Tuesday, July 8, 2014

B1A4 takes a Road Trip to the Beach

Teasers 1 and 2 have come out. I've decided rather than posting about a teaser each day I'd rather do them in groups of two as to not clog up the posting feed.
Still have no idea what to expect from this MV and song but it could be fun. Maybe they're going to make a trip MV with them just having a good time. I almost hope that's what the MV is going to be about cause that would be so much fun. These first two teasers are very simple and pleasant to look at. I love the easy feeling that comes from the utter simplicity. Driving down the road while listening to an awesome guitar riff and walking on the beach while whistling; there is nothing more natural than these two things. Very easy, very original. I like the little spaceship. This is way better than a teaser about each of the members' nicknames. That would have been cute, but this is beautiful.

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