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Gu Family Book Drama Review

Summary: Kang Chi was found in a basket on the river when he was a baby abandoned by his mother because she couldn't look after him. He's found by a kind Lord who has his trusted servant raise the boy as his own. So Kang Chi grows up as the servants son but is loved by the Lord like his own son. He plays and grows with the Lord's two children who are like siblings to him until one day the Lord is killed and the murder is pinned on Kang Chi does he start to realize that there is something different about him. It doesn't take long for Kang Chi to find out that he's really half Gumiho and after he meets Dam Yeo Wool and slowly starts to learn how to control his Gumiho side, does he think about finding a way to become fully human.

Review: Oh Gu Family Book. I loved you, and yet I didn't... I loved some of your characters and yet I hated others, and most of your plot points were terribly flawed. That being said. I did like this drama, to an extent. At one point, rather early on, I got tired of the main villain because let's be honest he could have ben rid of half way through the drama and they could have focused more on the second villain that comes in, Kang Chi's dad; which would have been a better idea than letting the maniac run around for 24 episodes. The romance in this drama is cute when it gets going but it's also cute while the lead couple kind of dance around the subject cause neither of them are sure of their feelings. It's cute, I would recommend a different Lee Seung Gi drama before this one, say My Girlfriend is a Gumiho or King 2 Hearts. I like Suzy but I would suggest watching Dream High before this drama. Cute drama but I got so frustrated with the villain that I was more annoyed by him than afraid of him. The ending was lame. Like seriously lame.

Rating: 7/10

Memorable Moment: Episode 12
Poor Kang Chi is struggling with his Gumiho nature. After having a pretty rough day, one where his family pretty much became terrified of him, there rocks and sticks at him and called him a monster, Kang Chi tries to return to the Martial Arts School. A guard spots him and in order to identify himself, Kang Chi must show them his face, but he's in his Gumiho form still. The sight of his, (I feel so bad using this word), monstrous face send everyone into panic and defense mode. All Kang Chi wants to do is see Yeo Wool because he thinks she has his magical Gumiho containing bracelet but master Dam doesn't want his daughter anywhere near Kang Chi while he looks like that. Angered, Kang Chi growls and one of the guards rush at him which ends in the guard pinned to the ground with Kang Chi's claws around his throat. Master Dam orders  Kang Chi to release the guard but Kang Chi only tightens his hold which forces Master Dam Slit Kang Chi's throat and that's when Yeo Wool rushes out to stop her father by standing between lang Chi and the sword positioned to kill him. She refuses to move even when her father orders her to stand down and retorts with.
"You're the one who told me that there's no such thing as bad people, that there are only bad circumstances. Kang Chi is the same." She goes on to defend him by saying that he did nothing wrong and this isn't his fault. As she speaks Kang Chi lets go of the guard and starts to rise to his feet. Master Dam doesn't care and again orders Yeo Wool to move which make Kang Chi angry again. Yeo Wool quickly rushes to Kang Chi's side and grabs his blood covered, claw-like, hand dropping the jaws of every person in the yard then she continues to thread her fingers through his. Though everyone is shocked no one is more so than Kang Chi who hasn't seen an ounce of kindness all day.
"I won't stand down." She tells her father. "Ever." Kang Chi looks over at Yeo Wool and slowly changes back to his old non-gumiho crazed self. Yeo Wool beams at him and he smiles back completely normal looking.

What I like about this scene was it only took kindness for Kang Chi to calm down. Yes, Yeo Wool is the only one who can truly calm him down so he will change back into his human form but if anyone in the yard had shown even a little bit of kindness, Kang Chi would have calmed down a little. You don't reason with a beaten dog by threatening to kill it if it doesn't lower its hackles and stop growling; you have to kindly show it some humanity before it will trust you and stop its attack. Drawing a sword on a terrified, dangerous, Gumiho will not make him let go of the man that attacked him; however, Yeo Wool knew that Kang Chi was scared and through calm and kind gestures, she helped him return to his normal state. Kindness people, kindness, love, and trust are the ways to a frightened Gumiho's heart.

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