Monday, July 21, 2014

Trot Lovers half way point

Wow, we're already half way through Trot Lovers.
You know, sometimes I just want to reach in and smack people. So In's mom, for example, I really hope that she was the one to kill Choon Hee's mom and I really hope that she will rot in jail for the rest of her life. I also hope that her devilish little daughter will end up alone and miserable. Actually, I don't hate Soo In. Mildly dislike her? Yes, but I don't wish that on her. I won't ask for the sins of the parents to fall upon the children. She just grew up learning how to act from a horrible, heartless, witch. I do wish that she would grow not only a backbone but also some confidence and stand up to her mother but she seems to be on the road to second lead land and the journey is never a nice one.

As a character, I do like Soo In to some degree. I think she and Geun Woo are adorable together and I want them to be good friends who do silly things together. As love interests, I'm not as wild about it mostly because he doesn't feel that way about her. Those two in a drama of their own, where she isn't so much of a brat, and no Choon Hee exists would be a cute drama. He's odd and she is tripping to keep up with him, but she takes everything in stride and I truly think that she likes him as a person and not just as a way to further her career.
All of this being said, I'm watching Choon Hee becoming a singer more than anything. I like watching her journey, when she's allowed to make steps forward that is (Soo In's mother, I'm looking at you!!!!). I like watching her moments of growth and the moments she has with Byul. Those two are so cute together and you can really tell that they care about each other.

Speaking of Byul, isn't she the most adorable thing in the world? I think we should have more of she and Joon Hyun hanging out. Maybe Byul can set something up that would involve Choon Hee and Geun Woo spending the afternoon together while she drags Joon Hyun away and keeps him entertained because while I want Choon Hee and Joon Hyun to end up together in the end, I think his petty jealousy is so fun to watch and we need more of that.

Now onto Geun Woo. I love him, which shocks me a little. I thought I would have difficulty getting past his You From Another Star role but I'm not. I think his character is cute and I find him adorable. He is strange, very strange but I like him. He's proactive, forward, and quirky. I don't have second Lead syndrome for him but I do find him entertaining to watch.

And onto the star of the show. Jang Joon Hyun. I am very surprised by how much he's grown. Joon Hyun went from being a god in his mind to realizing that not everything, or anything, is about him. He has started to care about more than just himself and has even learned a sense of responsibility and is willing to separate himself from Choon Hee so she doesn't get caught up in any scandals regardless of the fact that he won't have a job again.

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