Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What's Happening?

B1A4-What's Happening? What was that? No seriously, what the heck was that? I was so confused, the whole video. I am at a near complete loss of words... 1:35, my face through the whole video... I really liked the song! And most of the clothes, CNU please don't ever wear that brightly colored, plaid, shirt and short combo. Please. But if you want, you can wear the green pants and white jacket all the time. Jinyoung's print jumper was hideous, and the shorts were bad. Sandeul's shorts and matching shirt were also bad. Gongchan's referee outfit? What? The hats were cool. Actually, I really liked Jinyoung's orange and grey leopard print one, along with CNU's turquoise and coral leopard print one. This was a strange MV... Really strange... The dolls were just creepy. Take them out and it would be better. So odd...
At times I loved the dancing, and the members being trapped in the small boxes made me laugh, especially when all five of them were in one together, but Baro's elevator scene was a little odd, and I hate the doll people. Jinyoung's voice is still beautiful, and I've always loved CNU's hair, but I just have to say how much I love it. CNU, your hair is perfect, as are you.
It took me a couple times of watching the music video to get past the weirdness and actually understand what's happening in it. Jinyoung's girl is cheating on him. He calls her to ask where she is and when she's coming but she's with another guy. B1A4 has installed cameras in the room, wanting to know "What's Happening?" between the man and the girl. Baro catches the guy on his way up to meet the girl and in an elevator and confronts him, and ends up getting schooled for it. The boys try to hear and see "what's happening" in the room, eventually they break in, and behead the man via pillow. CNU decides he wants to make a move on the girl but Gongchan stops him, thinking this is a terrible betrayal to Jinyoung, and a full scale pillow fight ensues. Aw, these boys would do anything for their leader. Except CNU cause he tries to steal the girl. Bad, CNU. Bad.
Alright. The video makes more sense when you realize there's an actual plot to it and listen to the lyrics rather than be confused by the strange editing. Really liked the song, not so much the video, still love the boys!!!! I'm interested to see the live version.

F4fighting!: dramajunkie speaks for both of us on every aspect in this video. :)

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