Thursday, January 16, 2014

You Who Came From the Stars half way point

Aw man. I live for this drama. And unless they mess up terribly, please don't, this is a drama I will probably re-watch cause I love it so much. The main couple is so cute. They're so cute together even though they both act like they hate it. I love it! Half way point as we get a few questions answered. One, What are his abilities and are there any rules to them? Teleportation, stopping time, super hearing, telekinesis, and super eyesight. Yes there are rules which I am insanely glad for cause abilities without rule are lame. There have to be some restrictions Two, Why can't Do Min Joon can't mix blood or saliva with a human? He's gets insanely sick and he knew that and he still kissed her!
Speaking of that kiss. Poor Cheon Song Yi has been left confused and feeling anxious whenever she's not around Min Joon. She is doesn't know why her heart starts racing and her lips get dry when she sees him. She can't figure out why she wants to stay at his house. Song Yi keeps thinking about him, the way he looks, the kiss, and she creates every excuse known to mankind to go over to his house to see him. Poor girl, being in love is difficult. Lucky for us, she has sort of confessed to Min Joon; not that she needed to cause he can probably hear all of her crazy yelling and ranting about how much she thinks of him. It kills me that he almost looks happy at her confession but also shocked, as shocked as he can show with his near emotional less face. I do love that early on Min Joon just accepted the way he feels about Song Yi rather than dancing around the idea. He accepted it and didn't even bother trying to convince himself otherwise. Let it happen seemed to be his theory and though eh never showed that to her, he was clearly happy having her around always.

What do I like about this drama so far? Well, the main pairing are hilarious together, and I honestly don't mind the second lead male. Hui Kyung is sweet, he really is, and you can see just how much he cares for Song Yi which makes me feel bad for him. It's clear that Song Yi only feels friendship for him but he just keeps trying. I really feel bad for him. One thing I like about him, he's suspicious. Jae Kyung is getting interested in Song Yi and Hui Kyung notices that and becomes suspicious when he starts asking too many questions. I like that, he thinks. He's smart! But I still don't want him to end up with Song Yi. I am fine with just feeling bad for him. In fact, I also feel bad for Se Mi, the second lead female. I pity her because she has always been second best and has stuck faithfully by Song Yi's side for years, and then she gets her big hit after Song Yi falls. It's tough living in the shadow of the biggest star all your life, always being second, and I can see how she turned out the way she did. I don't believe her when she said that she never considered herself Song Yi's friend; I don't believe that for a second. I don't believe it because I think Se Mi is kind on the inside. I feel like she really did care for Song Yi but it's easy to get caught up in fame and when you're always being compared to Song Yi, even after she's fallen, you become a little bitter and even manipulative; though she was a little manipulative to begin with. I really do feel bad for her.

Now let's talk about the villain. Honestly, the villain makes me laugh. I think it's just ridiculous. Jae Kyung is... I have no idea. I wouldn't say that he's useless cause he's pushing plot points forward, as well as creating them, but seriously? How many people has he killed so far? Six? Seven? How many people did he kill before this drama and when and how did he start becoming a psychopath? I do hope we get a few answers to questions like that cause otherwise we have no background on the villain except his "Ex"-wife who is locked in an insane asylum. Whatever.
Back to the main couple and the problems with Min Joon. I got distracted and thus went off on a slight tangent so now I'm back to a questions answered or unanswered. I would like to know why the plants in his house are connected to his health and mood. Does he have a Green Thumb on steroids or something? Just something I'm curious but I'd probably survive if I didn't learn the answer to. Probably.

Cheon Song Yi. I love this character. She knows how to put on a strong face but she's completely alone. She can be so stone faced at time but other times she is so vulnerable and raw. I love her character, I really do. Song Yi is like a little kid who just wants attention and love. She is one of the few female leads that hasn't bothered me to some degree. She has always been a star so she doesn't really know how to be a normal person so love, friends, relationships, basic communication skills; all these things are completely foreign to her.

Do Min Joon time, more specifically, the little time he has left. With two months left on Earth, what is going to happen. Seriously? I'll be really sad if he actually does return home and leave Song Yi behind, but I'll be super sad if he stays on Earth for her, cause he could live forever and a few years with her is short in the lifespan of an immortal being. If you look at the Min Joon is Joseon times versus the Min Joon now, Joseon Min Joon smiles a lot more. Living forever can be kind of boring and can take the humor out of someone and we really won't see Min Joon smile if he lives forever on Earth. What is going to happen? Will he leave? Is there going to be some way for him to become mortal? Like Human blood or spit? Cause those things make him sick but they also make him feel human so maybe over time? Maybe? Probably not. I really hope the Writer's at least have some idea of how this drama is gonna end cause I sure don't. On a side note, I'm really sad that the story between Min Joon and the girl in Joseon times has ended. We learned so much about him and the two were fantastic together. Loved those flashbacks into his previous life.
I love the little Epilogues the drama gives at the end of each episode; they give us cute little background info orThis drama sure does a great job of keeping me hooked till the next week. I can't wait till the finale, which I may or may not be out of town for that and thus away from any form of a computer. *whimper*

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