Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Lee Sungmin!!

Today is the birthday of Super Junior's Lee Sungmin!!! Sungmin is turning 27 today. This talented member of Super Junior is in every subgroup of Super junior, except Super Junior K.R.Y, but he is regularly featured in it. He is known as one of the four lead singers, and one of the five main dancers. Currently, Sungmin is the DJ, along with fellow bandmate Ryeowook, of Super Junior Kiss the Radio. Sungmin's favorite color is pink, he is blood type A, he always plays the bunny in Super Junior's Super Shows. I just all around love him. He looks good in every hair color, blonde, brown, red, black, always looks great. Super Junior's King of Aegyo, Sungmin also loves cooking. Sungmin knows how to play the piano, guitar, and the bass. He is the best Japanese speaker in Super Junior. Sungmin, I love how Eunhyuk considers you to be the Casanova of Super Junior. You have a great smile and gorgeous lips. Saranghae!!!!!

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