Sunday, January 12, 2014


And Lonely is finally out. I'm seeing a trend in B1A4's MVs. B1A4 will release a fun and kind of silly song, and then a slightly more serious. They go through these phases and right now they are in a slightly more serious phase.
The first thing I noticed about this MV, it looks freaking cold. Living in a place where the cars have the possibility of being covered in ice like that and freeze shut, those boys look cold. Did you see the gloves CNU was wearing? They looked like OvGloves. And Baro was wearing gloves and looked the warmest with his hat and huge fur collar, but poor Jinyoung, Gongchan and Sandeul were barehanded and freezing looking. Maybe Sandeul could have been warm if he stuck his face in his collar but Jinyoung and Gongchan had their little jackets. Brr. I hope they didn't have to cut any fingers off from Frostbite after this video. Speaking of Gongchan, he's growing up. Each MV he is looking less and less like the Maknae. Sandeul, you might have to take over the role of Maknae cause Gongchan is looking like a man.
Let's see, song first or plot of the music video?
Song: Alright, the song was pretty. I liked the way it flowed with the members singing different parts and then it transitioned into Baro's rap very nicely both times. I thought Gongchan had more lines than in past songs and he did a very good job with them. I think the song had a very smooth sound to it and it wasn't choppy like What's Happening?, not that I minded the choppiness of What's Happening? cause I loved it and it worked with the MV and song style. I couldn't understand the Engrish in this song. Lonely. I think there was a Sorry in there at one point. Every-somewordIcouldn'tunderstand. Every-someotherwordthatIcouldn'tunderstand. Baby I just want my special time with you. maybe...? I'm sure there was more and I just didn't understand it. B1A4 is good at having Engrish lyrics that don't make sense or are unintelligible.
Plot time: I'm a little unsure about this but here's what I got. Okay, Jinyoung had a girl, balloon girl, and she left him so he's going through each day depressed and going through the motions of getting dressed and eating when he does something that triggers a memory of her and she "comes back" in the form of an expressionless girl. Jinyoung then tries to reenact simple things that they would do together but she starts to float away, (which is why I believe that she left him). Jinyoung ties a ribbon around her wrist as to keep her/memories or her with him but she keeps trying to float away. Eventually, Jinyoung lets go of the ribbon and the girl floats away which can symbolize either he's moved on or he realizes that he just can't hold onto her anymore and then the MV ends with Jinyoung floating away. I have no idea why he also floated away.
I'm sure I am way off with my evaluation of the plot but whatever.
It was a good song, good MV, I'm excited for when they release a dance version, and I can't wait to see it live.
I'm having trouble getting the video to work so here's the link in the meantime.

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