Thursday, December 27, 2012

Taecyeon's Natal Anniversary!!!!!!

 He is the highly valued rapper of Kpop group, 2PM!!!!!!!!!!!! And if his infamous rapping skills weren't perfect enough, have you seen this boy dance??????????!!!!!??? *fans self* Too hot, my friends. On top of all this, good looks, a pure heart, rapping, dancing, what is a 2PM performance without Taecyeon removing his shirt to reveal his absolutely rock solid abs?? Usually in a quite dramatic way, I might add!!! These 2PM boys are quite gifted.  He is my second favorite member of 2PM and I love  his sweet looking face, which he certainly uses to his advantage ;)
Taecyeon, Happy 24th Birthday!!
December 27, 1988

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  1. I will admit that Taecyeon is very attractive, a good rapper, and he is a good dancer, even if 2PM's dancing and music videos are a little naughty. ;) Happy Birthday Taecyeon!!!