Thursday, May 30, 2013

EXO Wolf MV! Korean and Chinese!!

For the most part the two mv's are very similar. I am going to focus on the Korean version because it's my favorite, but BOTH are AMAZING and worth watching and listening to!!! 
The Dance: GENIUS. I LOVED the finger jazz hands and then the clapping with  body swaying. I loved the big body movements and arm motions with claw hands. I loved all of the jumping and close to the ground moves and footwork. Who else had their mind completely blown as we watched the attractive EXO boys freaking transform in and out of their wolf forms!?!?!?! AHH! Gorgeous! And that pose they had at the very beginning where they make some awesome art piece with their arms! Their wolf howl faces and fierce looks and movements are so loveable. I just completely loved the entire things. AND I loved when they would claw the screen and it would appear torn. Their hairstyles and outfits were perfect, not too scary, yet totally appropriate for wolf boys. *drools*
The song: Okay so one thing I really love about this song is how clearly pronounced the chorus of the song is. I can actually sing along with the Korean even though I don't speak it!!! In addition, the howling is completely fantastic and so FUN!!!!! The whole concept of this song is just something I find so endearing and playful and they did a FANTASTIC job!!!!!!
LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!
dramajunkie: Alright, this song. I didn't love it. Loved the dance, but I wasn't wild about the song. I liked some parts of the song, but not all of it. I didn't like the chorus but I did like other parts of the song. Of course I loved D.O's part at 1:43, and his part at 2:51, and him in general. I did really like the rap section at 1:50. Mostly, I just didn't love the song. The second time I heard it I liked it a bit more but I liked Growl much better. The beginning pose was pretty awesome. Maybe my mind will be changed after I watch the drama things they released.

EXO_늑대와 미녀 (Wolf)_Music Video (Korean ver.)

EXO_늑대와 미녀 (Wolf)_Music Video (Chinese ver.)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

*wolf howl* EXO Wolf X2

EXO_늑대와 미녀 (Wolf)_Music Video Teaser 2 (Korean ver.)

EXO_늑대와 미녀 (Wolf)_Music Video Teaser 2 (Chinese ver.)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Highlight Medley XOXO

EXO's first album 'XOXO (Kiss&Hug)' containing 10 tracks will be released on June 3rd!!! Dahh!! I'm so excited!! Here are the Chinese and Korean Highlight Medleys!!!!!
The tracklist for the album goes as follows:

1. Wolf
2. Baby Don't Cry
3. Black Pearl
4. Don't Go
5. Let Out the Beast
6. 365
7. Heart Attack
8. Peter Pan
9. Baby
10. My lady

Peter Pan is my childhood crush. Exo and SM know what they're doing. SO EXCITED!!!

EXO_The 1st Album 'XOXO (Kiss&Hug)'_Highlight Medley (Korean ver.)

EXO_The 1st Album 'XOXO (Kiss&Hug)'_Highlight Medley (Chinese ver.)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wonder Boyz + Tarzan????!! Yes, please.

I know nothing about Wonder Boyz, but that is going to change very soon. I stumbled across this video and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loving the gorilla-esque jungle dance portions and also the whole mv concept!!! The song is beautiful and the vocals are so mesmerizing! The English phrases are killer..."Jane, I'll be your Tarzan!" Clever. The deep "hey hey hey" in the background to a bouncing beat. Smurf sweaters, Harry Potter glasses, comic books....lots of win going on. ;)

원더보이즈 (WonderBoyz) - 타잔 (Tarzan) MV

I WANNA DANCE Eunhae style!

The Oppa, Oppa! Team returns with I Wanna Dance!! This is a pretty funny clever Japanese mv full of lots of endearing Eunhae moments and silly dance moves!!! Eunhyuk seems to be wearing Jinyoung's which they both look pretty good in so I'm okay with it ;) and they seemed to have borrowed at least two "Brohohoho" rooms. Eunhyuk and Donghae can make anything look good...and of course the tune is VERY catchy....Enjoy!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Aron!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Aron is from the group NU'EST and he just turned 20 on May 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So young, so cute and so talented!! Aron is the oldest member of NU'EST, but he is not the leader. He speaks completely fluent and FLAWLESS English that I am completely in love with, espesh when he raps wicked fast!!! Happy Birthday, Aron!!! Fighting!!

EXOtic Wolf Boys

EXO has released a teaser for their new song Wolf!!!! I am so excited for their first real album- XOXO! Espesh after watching this teaser!! Did we get to hear any singing? No. BUT we did get to see some HOT Exo aliens taking on the form of wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait for this MV!! Exo is living up to all the hype SM has said about them!! DAH! 

EXO_늑대와 미녀 (Wolf)_Music Video Teaser

Sunday, May 19, 2013

EXO teasers.

And we have member teasers for ExoK and ExoM. Is D.o being punished? That's kind of cute, in a sad way. We still don't know when the music video will come out but probably soon. *shrug*

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Day of Birth, Taeyang!!

Happy Birthday to Big Bang member, Taeyang!!
Pretty sure he is turning 25!!!
 (but I seriously get confused about age difference in Korea, so don't quote me on that...)
We love your dancing, singing, dislike of shirts, fairly consistent hairdos, and half-black personality!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Well EXO is coming back Poor EXOtics have been waiting for what seems like a lifetime, and while I'm not a huge EXO follower, I do enjoy their music. We have been given a few teaser photos and a promise of a teaser video today or tomorrow. Their first album will be called XOXO(Kiss&Hug). The teaser pictures being released have had fans going crazy guessing their comeback concept. Seriously going crazy. While I think EXO fans have been kept waiting so long their theories are a little out there, I can see how some of their wild theories could be correct. I'm not super interested in the deep meaning behind the comeback, I just want to hear the songs and see the music video, but knowing my luck the music video will come out after I've left on Wednesday and I won't get to hear it.

I will be back

Hello everyone!
dramajunkie speaking here and I have something to tell you guys. I am leaving for a bit, a year and a half to be exact. I have a very amazing opportunity to go do some service type work in the Philippines and I am set to leave a week from yesterday. I won't have access, opportunity, nor permission to update this blog while I am gone but fear not for I will be back in approximately a year and a half. In my absence F4fighting! will keep this blog up to date but she is in school and is currently working on finishing her degree so please understand if she doesn't post extremely often. I am extremely grateful to everyone who follows, reads, passes by, and glances at our blog and I hope to see you all in a year and a half. :)


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gu Family Book Half Way Mark

We have had 12 out of 24 episodes for Gu Family Book so it is officially the half way mark and time to do a quick plot update, character developments, and a few thoughts about the drama and characters.

I do like this drama but I'm a little surprised by how slow news travels. Seriously, Chung Jo just found out that her mother is dead? She died in episode 3... Tae Seo just found out that Chung Jo is a Giseang? She was sold as a government slave in, oh, episode 3... *sigh* Just a little ridiculous, I think. I really like the filming in this drama but I do find myself wondering why they pan around one character for a minute and then switch angles and leave the camera on that same character for another minute, and then switch angles yet again while nothing is being said. I think they take just a hair too long with deep meaningful shots. A very small complaint. Very small cause I still love the filming and directing. There's some pretty major plot errors but I'm going to ignore them... *coughTaeSeo'sStupidSpellWithNoRulescough* -.-'

Kang Chi: Slowly, he is being more human. The process has just started, literally, and the key factor is Yeo Wool. The main difference between Kang Chi and his father, Wol Ryung, was the person who loved them. Yeo Wool has seen Kang Chi's dark side and continues to stay by his side no matter and she is slowly humanizing him. Wol Ryung's love, Seo Hwa, completely betrayed him once she learned of his Gumiho side. Poor Kang Chi is having problem after problem and betrayal after betrayal so he needs someone to hold tight to his hand and always be there for him; Yeo Wool is that person. Kang Chi has found out that Yeo Wool is in fact a girl and though he treats her exactly the same, even continuing to call her Master Dam, his actions have become slightly more playful and flirty with her. But I don't think that he is becoming human because she is a girl and he's growing to love her. I think Kang Chi could be tamed even if he continued to think Yeo Wool was a boy because all he needs is someone to stand by him. I'd even go as far as to say that Tae Seo could have tamed him if he had stayed by his side. Kang Chi only needs support. Kang Chi is also becoming more mature. He started the drama off with a careless nature but he has faced trials and is coming out of them a slightly stronger person. Does he have a long way to go? Oh yes, but he is getting there and I love seeing character development.

Yeo Wool: Ah, Yeo Wool is wise beyond her years. There is a brain in that pretty little heard and it is so refreshing to see a heroine use her brain. She doesn't act rashly, she thinks everything through and has motive behind every action even if no one knows what her motive is. She will turn Kang Chi human and no matter what she will stand by his side. I'm not too worried about what will happen when Kang Chi finds out that Yeo Wool's father killed his father, but not so worried that it keeps me up at night. Yeo Wool is a breath of fresh air and I love the scenes where she and Kang Chi are together. I don't care about the romance aspect, that's a lie I totally do, but I really love watching them interact and joke around with each other. Yeo Wool and Kang Chi developed a friend relationship that is growing into love but they aren't awkward around each other which is partially due to Yeo Wool's forward nature. Way to not be a 'side on the side mope around' lead girl! You go girl! Be strong! Stay completely awesome!!! Tame that divine creature!

Kwan Woong: Ugh. This guy seriously needs to die. Like seriously needs to die. Give me a knife, sword, bow and arrow, gun. Let me kill him. Creepy, gross, repulsive. *shudder* His whole manner just sends shivers down my spine* But that means that the actor is doing a fantastic job, which he is, even if I wish him dead. Yuck. Bad guy. Die.

Tae Seo: Oh, Tae Seo... I feel so bad for him, but then again, I don't. I know he is trying to protect Chung Jo, and I know that he is under a spell via Kwan Woong, but stop! It kills me that he's making all the wrong choices and the results are horrible. So, so bad. Is it bad that I wish him dead so bad things will stop happening? Where is Song Joong Ki when you need Park Yeon Seok's throat ripped out? I do feel bad for wishing him dead, but so many of the problems are his fault.

Chung Jo: I feel so sorry for this character cause her life sucks; it really sucks. She's forced to be a Giseang, forced to sleep with the man who killed her father and mother in order to save her brother, which probably won't work, he's gonna die cause Kwan Woong is evil and cannot be trusted!!!!! The similarities between Chung Jo and Seo Hwa, at times, are a little repetitive but there was something painfully haunting about the way she finds out about Kang Chi being a Gumiho and the way she reacted. I hope her life improves, but now she has found the will to live. Mostly.

Gon: I love this guy so much. Gon, you are a man of very few words but your facial expressions and reactions get me every time! I love it! You just keep being tall, dark, silent, and so funny!

Unnamed Obviously Evil Woman: We only know that she is the wife if a nobleman but as soon as she coms into town, bad news is about to happen.

Wol Ryung: Oh yeah, you read that right, typing this was not a mistake. HECK. YES!!!! Wol Ryung. Is. Back. That is all I'm going to say about him. :D

Saturday, May 11, 2013

All Day I Think of Only You

Woah. We have another 2PM music video... All Day I Think of Only You. I didn't like this song as much as Comeback When  You Hear This Song. I didn't like the falsetto or the deep, computer generated, Taecyeon voice. The music video also was just alight. I liked the chair dance, but not as much as the stair dance in CWYHTS. The members were all hot and I liked their outfits. I know that F4fighting! will near die over Wooyoung not wearing a shirt.

f4fighting!: Bahaha I love it when dramajunkie knows exactly what I think ;) Wooyoung's shirtlessness was definitely something I was swooning it over...but then seconds later I was laughing at his electrocuted hair!!! So funny, so hot... it went back and forth. I also loved Wooyoung's little beanie hat. Kyupta! Otherwise I completely agree with dramajunkie on everything about this song and vid. :p

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nail Shop Paris Introductions

Nail Shop Paris has started up.

Hong Yeo Joo AKA Bunny(Park Gyu Ri): A web novelist, who specializes in Gumihos, is looking to become a true author. After being accused of plagiarism, Yeo Joo is determined to write a story no one has ever thought up before. After she watches a man save a woman, Yeo Joo decides that he will be the hero of her new story, so instead of just making up a story about him, she decides to follow him to work. Her hero to be is named Alex and works as a manicurist in a male hire only nail salon. So Yeo Joo chooses the best(read: worst) possible option to get to know her hero-to-be; she chops off her hair, dresses like a boy, and applies to work at the salon so she can stalk him. Terrible idea. Did she ever think of becoming a client and asking Alex to do her nails, then talk to him, get to know him? No? Okay. What about an option that doesn't involve cross dressing? No? That's the only option? Alright.
Well she may not be the worst girl dressed like a boy, I've decided she is by far the stupidest. I thought that Suli's character in To The Beautiful You was terribly dumb but she kept the fact that she was a girl a secret for a while and then she slowly became lazy and more people caught on. Gyu Ri's character hardly even try to hide that she's a girl. A haircut and boy clothing does not automatically make you a boy; you have to act like a boy, talk like a boy, keep it a secret that you're stalking one of your co-workers... don't voice record everything he does... *sigh* I'm really not sure if she's super dumb or just doesn't care if everyone finds out she's a girl, even though her whole "plan" would be ruined... Have you ever heard of a pen and paper? Write down notes rather than talking out loud...

Alex(Jun Ji Hoo): The oldest of the three nails artists and the Hero-to-be. A nice guy with a huge heart. There's some pain in his past but he's just so wonderfully nice it almost doesn't seem real. Apparently, not extremely observant to those who he sees everyday(only Yeo Jo...) but notices everything about clients.

Kei(Song Jae Rim): The only one at the nail shop with half a brain. Notices that there's something terribly off about Yeo Joo from the start and remains suspicious of her/him. Has a dark history and a cold personality which earns him the name of "Ice Prince". Second oldest of the three nail artists.

Jin(Thunder): Not necessarily stupid, but he doesn't seem to notice that Yeo Joo, who was once a girl, is now a boy... A great listener, the maknae of the group, very nice, super agyeo.

And there we have our four main characters. The owner of the shop and Yeo Joo's best friend are also in the drama but I don't feel like talking about them. This drama is... not very good... I don't really like the 'pretending to be a boy' plot; I got sick of it after Coffee Prince. Ignoring the less than original usage of cross dressing, the writers probably meant to make this a feel good drama but I found it so cheesy. Problems arise and everything can be solved by getting your nails done. Doesn't matter if you're extremely poor, get your nails done and you'll be happy. Your marriage falling apart cause your husband is abusive and ignores you? Painted nails solves everything.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What's Happening?

B1A4-What's Happening? What was that? No seriously, what the heck was that? I was so confused, the whole video. I am at a near complete loss of words... 1:35, my face through the whole video... I really liked the song! And most of the clothes, CNU please don't ever wear that brightly colored, plaid, shirt and short combo. Please. But if you want, you can wear the green pants and white jacket all the time. Jinyoung's print jumper was hideous, and the shorts were bad. Sandeul's shorts and matching shirt were also bad. Gongchan's referee outfit? What? The hats were cool. Actually, I really liked Jinyoung's orange and grey leopard print one, along with CNU's turquoise and coral leopard print one. This was a strange MV... Really strange... The dolls were just creepy. Take them out and it would be better. So odd...
At times I loved the dancing, and the members being trapped in the small boxes made me laugh, especially when all five of them were in one together, but Baro's elevator scene was a little odd, and I hate the doll people. Jinyoung's voice is still beautiful, and I've always loved CNU's hair, but I just have to say how much I love it. CNU, your hair is perfect, as are you.
It took me a couple times of watching the music video to get past the weirdness and actually understand what's happening in it. Jinyoung's girl is cheating on him. He calls her to ask where she is and when she's coming but she's with another guy. B1A4 has installed cameras in the room, wanting to know "What's Happening?" between the man and the girl. Baro catches the guy on his way up to meet the girl and in an elevator and confronts him, and ends up getting schooled for it. The boys try to hear and see "what's happening" in the room, eventually they break in, and behead the man via pillow. CNU decides he wants to make a move on the girl but Gongchan stops him, thinking this is a terrible betrayal to Jinyoung, and a full scale pillow fight ensues. Aw, these boys would do anything for their leader. Except CNU cause he tries to steal the girl. Bad, CNU. Bad.
Alright. The video makes more sense when you realize there's an actual plot to it and listen to the lyrics rather than be confused by the strange editing. Really liked the song, not so much the video, still love the boys!!!! I'm interested to see the live version.

F4fighting!: dramajunkie speaks for both of us on every aspect in this video. :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sadness... :(

Yesung enlisted into the army today. I think I'll just curl up in a little ball and cry for the next couple years. Oh Yesung, with all your awkwardness and your turtles, I'll wait for when you come back.
사랑해, 보고싶다.

Comeback When You Hear This Song

Well 2PM has released their Music Video! I really liked this music video, like a lot! I loved that each character represented one of the Seven Deadly Sins. That was clever of them. The girl was Pride, Chansung was Lust, Nichkhun Greed, Wooyoung Sloth, Junho Glutteny, Jun.K was Wrath, and Taecyeon was Envy. Yes I liked this song and Music Video very much. I don't actually have anything else to say about the video or the song except. Did you see how hot Wooyoung looked? Nichkhun is my bias in this group but, wow, way to look incredibly attractive, Wooyoung.

f4fighting!: I took some huge deadly pride in my Wooyoung bias in this video. Holy cow was he HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved his clothes, his hair, his voice his face, his make-up, his slothfulness, and his dancing!! Struggling to breathe just thinking about it. I thought the song was gorgeous, especially Wooyoung's parts ;)and I loved the plot and the dancing. It was beautiful!! I loved the bleachers/stairs choreography, I thought it was very clever. I also enjoyed the spinning, bending and the motions they did with their hands and arms like clapping, reaching into the air and opening/closing their fists. I have this thing for attractive limbs...and this dance showed Wooyoung's limbs off very well...I also loved the way that everyone put their own twists on each move, it wasn't exactly set how everyone had to do the step. And if you didn't laugh at Wooyoung singing along with Taecyeon at 2:56, watch it again. Thank you, 2PM and JYP!

B1A4 teasers!

So for a while teasers of B1A4 members solo and duet pictures have been released. Here are all of them!!!!! The Music Video should be coming out tomorrow! I like Sandeul's orange-red hair. And Jinyoung's. And I love these boys so I'm super excited for their MV!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

2PM=Superman/Star Wars?

And we finally have a date! Sort of. 2PM's comeback show is going to be on the 11th of this month so I'm assuming that their new song and album will be released on or right before or maybe right after that? Yes? For this trailer they combined Superman and Star Wars. An interesting combination. Nothing happens in this video, it's just an announcement video, but we get a couple seconds to look at 2PM before they're gone.

Friday, May 3, 2013

2PM new teaser!!!!

We have another teaser for 2PM!!!! When You Hear This Song is the title of the song and the teaser still doesn't tell us when the song will be released but we can just enjoy the way these boys look dressed up. :)