Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nail Shop Paris Introductions

Nail Shop Paris has started up.

Hong Yeo Joo AKA Bunny(Park Gyu Ri): A web novelist, who specializes in Gumihos, is looking to become a true author. After being accused of plagiarism, Yeo Joo is determined to write a story no one has ever thought up before. After she watches a man save a woman, Yeo Joo decides that he will be the hero of her new story, so instead of just making up a story about him, she decides to follow him to work. Her hero to be is named Alex and works as a manicurist in a male hire only nail salon. So Yeo Joo chooses the best(read: worst) possible option to get to know her hero-to-be; she chops off her hair, dresses like a boy, and applies to work at the salon so she can stalk him. Terrible idea. Did she ever think of becoming a client and asking Alex to do her nails, then talk to him, get to know him? No? Okay. What about an option that doesn't involve cross dressing? No? That's the only option? Alright.
Well she may not be the worst girl dressed like a boy, I've decided she is by far the stupidest. I thought that Suli's character in To The Beautiful You was terribly dumb but she kept the fact that she was a girl a secret for a while and then she slowly became lazy and more people caught on. Gyu Ri's character hardly even try to hide that she's a girl. A haircut and boy clothing does not automatically make you a boy; you have to act like a boy, talk like a boy, keep it a secret that you're stalking one of your co-workers... don't voice record everything he does... *sigh* I'm really not sure if she's super dumb or just doesn't care if everyone finds out she's a girl, even though her whole "plan" would be ruined... Have you ever heard of a pen and paper? Write down notes rather than talking out loud...

Alex(Jun Ji Hoo): The oldest of the three nails artists and the Hero-to-be. A nice guy with a huge heart. There's some pain in his past but he's just so wonderfully nice it almost doesn't seem real. Apparently, not extremely observant to those who he sees everyday(only Yeo Jo...) but notices everything about clients.

Kei(Song Jae Rim): The only one at the nail shop with half a brain. Notices that there's something terribly off about Yeo Joo from the start and remains suspicious of her/him. Has a dark history and a cold personality which earns him the name of "Ice Prince". Second oldest of the three nail artists.

Jin(Thunder): Not necessarily stupid, but he doesn't seem to notice that Yeo Joo, who was once a girl, is now a boy... A great listener, the maknae of the group, very nice, super agyeo.

And there we have our four main characters. The owner of the shop and Yeo Joo's best friend are also in the drama but I don't feel like talking about them. This drama is... not very good... I don't really like the 'pretending to be a boy' plot; I got sick of it after Coffee Prince. Ignoring the less than original usage of cross dressing, the writers probably meant to make this a feel good drama but I found it so cheesy. Problems arise and everything can be solved by getting your nails done. Doesn't matter if you're extremely poor, get your nails done and you'll be happy. Your marriage falling apart cause your husband is abusive and ignores you? Painted nails solves everything.

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