Tuesday, December 4, 2012

KPop Challenge Day 2

30 Day KPop Challenge Day 2:
Ultimate KPop Guy Bias: Ryeowook. My Wookie wins this category, hands down. I love this man beyond belief. I love his amazing voice, his beautiful poofy hair, his gorgeous face, and incredible piano skills. I just all around love him to no end. I love every single hair style he has done, except blonde, he shouldn't have done blonde, but my favorite is the red he sported for Mr. Simple. One Fine Spring Day is so beautiful. He is so freaking cute. I have no idea how one person can be that cute.
Dear Wookie, please remain perfect.
As many women around the globe would agree, THE Ultimate KPop Bias is T.O.P!!!!!! aka Choi SeungHyun from BIGBANG!!!!!! Saranghae, Oppa!!! This man's voice is so deep and so gorgeous I can't even stand it!!! Not to mention his legs, hair, face and adorable personality!! I could watch/listen to him all day long...oh wait...I do!!!! ;) haha...anyway, cheers to T.O.P, my ultimate bias. 

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