Sunday, July 6, 2014

Video Games and funny Nicknames for B1A4

So B1A4 goes back and forth with their style. They release a fun video: Baby Goodnight, and then a serious one: Tried to Walk and then a goofy and fun one: What's Happening? followed by another serious one: Lonely. From their debut this was how they did things: Silly song-OK Girl, then ballad type- Only Learned Bad Things, Beautiful Target, Baby I'm Sorry, Baby Goodnight, Tried to Walk, What's Happening?, Lonely, and now this one Solo Day. I can always count on B1A4 being consistent in which concept they release based on their history so when lonely came out and I didn't love it I knew their next song would be a goofy one. F4fighting! and I fell in love with B1A4 because of their goofiness and consistently we have loved their silly songs better than their serious ones.
Solo Day (Game Teaser) doesn't give us a lot about the song or MV but the teaser is just plain fun. I love that they have given each of the members a title like Space Geek, Couch Potato, Flower Vagabond, Pizza Delivery, and Obsession Guy. So cute and clever. This is the first teaser and I've heard that they will be releasing a teaser, either a picture or video, each day till the MV comes out which should be on the 14th of this month. I hope we get one teaser of each member's nickname. Couch Potato Jinyoung. Space Geek Baro. Obsession Guy CNU. Flower Vagabond Gongchan. Pizza Delivery Sanduel. I am so excited! Also, this teaser is really clever and original. I love the old style video game and TV feel to it.

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