Wednesday, June 24, 2015


BTS came out with a new MV!!!!
Oh, I needed this and at the same time couldn't they have waited till Friday?Finals are going on right now and while I love having a new song to listen to, this also means that I have a new MV to watch and they will release a Dance version, appeal version, live versions. I can't have that when I'm in the middle of finals. But I am happy that a new MV is out.
BTS really are incredible dancers. And I have to hand it to Suga, he has really improved with his dancing skills, like very much so. Great job, Suga.
Love the hair, well mostly. J-Hope's hair cut isn't doing it for me and I'm not wild about Jimin's color. Jung's dark purple is pretty awesome, RapMon looks pretty great with the lighter brown, Suga is fantastic in platinum blonde, Jin's darker hair is kind of adorable, and V is just V, his hair hasn't changed a lot since Boy In Luv. But putting glasses on V and platinum blonde on Suga are probably two of the best choices ibighit has ever made. I do have one question. How many times did Jungkook's nightstick fall off of his belt? And J-Hope had to be sweating like a pig in that racing outfit. And Jin  looked like he was having an outrageously large amount of fun. He has never been my favorite member and probably never will be but that wide eye-squinty smile thing he did with the stethoscope was positively adorable.  Loved it, I really did. All around I loved it and needed the distraction from Physiology.

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