Monday, July 21, 2014

High School King of Savvy half way point

I actually have no idea if this week is the half way point or if last week was. I'm not sure because I don't know if this is a 16 episode drama or a 20 episode drama. I'm just going to assume it was last week because our leads united as a couple and that's just what happens half way through a drama but I thought I remembered reading somewhere that this would be 20 episodes long. Just because, I'm going to talk about up till episode 10.

Well I feel like we aren't getting a whole lot of story, character development, or answers. We don't know why Hyung Seok asked Min Seok to act like him at work. There isn't much story progression if we haven't even had a hint of the reason for Min Seok's double life. Character development isn't happening for anyone but Jin Woo and even then I wouldn't say there's very much of it. All that put aside, I am enjoying the drama. This is a sit, casually watch, and laugh kind of drama. I'm not expecting any crazy plot twists or be reveals in this drama.

At half way through I am a little surprised that it took Soo Young this long to find out that Min Seok is really a High School student. I mean she's not overly smart but with the opening scene of this drama being her helping him get to high school I thought she would have found out sooner than later. But what will come is a direct result of Min Seok not telling her. He shouldn't have confessed to her and he shouldn't have allowed her to date him if he was lying to her and didn't really plan on telling her.

Jin Woo is a character I can't figure out as of now. I'm not sure if he as just neglected as a child so now he is vying for attention or if he's really just a jerk who needs to be slapped around. Eventually we might figure out why he keeps having his dizzy head episodes but I wouldn't expect that we'll learn till the show is nearly over.

Well we shall see what this next half has to offer. Hopefully some answers.

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