Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Lee Sungmin!!

Today is the birthday of Super Junior's Lee Sungmin!!! Sungmin is turning 27 today. This talented member of Super Junior is in every subgroup of Super junior, except Super Junior K.R.Y, but he is regularly featured in it. He is known as one of the four lead singers, and one of the five main dancers. Currently, Sungmin is the DJ, along with fellow bandmate Ryeowook, of Super Junior Kiss the Radio. Sungmin's favorite color is pink, he is blood type A, he always plays the bunny in Super Junior's Super Shows. I just all around love him. He looks good in every hair color, blonde, brown, red, black, always looks great. Super Junior's King of Aegyo, Sungmin also loves cooking. Sungmin knows how to play the piano, guitar, and the bass. He is the best Japanese speaker in Super Junior. Sungmin, I love how Eunhyuk considers you to be the Casanova of Super Junior. You have a great smile and gorgeous lips. Saranghae!!!!!

Break Down

Super Junior-M is releasing a new music video called Break Down. I'm not sure what Break Down means, but that is what the song is called. The release date is Coming Soon. That's the release date they've given us, coming soon, so I have no idea when it's coming out, probably at he beginning of this coming year? Soonish, maybe? Super Junior-M has members, Siwon, Donghae, Henry, Zhou Mi, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, and Ryeowook in it. The song will be in Mandarin but Super Junior-M has been known to also released the song in Korean. We can't wait for the video, Super Junior-M Fighting!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

KPop Challenge Day 14

KPop challenge Day 14:

Your Favorite Cover of a Kpop Song by Another Kpop Artist:

This one was difficult. I know I say that about a lot of them, but this one is a two way tie between, what I think are, two of the best Kpop song sung by another KPop Artist. BigBang singing 2NE1's I Am The Best, and Super Junior singing SNSD's Gee. I love them both, almost equally.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Riddle Me This.

What do you get when you put Jinyoung from B1A4, with B2ST's Yoseob, SHINee's Taemin and Jonghyun, Minhyuk from CNBLUE, Infinite's L, and 2AM's Jinwoon and Changmin? Awesome, yes, but that's not what I'm looking for. I'll give you a hint. Taemin can play the piano, Minhyuk rocks at the drums, Jinyoung plays the bass, L plays acoustic guitar wonderfully, Jinwoon jams on the electric guitar, Jongyun, Yoseob, and Changmin have great voices. Still don't know? Last hint. Three different songs, one for each vocalist, with a solo section for each of the instrumentalists. All of them rocking out like Super Idols in a Band. Now do you get it? No? Well these fabulous boys make up the Super Idol Band! This was so much fun to watch! I'm going to point out a couple things. One: I had no idea Jinyoung could play the bass. Way to pull out a little Smoke on the Water there at the end. Deep Purple all the way! Two: I love watching Taemin play the piano. I'm always impressed when KPop Idols, who are known fro dancing, can play instruments. Taemin, is there nothing you can't do? No, seriously, what can't you do? Fly? No, you can probably do that too... Three: There's something so beautiful about L playing the acoustic guitar. Him playing electric is awesome but acoustic is just breathtaking. Four: All three singers did an awesome job in their songs, I felt the styles fit them very well. Five: Jinwoon can play the guitar, that I also didn't know, and I think he did really well in the first and second songs, but we didn't really get to hear him in the third and his solo was a little weak. Six: Minhyuk rocks at the drums, and I think he stood out the most in this group. He didn't sing, though you can see him mouthing the words in each song, but he totally cranked at the drums!!! He was the one to transition from one song to the next, he looked like he was having a blast, and he's just all around awesome. Watch it, love it, then watch it again.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

KPop Challenge Day 13

KPop Challenge Day 13:

A Picture of a KPop Idol Who You Think is Overrated:

Psy. He's good, but not nearly as cracked up as everyone thinks he is. I'm glad that he introduced KPop to others, but I think there are other people way better than him, and there are other songs way better than his. BigBang's Fantastic Baby, I think that one could be just as popular.
F4fighting!: I agree with this statement. I still do not understand how PSY has swept the USA and escalated to the high spot where he sits now. I'm glad he did, in a way, now America has been introduced to Kpop, but seriously, could we have picked a different song????? I'm not dissing Gangnam Style, but wow there are thousands of better Kpop songs/videos out there. It does not make sense. Totally overrated. 

Taecyeon's Natal Anniversary!!!!!!

 He is the highly valued rapper of Kpop group, 2PM!!!!!!!!!!!! And if his infamous rapping skills weren't perfect enough, have you seen this boy dance??????????!!!!!??? *fans self* Too hot, my friends. On top of all this, good looks, a pure heart, rapping, dancing, what is a 2PM performance without Taecyeon removing his shirt to reveal his absolutely rock solid abs?? Usually in a quite dramatic way, I might add!!! These 2PM boys are quite gifted.  He is my second favorite member of 2PM and I love  his sweet looking face, which he certainly uses to his advantage ;)
Taecyeon, Happy 24th Birthday!!
December 27, 1988

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


No one can say Lee Seung Gi has been lazy lately. Yet another music video has been pumped out. Way to work hard Lee Seung Gi! I'm a little confused about this music video but I think I understand what's going on. The couple in the video are his parents and he's watching their courtship, engagement, and wedding, along with his mother being pregnant with him but he's watching the events in reverse. He sees his pregnant mother with his father, and then he follows the events backwards until the first day when his mother falls off her bike and the two meet. Instead of watching the scene from the side lines and seeing his father step out of the car when his mother falls off her bike, Lee Seugn Gi is the one stepping out of his car and rushing to her aid. It's a cute idea, it's a cute music video, and Lee Seung Gi's voice is as beautiful as ever. I'm really happy that we're getting all these new songs from him!!! Keep up the good work, we will keep loving you!

Beautiful Boys and Park Shin Hye

Is everyone excited for Flower Boy Next Door/My Flower Boy Neighbor/The Pretty Boy Next Door? I'm super excited!!! Here are a few of the teasers they've released for the drama. Seriously, look at all these gorgeous boys, I wonder if Park Shin Hye would mind my being her roommate... Enjoy!!!

And here is the teaser for Episode One!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

KPop Challenge Day 12

KPop Challenge Day 12:

A Picture of a KPop Idol/Group Who You Think is Underrated:

U-Kiss. This group is one of the hardest working bands in the Kpop industry. They release a number of songs in many different languages. No matter how hard they work, they never seem to win anything, and it's not because they aren't good, but because they're always up against better known groups. U-Kiss should be more recognized for the amazing talent that they have. U-Kiss, Fighting!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Seventeen Live Feed

So Seventeen is supposed to be introduced today, and to introduce the group, a live feed was released of some of the members in a practice room writing things and showing them to the camera. The first feed is over 30 minutes long. Not a whole lot happens and we really only get to see a few of the members faces. At the end of the video the members line up and show you what they've been writing, it makes me feel like an elementary school teacher seeing my student's work. They look incredibly young, almost uncomfortably young. No seriously, they look like children, I know they are children but they are so small and one looks to be about eight; I'm not completely comfortable with groups who are much younger than I am.
Anyways, if you skip to 22:56, Baekho from NU'EST makes a guest appearance before quickly leaving. I love how some of the members of Seventeen quickly stand up and bow to him. The group seems to really like NU'EST cause they keep showing signs with NU'EST's names on them and then NU'EST written on them.

Alone, U-Kiss style

U-Kiss is super busy in Japan. Soon they will be releasing a music video for their new song "Alone". Can I just say that U-Kiss is one of the hardest working groups out there? They release songs in a number of different languages and they always sound amazing. This one is in Japanese and I have no idea when it will be released but hopefully soon. Also, Kevin looks amazing blonde. Like seriously amazing. I'm adding him to the list of KPop idols who look great blonde. Go on Kevin, go join Lee Hongki, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Yoseop, and Baro.

Promise You

Christmas came early!!! Super Junior KRY's new music video has been released. Japan always says one date and then releases them early or late, don't really understand why, but they do. Here is the Short Version of Super Junior KRY's Promise You. Ryeowook, I could listen to your voice for hours and never grow tired of it. This is a super pretty song and I really hope that they release a full version of this meautic video cause it's super pretty. Enjoy.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Here are a few pictures of KPop groups wishing you a Merry Christmas. Tasty was kind enough to give us a Christmas video, so was 2PM. Merry Christmas!! Love, dramajunkie and F4fighting!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

KPop Challenge Day 11

KPop Challenge Day 11:

Your Favorite Picture of Your Favorite KPop Group:
This is really difficult cause I hate picking favorites.If it's a picture of Super Junior, or a picture of SHINee, I like it. But, because of the size of Super Junior I think it's difficult to find a really good picture of all of them so I'm going to post a picture of SHINee.
I really like this picture, not because it's the best picture of them, but because it isn't posed. They're all very happy, two of them to the point of tears, and they look like a group of boys who are very comfortable around each other, and you can tell that they really care about one another.

F4fighting!: I love all the pictures of every group everyday in every pose and every way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....but here's a cute one of SuJu doing the "We are..." "Super Junior!" pose with the five hand thing...(well except for the peace sign)

which makes me thing of this great photo that'll I'll post for kicks and giggles!

Friday, December 21, 2012

KPop Challenge Day 10

KPop Challenge Day 10:

Your Favorite Interview of a KPop Idol or Group:

EatYourKimchi did an interview with U-Kiss once, and while I usually don't watch interviews, I loved this one!!!!! They're all so cute!!!
I, too, do not watch very many full length Q&A interviews (I do love the EYK Ukiss interview above). I like watching videos where the group goes on one of the variety shows that Korea has and they do funny or attractive things. Such as dance, show a talent, play a game/competition, mock each other and mostly they just all laugh together. For whatever reason Bigbang's Go Show interview comes to mind and Seungri on Taxi

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse

Kyuhyun is not ready for the Zombies...are you?

dramajunkie and I have a theory that if Kyuie becomes a zombie, then the entire world is doomed. No one would be able to resist something as alluring as a KyuieZombie. No one. Girls, for obvious adorable reasons, and males because, I mean, look, he sweet-talks his Suju hyungs all the time!!!!! They fall for this maknae's smooth words all too frequently!!!! Not to mention Kyuie's well-known gaming abilities!!!! He knows all the tricks, he could take down anyone. So, fingers crossed that his clever and witty Golden Tongue can keep him out of the reach of the walking dead, instead of assisting him in enlarging the creeper population.  
I certainly hope that in the few years since this video was Kyuie has become prepared. Can you imagine the Evil Maknae as a Zombie? Terrifying and Beautiful all at the same time.

He might not be ready to fight Zombies, but he's ready to be one.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Seventeen Teaser Number 3

So here is the third teaser for this new group, debuting in one week. We get to see the members feet, backs, and almost faces but the camera is really blurry. This video shows dancing and we hear some talking.

KPop Challenge Day 9

KPop Challenge Day 9:

Favorite KPop Lyric(And Translation):
I am such a superholic and I always try singing and dancing along with them. This lyric section is the one I know best in Superman and I love it!!

주저하지마 애써 외면 하지마이미 
취해버린 그댄 슈퍼 홀릭
노랠 볼러 봐 이젠 춤을 따라해같이 
신나게 얼씨구절씨구
Jujeohajima aeseo wimyeon hajima
imi chwihaebeorin keudaen superholic
noraeul bolleo bwa ijen chumeul ddarahae
kachi shinake eoshigu cheolshigu
Don’t be disappointed, don’t judge/betray us you have already 
become drunk by the super holic
Try singing the song, and now even follow the dance
Let’s get excited together

F4fighting: This one was really hard for me. I think a lot of Korean phrases are so elegant and I love hearing them speak or sing anything. As it turns out, I tend to associate beautiful voices or phrases with beautiful meaning. That is not always true. For example, whenever Kyuhyun opens his mouth, I automatically believe it is symbolic because it's gorgeous. But sometimes he is just simply making a fantastic noise that means nothing. Or in B1A4's Tried to Walk at 1:06, Jinyoung says, "I'll be leaving first." in Korean and it's sounds so beyond beautiful, but just that phrase doesn't actually mean too much all out of context like that. So can a lyric be my favorite simply because it is sung exquisitely, not because of what it actually means? I don't know. I also love some songs because they do have deep meaning, but I wouldn't peg those as my favorite lyrics. *sigh* So, to wrap up that nonsensical sob story, a classic lyrical line in both English and Korean everyone should know is... Hangul: "름을 가르고 다가온 G-DRAGON!" Romanized: "Gureumeul gareugo dagaon G-Dragon!" Rough English: "The clouds separated to reveal G-Dragon!"

Junhyung's birthday!

Happy Birthday to B2ST's Junhyung!! Today this amazing rapper turns 23. It looks like he's gone back to a normal hair color. Thank heavens, the blue just didn't look right on him. He has a very interesting sense of style and I think he looks very different with each hair style he wears. (Note: We celebrate birthdays based on when they would be in Korea, so Junhyung's birthday would have been yesterday, but I forgot to post this so we're a day late.)