Friday, December 14, 2012

Kpop Challenge Day 7

KPop Challenge Day 7:
Your Favorite KPop Music Video:

Love Song - BigBang.

This is the best Music Video, ever. It doesn't have a huge wow factor, but if you really look at it, it's amazing. This video is one complete take. The camera turns on and it just keeps rolling till the end of the song; it's insanely impressive. There isn't an incredible dance that makes you super impressed. This is just a very beautiful video. The black and white color, the set, the outfits, breathtaking is the only way to describe this. Full of passion and deep meaning, I completely love Love Song.
Dramajunkie and I agree 100% about this mv. It's so classic. I love how they are all doing the same dance, but with their own flare. Each one lifts his shoulders differently and spins or walks with his own sense of style. Their outfits follow the same pattern, black suits but with individual twists. The set is fantastic and the filming is perfect. It's so flawless, I can hardly even take it and I haven't even mentioned how completely gorgeous the song and their voices are. This whole video hits me in the heart every single time I watch it. Well done. I am a VIP through and through. 

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