Saturday, January 18, 2014

Inspiring Generation Introduction

Inspiring Generation has started and we've seen the first two episodes. Honestly, I'm not hooked on the idea yet. The first two episodes did nothing to make me more interested. Maybe it will get better with time but so far I'm not impressed. We have been introduced to the main character and the first two episodes are background story. Jung Tae is a great, nice, kind-hearted, sweet guy with a very poor background. His mother is dead, his father is not around cause he's in prison, his younger sister has a health problem that costs a lot of money to fix, and he gets swindled and his life savings is stolen. We get it, his life is tough. I'm guessing that all these issues in his life is supposed to make us feel sympathy for him and thus root for him, but I would have been on his side if his father was in prison and the family was poor but he was still a really good guy. Jung Tae is a natural fighter often comes home with fresh cuts and bruises due to situations he gets into. I'm really waiting for the story to get started till I give my final vote for or against this drama.
This is probably a drama I will watch casually on weekends after I've finished watching The Prime Minister and I, You Who Came From The Stars, and any other drama that I've been waiting to start.

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