Monday, January 20, 2014

Gu Family Book Drama Review

Summary: Kang Chi was found in a basket on the river when he was a baby abandoned by his mother because she couldn't look after him. He's found by a kind Lord who has his trusted servant raise the boy as his own. So Kang Chi grows up as the servants son but is loved by the Lord like his own son. He plays and grows with the Lord's two children who are like siblings to him until one day the Lord is killed and the murder is pinned on Kang Chi does he start to realize that there is something different about him. It doesn't take long for Kang Chi to find out that he's really half Gumiho and after he meets Dam Yeo Wool and slowly starts to learn how to control his Gumiho side, does he think about finding a way to become fully human.

Review: Oh Gu Family Book. I loved you, and yet I didn't... I loved some of your characters and yet I hated others, and most of your plot points were terribly flawed. That being said. I did like this drama, to an extent. At one point, rather early on, I got tired of the main villain because let's be honest he could have ben rid of half way through the drama and they could have focused more on the second villain that comes in, Kang Chi's dad; which would have been a better idea than letting the maniac run around for 24 episodes. The romance in this drama is cute when it gets going but it's also cute while the lead couple kind of dance around the subject cause neither of them are sure of their feelings. It's cute, I would recommend a different Lee Seung Gi drama before this one, say My Girlfriend is a Gumiho or King 2 Hearts. I like Suzy but I would suggest watching Dream High before this drama. Cute drama but I got so frustrated with the villain that I was more annoyed by him than afraid of him. The ending was lame. Like seriously lame.

Rating: 7/10

Memorable Moment: Episode 12
Poor Kang Chi is struggling with his Gumiho nature. After having a pretty rough day, one where his family pretty much became terrified of him, there rocks and sticks at him and called him a monster, Kang Chi tries to return to the Martial Arts School. A guard spots him and in order to identify himself, Kang Chi must show them his face, but he's in his Gumiho form still. The sight of his, (I feel so bad using this word), monstrous face send everyone into panic and defense mode. All Kang Chi wants to do is see Yeo Wool because he thinks she has his magical Gumiho containing bracelet but master Dam doesn't want his daughter anywhere near Kang Chi while he looks like that. Angered, Kang Chi growls and one of the guards rush at him which ends in the guard pinned to the ground with Kang Chi's claws around his throat. Master Dam orders  Kang Chi to release the guard but Kang Chi only tightens his hold which forces Master Dam Slit Kang Chi's throat and that's when Yeo Wool rushes out to stop her father by standing between lang Chi and the sword positioned to kill him. She refuses to move even when her father orders her to stand down and retorts with.
"You're the one who told me that there's no such thing as bad people, that there are only bad circumstances. Kang Chi is the same." She goes on to defend him by saying that he did nothing wrong and this isn't his fault. As she speaks Kang Chi lets go of the guard and starts to rise to his feet. Master Dam doesn't care and again orders Yeo Wool to move which make Kang Chi angry again. Yeo Wool quickly rushes to Kang Chi's side and grabs his blood covered, claw-like, hand dropping the jaws of every person in the yard then she continues to thread her fingers through his. Though everyone is shocked no one is more so than Kang Chi who hasn't seen an ounce of kindness all day.
"I won't stand down." She tells her father. "Ever." Kang Chi looks over at Yeo Wool and slowly changes back to his old non-gumiho crazed self. Yeo Wool beams at him and he smiles back completely normal looking.

What I like about this scene was it only took kindness for Kang Chi to calm down. Yes, Yeo Wool is the only one who can truly calm him down so he will change back into his human form but if anyone in the yard had shown even a little bit of kindness, Kang Chi would have calmed down a little. You don't reason with a beaten dog by threatening to kill it if it doesn't lower its hackles and stop growling; you have to kindly show it some humanity before it will trust you and stop its attack. Drawing a sword on a terrified, dangerous, Gumiho will not make him let go of the man that attacked him; however, Yeo Wool knew that Kang Chi was scared and through calm and kind gestures, she helped him return to his normal state. Kindness people, kindness, love, and trust are the ways to a frightened Gumiho's heart.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Inspiring Generation Introduction

Inspiring Generation has started and we've seen the first two episodes. Honestly, I'm not hooked on the idea yet. The first two episodes did nothing to make me more interested. Maybe it will get better with time but so far I'm not impressed. We have been introduced to the main character and the first two episodes are background story. Jung Tae is a great, nice, kind-hearted, sweet guy with a very poor background. His mother is dead, his father is not around cause he's in prison, his younger sister has a health problem that costs a lot of money to fix, and he gets swindled and his life savings is stolen. We get it, his life is tough. I'm guessing that all these issues in his life is supposed to make us feel sympathy for him and thus root for him, but I would have been on his side if his father was in prison and the family was poor but he was still a really good guy. Jung Tae is a natural fighter often comes home with fresh cuts and bruises due to situations he gets into. I'm really waiting for the story to get started till I give my final vote for or against this drama.
This is probably a drama I will watch casually on weekends after I've finished watching The Prime Minister and I, You Who Came From The Stars, and any other drama that I've been waiting to start.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

You Who Came From the Stars half way point

Aw man. I live for this drama. And unless they mess up terribly, please don't, this is a drama I will probably re-watch cause I love it so much. The main couple is so cute. They're so cute together even though they both act like they hate it. I love it! Half way point as we get a few questions answered. One, What are his abilities and are there any rules to them? Teleportation, stopping time, super hearing, telekinesis, and super eyesight. Yes there are rules which I am insanely glad for cause abilities without rule are lame. There have to be some restrictions Two, Why can't Do Min Joon can't mix blood or saliva with a human? He's gets insanely sick and he knew that and he still kissed her!
Speaking of that kiss. Poor Cheon Song Yi has been left confused and feeling anxious whenever she's not around Min Joon. She is doesn't know why her heart starts racing and her lips get dry when she sees him. She can't figure out why she wants to stay at his house. Song Yi keeps thinking about him, the way he looks, the kiss, and she creates every excuse known to mankind to go over to his house to see him. Poor girl, being in love is difficult. Lucky for us, she has sort of confessed to Min Joon; not that she needed to cause he can probably hear all of her crazy yelling and ranting about how much she thinks of him. It kills me that he almost looks happy at her confession but also shocked, as shocked as he can show with his near emotional less face. I do love that early on Min Joon just accepted the way he feels about Song Yi rather than dancing around the idea. He accepted it and didn't even bother trying to convince himself otherwise. Let it happen seemed to be his theory and though eh never showed that to her, he was clearly happy having her around always.

What do I like about this drama so far? Well, the main pairing are hilarious together, and I honestly don't mind the second lead male. Hui Kyung is sweet, he really is, and you can see just how much he cares for Song Yi which makes me feel bad for him. It's clear that Song Yi only feels friendship for him but he just keeps trying. I really feel bad for him. One thing I like about him, he's suspicious. Jae Kyung is getting interested in Song Yi and Hui Kyung notices that and becomes suspicious when he starts asking too many questions. I like that, he thinks. He's smart! But I still don't want him to end up with Song Yi. I am fine with just feeling bad for him. In fact, I also feel bad for Se Mi, the second lead female. I pity her because she has always been second best and has stuck faithfully by Song Yi's side for years, and then she gets her big hit after Song Yi falls. It's tough living in the shadow of the biggest star all your life, always being second, and I can see how she turned out the way she did. I don't believe her when she said that she never considered herself Song Yi's friend; I don't believe that for a second. I don't believe it because I think Se Mi is kind on the inside. I feel like she really did care for Song Yi but it's easy to get caught up in fame and when you're always being compared to Song Yi, even after she's fallen, you become a little bitter and even manipulative; though she was a little manipulative to begin with. I really do feel bad for her.

Now let's talk about the villain. Honestly, the villain makes me laugh. I think it's just ridiculous. Jae Kyung is... I have no idea. I wouldn't say that he's useless cause he's pushing plot points forward, as well as creating them, but seriously? How many people has he killed so far? Six? Seven? How many people did he kill before this drama and when and how did he start becoming a psychopath? I do hope we get a few answers to questions like that cause otherwise we have no background on the villain except his "Ex"-wife who is locked in an insane asylum. Whatever.
Back to the main couple and the problems with Min Joon. I got distracted and thus went off on a slight tangent so now I'm back to a questions answered or unanswered. I would like to know why the plants in his house are connected to his health and mood. Does he have a Green Thumb on steroids or something? Just something I'm curious but I'd probably survive if I didn't learn the answer to. Probably.

Cheon Song Yi. I love this character. She knows how to put on a strong face but she's completely alone. She can be so stone faced at time but other times she is so vulnerable and raw. I love her character, I really do. Song Yi is like a little kid who just wants attention and love. She is one of the few female leads that hasn't bothered me to some degree. She has always been a star so she doesn't really know how to be a normal person so love, friends, relationships, basic communication skills; all these things are completely foreign to her.

Do Min Joon time, more specifically, the little time he has left. With two months left on Earth, what is going to happen. Seriously? I'll be really sad if he actually does return home and leave Song Yi behind, but I'll be super sad if he stays on Earth for her, cause he could live forever and a few years with her is short in the lifespan of an immortal being. If you look at the Min Joon is Joseon times versus the Min Joon now, Joseon Min Joon smiles a lot more. Living forever can be kind of boring and can take the humor out of someone and we really won't see Min Joon smile if he lives forever on Earth. What is going to happen? Will he leave? Is there going to be some way for him to become mortal? Like Human blood or spit? Cause those things make him sick but they also make him feel human so maybe over time? Maybe? Probably not. I really hope the Writer's at least have some idea of how this drama is gonna end cause I sure don't. On a side note, I'm really sad that the story between Min Joon and the girl in Joseon times has ended. We learned so much about him and the two were fantastic together. Loved those flashbacks into his previous life.
I love the little Epilogues the drama gives at the end of each episode; they give us cute little background info orThis drama sure does a great job of keeping me hooked till the next week. I can't wait till the finale, which I may or may not be out of town for that and thus away from any form of a computer. *whimper*

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Lee Seung Gi!

Lee Seung Gi!!! Today Lee Seung Gi is turning 27. F4fighting! and I love Lee Seung Gi. We loved him in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. We loved him in King 2 Hearts. He mad a cute Gumiho in Gu Family Book. He's going to be in another drama soonish where he plays a cop. Lee Seung Gi is good at playing the hero that has the looks but is kind of a wuss and by the end of the drama he shapes up to be a pretty great guy but every one of his roles are different. He can always bring something new to the field rather than being a cut out each drama he's in. I love it! Lee Seung Gi is so special that he is in the Corner of Sharing. He must be shared, his awesomeness needs to be shared. He has a great voice and he's funny. He's just all around sweet. He is currently doing a show called Noonas Before Flowers and while I'm not watching it, I'm hearing that he's just adorable and his heart is in the right place though he often messes up. :)


And Lonely is finally out. I'm seeing a trend in B1A4's MVs. B1A4 will release a fun and kind of silly song, and then a slightly more serious. They go through these phases and right now they are in a slightly more serious phase.
The first thing I noticed about this MV, it looks freaking cold. Living in a place where the cars have the possibility of being covered in ice like that and freeze shut, those boys look cold. Did you see the gloves CNU was wearing? They looked like OvGloves. And Baro was wearing gloves and looked the warmest with his hat and huge fur collar, but poor Jinyoung, Gongchan and Sandeul were barehanded and freezing looking. Maybe Sandeul could have been warm if he stuck his face in his collar but Jinyoung and Gongchan had their little jackets. Brr. I hope they didn't have to cut any fingers off from Frostbite after this video. Speaking of Gongchan, he's growing up. Each MV he is looking less and less like the Maknae. Sandeul, you might have to take over the role of Maknae cause Gongchan is looking like a man.
Let's see, song first or plot of the music video?
Song: Alright, the song was pretty. I liked the way it flowed with the members singing different parts and then it transitioned into Baro's rap very nicely both times. I thought Gongchan had more lines than in past songs and he did a very good job with them. I think the song had a very smooth sound to it and it wasn't choppy like What's Happening?, not that I minded the choppiness of What's Happening? cause I loved it and it worked with the MV and song style. I couldn't understand the Engrish in this song. Lonely. I think there was a Sorry in there at one point. Every-somewordIcouldn'tunderstand. Every-someotherwordthatIcouldn'tunderstand. Baby I just want my special time with you. maybe...? I'm sure there was more and I just didn't understand it. B1A4 is good at having Engrish lyrics that don't make sense or are unintelligible.
Plot time: I'm a little unsure about this but here's what I got. Okay, Jinyoung had a girl, balloon girl, and she left him so he's going through each day depressed and going through the motions of getting dressed and eating when he does something that triggers a memory of her and she "comes back" in the form of an expressionless girl. Jinyoung then tries to reenact simple things that they would do together but she starts to float away, (which is why I believe that she left him). Jinyoung ties a ribbon around her wrist as to keep her/memories or her with him but she keeps trying to float away. Eventually, Jinyoung lets go of the ribbon and the girl floats away which can symbolize either he's moved on or he realizes that he just can't hold onto her anymore and then the MV ends with Jinyoung floating away. I have no idea why he also floated away.
I'm sure I am way off with my evaluation of the plot but whatever.
It was a good song, good MV, I'm excited for when they release a dance version, and I can't wait to see it live.
I'm having trouble getting the video to work so here's the link in the meantime.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy Birthday D.O!

It is the birthday of Do Kyungsoo, EXO's low note power vocalist is turning 21 today! We wish him a happy birthday and many more to come. Keep up the good work Squishy!

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Prime Minister and I, half way mark

This drama is cute. I don't necessarily love it, but I think it's cute. Like any half way point in a drama, we get people admitting their feelings and problems building up. Will this drama continue to be cute and funny? Probably, but I have the feeling that the conflict is going to be stretched a little to far. There are a few conflicts going on that I think can become a little frivolous. I'm not going to expound on them incase someone reads this hasn't seen the drama yet and I don't want to spoil anything. I can see this drama turning one of two ways with the whole Marriage Contract thing. One: They going a You're Beautiful route and very few people find out about it and it remains a secret by the end of the drama (slightly unlikely, relatively no mess). Or two: the whole press finds out and the world ends (more likely, very big mess). I don't care which way they go cause I'll still watch it.
Hopefully, this drama stays cute and light with lots of humor. I'm not a big fan of Yoona, nor do I like Yoon Shi Yoon playing the angst-filled side character, but the drama has remained light enough even though it's not particularly captivating. We shall see how the second half of the drama shapes up to be.

Monday, January 6, 2014

One is the loneliest number that there ever was

We have a second teaser for B1A4's Lonely MV! This one is just of Jinyoung so I'm wondering if we will get teasers for each of the members or if Jinyoung was just special and he gets his own teaser. This teaser was actually a little disturbing to me, maybe the girl floating to the top of the ceiling looking a little blanked face just reminded me of a horror movie trailer... Still not sure when the Music Video will come out but we will keep our eyes peeled.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lonely boys

B1A4 has a teaser out for their upcoming MV and album, Lonely. The teaser doesn't say when the MV will come out but if we just keep our eyes open I'm sure we'll see it. We don't get a whole lot from this video, just our five boys walking in the snow and looking sad. We're excited for the new song. Are you?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Lee Sungmin!

Yesterday was the birthday of Lee Sungmin from Super Junior! I love Minnie! Sungmin is Part of Super Junior as well as Super Junior-H, Super Junior-M, and joins Super Junior-KRY on occasion. Sungmin is 28 now! Happy Birthday!!