Wednesday, December 12, 2012

KPop Challenge Day 6

KPop Challenge Day 6:

A KPop Dance You'd Like to Learn:
I would seriously love to learn all of the dances which is an impossible dream but it would rock. I would love to learn G-Dragon's Heartbreaker, and One of a Kind dances. It would be awesome if I could learn any of SHINee's dances, and what I wouldn't give to learn the dance that Tasty does in You know Me but the dance that I have the highest chance of learning would be Super Junior's Sorry, Sorry.

F4fighting!: I don't even know where to start with this!!!!! There are so MANY!!!! So besides just shouting, "LEARN ALL THE DANCES!!!!" I must agree to all things that dramajunkie has stated (plus a lot more) and I'm going to post one of the several dances that I actually tried to teach myself at one point. I honestly had the chorus part down fairly decent ;) haha, anyway, this is a great dance.
SS501-Love Ya

Also, I would like to give special props to TOP...because the dance at the end with his feet? Yeah that's genius.
TOP-Turn It Up 

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