Thursday, June 4, 2015

BigBang Likes 2 Party

Okay, BigBang has released another MV. Did YG have all these videos hidden for the past three years and just decide to release them all at once?
This MV was hilarious! And the song was good! We basically are watching the boys have fun and travel around. Play on go-carts, in hotel rooms, and in cars. At the end we see them playing in a pool and guess who not only jumps in fully clothed in his PJ's but also with a bathrobe on? That's right, TOP. Of course TOP would be the one to jump in with everything on. Couldn't he have worn shorts and a t-shirt? Why do you refuse to show us any amount of skin other than your face? I mean we love your face but let's see your arms for once. My only other outfit complaint is G-Dragon's fisherman's outfit but it's G-Dragon so wasn't surprised. The song itself felt like a summer fun song. Very different from their other songs, like completely different but I kind of liked the change in pace. It was different.

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