Sunday, July 27, 2014

Joseon Gunman half way point

Oh my gosh. We're half way through this drama. Joseon Gunman is 20 episodes and we've just seen the 10th. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this drama to be half way finished :( I have like a million and a half screenshots of this drama, most of them of Joon Ki dressed as the gunman cause doesn't he look like a dark elvish prince? So hot, so mysterious looking, I love it. It took me longer to sort through all of my pictures than it did to write this post. I never should have discovered how to take Screen Shots.
I am so happy that Soo In knows Hanjo is actually Yoon Kang. I've read a lot of comments saying that people don't like Soo in as a character or the actress in her role and while I understand where they're coming from, I do like her. I like that she isn't stupid. She's proactive. She's smart. I love that it went from Yoon lang hiding his identity from Soo In to Soo In knowing that Yoon Kang really is alive but he has no idea she knows. I'm also liking how passive she is about knowing Hanjo is really Yoon Kang. Because she's smart I feel like she can see the bigger picture in this. Soo In knows that Yoon Kang rescued Yeon Ah which means that she must have an idea for why he came back and rather than blowing his cover she's taking a step back and giving him room. I don't think it will take long for him to figure out that she knows but for now I'm enjoying watching her quietly support his cause.
While I'm loving all of the relationships in this show two of my favorite relationships have to be with Yoon Kang and Kanemaru, and Soo In and her maid. These two crack me up. I love how Yoon Kang's alter ego Hanjo drives Kanemaru crazy and he's absolutely disgusted with him when I think that Yoon Kang's real personality would get along very well with Kanemaru even though Yoon Kang seems to be having a lot of fun tormenting him. Soo In and her maid also crack me up because her maid has such a sarcastic sense of humor but Soo In takes everything in seriousness which is hilarious to watch her maid's exasperated face. We need more of those two.
Though Kanemaru and Soo In's maid happen to be two of my favorite relationships, I find Choi Won Shin's relationship with Hye Won to be the most interesting in this show because I feel them to be the two most interesting characters. I think it's rare to find a villain you feel compassion towards because KDrama villains seem to be so one dimensional but Choi is different. We don't have his backstory with his 'daughter' Hye Won but we know a little of her backstory. We know that she was a slave, she was beaten, raped, ran away, and somehow ended up with Choi. I am curious to see how these two came together and why their relationship is so strong. Is she his real daughter or were they two lost slave souls who became comrades? Choi is interesting because it seems like he is acting and killing under Lord Kim's orders out of fear. When Lord Kim threatened to send Hye Won back to being a slave, being raped, and being beaten I felt bad for Choi. His love for his daughter is so clear and I can tell that he would do anything for her and she for him. Choi is not a typical mindless villain, he's a pawn that could be thrown away at any moment and while I don't think he cares about what happens to him he does care about Hye Won. And while he has killed people, I don't think he wanted to kill them. I want to see him break away from Lord Kim's rule. I think Choi isn't necessarily a bad person but he has put his trust in the wrong people and it has ended up this way.
Lord Kim on the other hand drives me batty. He looks like a prune and his voice drives me crazy. Go die Lord Kim.
Supporting characters time. Ho Kyung, Interpreter Jung, Han Jung Hoon, and Yeon Ha. One of these four will die. I have the feeling that Interpreter Jung will die cause good and kind fathers don't ever survive in Dramaland. I did read somewhere that Yeon Ha is supposed to die and I kind of hope she does(that's the sick, twisted person in me talking) if only to drive our hero down a darker path. His father was killed and as we saw he wasn't overly close to his father and if he's carrying out a revenge plan to avenge his father then I can only imagine what he'll do if Yeon Ha dies. I want to see Yoon Kang go a little darker. We have seen him touch into the darker side when he went from the man unable to kill Choi's minion to the man to killed Lord Song I want to see him go even darker. I want to see him be conflicted and horrified with himself when he kills someone. A hero who has a dark side is more realistic than one who never loses their cool and I bet that will happen to Yoon Kang cause he kind of has a temper.

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