Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BigBang is Sober... maybe.

Seriously, BigBang? Another MV? What is this? Number five? Babe, Loser, Bang Bang Bang, We Like 2 Party, and now Sober; and they aren't even finished. If You will be coming out the beginning of next month, though I'm not sure if a MV will be released for that one. They've released more MVs in the past three months than most groups release in two years. I'm gonna say this is still make-up for being gone for so long.
Well Sober came out about half an hour ago and it's still very BigBang like. Very odd, very colorful, very hyperactive. Does Daesung really play the drums? Cause that's pretty cool if he does. I'm not really sure what to say about this MV but GD's legs look really skinny and those black overall things make Taeyang look even shorter than he already is. The song is pretty catchy though.

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