Monday, December 24, 2012

Seventeen Live Feed

So Seventeen is supposed to be introduced today, and to introduce the group, a live feed was released of some of the members in a practice room writing things and showing them to the camera. The first feed is over 30 minutes long. Not a whole lot happens and we really only get to see a few of the members faces. At the end of the video the members line up and show you what they've been writing, it makes me feel like an elementary school teacher seeing my student's work. They look incredibly young, almost uncomfortably young. No seriously, they look like children, I know they are children but they are so small and one looks to be about eight; I'm not completely comfortable with groups who are much younger than I am.
Anyways, if you skip to 22:56, Baekho from NU'EST makes a guest appearance before quickly leaving. I love how some of the members of Seventeen quickly stand up and bow to him. The group seems to really like NU'EST cause they keep showing signs with NU'EST's names on them and then NU'EST written on them.


  1. so...what kind of introductory video was that?? did you seriously watch all of it??? holy freak they are young!!!!!!!!!!!! They are going to have to be careful with that. I don't want no young lads hurt or mistreated in anyway no matter how fantastic their talents may be. I did not understand this video. although I did happen to skip to a part where the Nu'Est members had their names written on a paper...along with "kekekekekeke"...and I saw "100%"...maybe they are just rooting for new groups such as themselves??? I don't know....#confusedmuch.

  2. I am just as confused as you are. I did not watch all of the video, I have better things to do than watch 30 minutes of boys writing things and showing them to the camera, but I did watch some of it. I am not wild about the age of these kids and I'm super concerned about what will happen to them. We know how children actors and singers turn out in America, so I'm not sure how it will be in South Korea. Very confused about this so called debut, will be waiting for their first music video and keeping an eye out to see how old they all really are.