Monday, June 1, 2015

What U - Speed

Speed is back with their new MV, What U. Though they did recently lose their leader Woo Taewoon, and I'm still trying to recover from it, they comeback with a unique MV. It was a little dark, in the lighting sense, so I had trouble seeing the members and who was singing and dancing. I like Speed but I really only knew the name of their leader and maknae. Leader is gone, machine still there though I couldn't pick him out with the crappy lighting. Ever since Don't Tease Me! I've tried to keep an eye on Speed and I've been hoping their company would give them more notice and take them a little more seriously cause I truly believe they are a talented group and could be very good. Yes the plot of this video didn't really make sense. Yes, I do believe this was more of a commercial for Heelys than a MV but the shoes gave an interesting element to the dance and will make for a very curious and captivating live performance, I believe. The song itself was also kind of catchy and if I didn't have Pitch Perfect 2 songs running through my head I think this song could easily wedge itself in there for a day or so. I want to see how they do the live performance. Heelys anyone?

Edit: Oh my gosh! They cut their comeback! I can't believe it. It isn't uncommon for music shows to cut each groups' song once they've had their comeback, especially for less popular groups, but how dare they cut a song when it was the group's comeback song? Like, Seriously!!! Inkigayo, that is just downright rude. Shame on you!

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