Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BigBang is Sober... maybe.

Seriously, BigBang? Another MV? What is this? Number five? Babe, Loser, Bang Bang Bang, We Like 2 Party, and now Sober; and they aren't even finished. If You will be coming out the beginning of next month, though I'm not sure if a MV will be released for that one. They've released more MVs in the past three months than most groups release in two years. I'm gonna say this is still make-up for being gone for so long.
Well Sober came out about half an hour ago and it's still very BigBang like. Very odd, very colorful, very hyperactive. Does Daesung really play the drums? Cause that's pretty cool if he does. I'm not really sure what to say about this MV but GD's legs look really skinny and those black overall things make Taeyang look even shorter than he already is. The song is pretty catchy though.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


BTS came out with a new MV!!!!
Oh, I needed this and at the same time couldn't they have waited till Friday?Finals are going on right now and while I love having a new song to listen to, this also means that I have a new MV to watch and they will release a Dance version, appeal version, live versions. I can't have that when I'm in the middle of finals. But I am happy that a new MV is out.
BTS really are incredible dancers. And I have to hand it to Suga, he has really improved with his dancing skills, like very much so. Great job, Suga.
Love the hair, well mostly. J-Hope's hair cut isn't doing it for me and I'm not wild about Jimin's color. Jung's dark purple is pretty awesome, RapMon looks pretty great with the lighter brown, Suga is fantastic in platinum blonde, Jin's darker hair is kind of adorable, and V is just V, his hair hasn't changed a lot since Boy In Luv. But putting glasses on V and platinum blonde on Suga are probably two of the best choices ibighit has ever made. I do have one question. How many times did Jungkook's nightstick fall off of his belt? And J-Hope had to be sweating like a pig in that racing outfit. And Jin  looked like he was having an outrageously large amount of fun. He has never been my favorite member and probably never will be but that wide eye-squinty smile thing he did with the stethoscope was positively adorable.  Loved it, I really did. All around I loved it and needed the distraction from Physiology.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

BigBang Likes 2 Party

Okay, BigBang has released another MV. Did YG have all these videos hidden for the past three years and just decide to release them all at once?
This MV was hilarious! And the song was good! We basically are watching the boys have fun and travel around. Play on go-carts, in hotel rooms, and in cars. At the end we see them playing in a pool and guess who not only jumps in fully clothed in his PJ's but also with a bathrobe on? That's right, TOP. Of course TOP would be the one to jump in with everything on. Couldn't he have worn shorts and a t-shirt? Why do you refuse to show us any amount of skin other than your face? I mean we love your face but let's see your arms for once. My only other outfit complaint is G-Dragon's fisherman's outfit but it's G-Dragon so wasn't surprised. The song itself felt like a summer fun song. Very different from their other songs, like completely different but I kind of liked the change in pace. It was different.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Love Me Right - EXO MV

Love Me Right is out!
First thing I noticed. Where's Tao? He's not my favorite member but I had a warm fondness for him. Is he no longer in the group or is he just injured? I really hope he's still a member. :(
Second thing; Box set again. Man, I had hoped we'd get some sort of plot when the teaser showed something other than dancing. Like why are Chen and Xiumin in the woods? Why is Xiumin on the ground with Chen slapping his face? Are Kai and Chanyeol playing video games? If so, why is Kai pushing Chanyeol? That's just rude. What is Xiumin making with his gas mask and vials? Drugs? Why is Sehun laying in the middle of trAintracks, seems dangerous. Does this have something to do with he and Kai spray painting the wall? Answers, SM! Let's give them a real MV with a plot for once. Or at least an attempt at a plot. They did dance in a football field so I guess you could argue that SM gave them something other than a box to dance in. I guess. But as always, they're great as dancing. Looking forward to the live version.
The song reminded me of Call Me Baby, similar style though Love Me Right had a more big band feel to it. I'll probably like it more the more I listen to it, like with Call Me Baby. I am desperately hoping SM releases Tell Me What is Love as a full version with this repackage album. Fans are begging for it! Please! Make it happen!!!!

Are you loving EXO right?

I really do love comeback season.
EXO is giving us another MV. Love Me Right's teaser was released yesterday and like every other EXO teaser we get, it makes no sense and could have little to nothing to do with the actual MV. We just get flashes of members running, in football uniforms, looking at water, Kai with pink hair. You know usual nonsensical EXO teaser. At least it looks like they won't be inside of a box. Well who knows, based on the teaser history they could still be in a box for this MV. June 3rd at midnight is when the MV will be released.

Monday, June 1, 2015

What U - Speed

Speed is back with their new MV, What U. Though they did recently lose their leader Woo Taewoon, and I'm still trying to recover from it, they comeback with a unique MV. It was a little dark, in the lighting sense, so I had trouble seeing the members and who was singing and dancing. I like Speed but I really only knew the name of their leader and maknae. Leader is gone, machine still there though I couldn't pick him out with the crappy lighting. Ever since Don't Tease Me! I've tried to keep an eye on Speed and I've been hoping their company would give them more notice and take them a little more seriously cause I truly believe they are a talented group and could be very good. Yes the plot of this video didn't really make sense. Yes, I do believe this was more of a commercial for Heelys than a MV but the shoes gave an interesting element to the dance and will make for a very curious and captivating live performance, I believe. The song itself was also kind of catchy and if I didn't have Pitch Perfect 2 songs running through my head I think this song could easily wedge itself in there for a day or so. I want to see how they do the live performance. Heelys anyone?

Edit: Oh my gosh! They cut their comeback! I can't believe it. It isn't uncommon for music shows to cut each groups' song once they've had their comeback, especially for less popular groups, but how dare they cut a song when it was the group's comeback song? Like, Seriously!!! Inkigayo, that is just downright rude. Shame on you!

BigBang - Bang Bang, Bang MV

BigBang came out with another MV. Are they trying to make-up for the fact that we haven't had a new MV from BigBang as a group for 3 years? Cause I am not buying it. Okay, maybe I am a little...
I feel like my first reaction to any current BigBang MV (that includes solo videos) is... What did I just watch? This video is the same. It reminded me a little of Bad Boy, with the head-banging, clubbing sound, type style. Like how would you dance to this? Thrashing and head banging. Yikes. TOP, what are you wearing on your head? Is that one of the British Royal Guard hats? Did the guard move when you stole it from his head? GD has already changed his hair color and style. That was fast. Daesung, please cut your hair. I like your eyes, when I can see them. Please cut your hair. I have nothing negative to say about Seungri and Taeyang. Seungri still looks fantastic with blonde hair and Taeyang looks surprisingly good with hot pink hair. Granted GD also looks good with red hair.
The song was actually pretty catchy, not that I'll be loading it onto my phone and blasting it everywhere I drive, but for how choppy and mashed together it was I liked it.
The MV is like every other BigBang MV, just sit and watch, don't think too hard cause you might hurt yourself (atlas, I would hurt myself). But Taeyang, you will give yourself whiplash if you let your head bounce all over the place in that car. Just be careful. I also don't know who Parris Goebel is but I guess she's the lady on the chain in GD's solo scene...