Thursday, December 20, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse

Kyuhyun is not ready for the Zombies...are you?

dramajunkie and I have a theory that if Kyuie becomes a zombie, then the entire world is doomed. No one would be able to resist something as alluring as a KyuieZombie. No one. Girls, for obvious adorable reasons, and males because, I mean, look, he sweet-talks his Suju hyungs all the time!!!!! They fall for this maknae's smooth words all too frequently!!!! Not to mention Kyuie's well-known gaming abilities!!!! He knows all the tricks, he could take down anyone. So, fingers crossed that his clever and witty Golden Tongue can keep him out of the reach of the walking dead, instead of assisting him in enlarging the creeper population.  
I certainly hope that in the few years since this video was Kyuie has become prepared. Can you imagine the Evil Maknae as a Zombie? Terrifying and Beautiful all at the same time.

He might not be ready to fight Zombies, but he's ready to be one.

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