Saturday, May 11, 2013

All Day I Think of Only You

Woah. We have another 2PM music video... All Day I Think of Only You. I didn't like this song as much as Comeback When  You Hear This Song. I didn't like the falsetto or the deep, computer generated, Taecyeon voice. The music video also was just alight. I liked the chair dance, but not as much as the stair dance in CWYHTS. The members were all hot and I liked their outfits. I know that F4fighting! will near die over Wooyoung not wearing a shirt.

f4fighting!: Bahaha I love it when dramajunkie knows exactly what I think ;) Wooyoung's shirtlessness was definitely something I was swooning it over...but then seconds later I was laughing at his electrocuted hair!!! So funny, so hot... it went back and forth. I also loved Wooyoung's little beanie hat. Kyupta! Otherwise I completely agree with dramajunkie on everything about this song and vid. :p

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