do I need this. Doctor Stranger is kind of giving me a headache with everything that's going on and I needed something light and fun to make my Mondays and Tuesdays worth it and this might be just the ticket. I love impersonating shenanigans if they are done correctly; High School King os Savvy just might be one of these dramas.
The first two episodes gave us just a sample of the trouble Seo In Guk's character will be dealing with as he masquerades as his older brother, the new director, of the major company Comfo. So far I love Lee Min Seok's(Seo In Guk) personality, his confidence, and his slacker mind. I cannot wait to watch him hone acting like his brother to an exact science cause he's not doing half bad right now.
I am curious to see how Soo Young works into this whole thing. Right now I can't see exactly how she'll get tied up in this whole thing, maybe she'll suddenly remember the night she met Min Seok and realize he's actually a high school student rather than a business man. I'm excited to see her help Min Seok with his quick changes and figuring out the work place cause Min Seok hates studying and work in general and he'll need her help. I wonder how they'll con her into helping with this whole tricking the main boss thing. 
Yoo Jin Woo(Lee Soo Hyuk), I really do like his character and it doesn't help that I'm almost finished with Vampire Idol and loving him in that. Anyways, Jin Woo isn't a jerk. I appreciate that and I actually find him rather likable. He let Soo Young down gently when she confessed to him and didn't string her along, nor did he express any interest in her romantically, she just interpreted his attention the wrong way. As I was watching episode one from a viewer's point of view when he first met Soo Young I saw nothing but a slight interest in her as a colleague and a person rather than a romantic interest. When she helped him break off the China deal I saw his mind register her as someone who could be useful as a colleague and his attention at the company dinner was nothing but polite but with her odd mind and personality I totally saw how she interpreted the situation. Oh man, how awkward was that? That was just fantastic though I don't like the pity angle they're playing Soo Young on. I do pity her but I want to see her become a more confident woman and I think her encounters with Min Seok will do that. I am in no way hoping for them to become romantic interests because he's in High School! I have never liked Noona romances which is unfortunate because it's a rather popular thing in Korea for reasons I can't understand. So while I want Min Seok and Soo Young to become good friends, I want Jin Woo to start liking her and eventually end up with her. I can see the awkward couple becoming a real couple; that is unless Min Seok decides he's in love with her and she takes interest in him. I am also interested to find out what Jin Woo's devils are as well as Min Seok's Hyung's reasoning for bailing on his new company. 
I feel like I'm going to love this show and I couldn't wait to see Seo In Guk playing a High School Student again.